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Well, Ash and co have finally made it to Mauville City. Ash overlooks the city as his friends catch up. Ash is now getting excited to compete for his third badge. Our heroes enter the city to find a billboard. On it is a poster for the Pokemon Trick House. Ash wonders what it is and Max reads the sign out loud. When he gets to the point about whoever makes it through gets a lifetime supply of Pokeblocks, May instantly wants to go. She hops up and down exclaiming that the Pokeblocks would help her greatly in the next contest. Brock agrees and Ash continues to read the sign.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the city, Team Rocket is also reading the sign on a pole. Meowth remarks that the lifetime supply of Pokeblocks would prove useful. Jessie agrees as they would help Dustox win. James adds in that they could sell some for profit. In another part of the city, our old friend Jigglypuff notices the sign. With a grin on its face, it happily heads towards the trick house.

Ash and co make it to the Trick house to finds loads of people waiting outside. Ash wonders why it's so packed and Max remarks that the Pokeblocks must be enticing. Suddenly, he is knocked forward. Max holds his head and turns around to come face to face with a Whismur. Max recognizes what it is and Ash scans it with the Pokedex. May remarks that it's pretty cute. Suddenly, a girl rushes up and picks Whismur up. She scolds it for running off, and then apologizes to the group. Ash and co say it was no problem and the girl introduces herself as Akina. She explains that like the others, she is here to win those Pokeblocks.

Suddenly, a man's voice is heard on the loudspeaker. Everyone turns their attention to the stage in front of the trick house where a funny looking man appears. Next to him is the boxes of Pokeblocks. He announces that today only he has opened his Trick house to the public. Inside is floor after floor of puzzles and mazes. He then points to the Pokeblocks and exclaims that whoever emerges victorious will receive them. At this, the crowd begins to applaud. The man then turns to the building where three entrances are. He tells everyone that the first task is to choose a door. After some more talk, he begins to descend back into the floor.

May comments that he is quite the inspirational speaker and Akina nods. Ash runs up to the doors and tries to decide which one to pick. Max rushes off into the right one. Brock calls out to him and follows. May asks Akina if she would like to join them and she agrees. Ash, May, and Akina then rush into the left entrance. Team Rocket appear by the doors disguised as troop scouts. They wonder which door to pick and Jessie suggests they each pick one to triple their chances. James and Meowth agree and they all cheer.

Ash, May, and Akina walk down a long corridor with Whismur by their side. Seconds later Jigglypuff appears. It grins and continues to follow them. Ash and co make it to a large maze complete with many doors. Akina and May think it looks difficult, but Ash isn't worried. He begins to brag as he walks confidently into the maze. He doesn't go to far when he comes to a dead end. May laughs and Ash sulks.

Somewhere else in the maze, Max and Brock argue over which way to go. Brock says they should go left, but Max points down the right hallway. He exclaims that he picked right before, so he wants to again. Without Brock, he starts to walk down the hall, but comes to a dead end. Brock sighs and says he told him so as Max stares awkwardly at the wall.

Ash and co come to a part of the maze with doors on either side. May and Akina discuss which one to take, when suddenly the door behind them opens. Out pops the announcer man from before. He gives them a riddle about which door to take, then opens a nearby one and rushes inside. What he forgot is that the doorway is blocked and he smashes into it. Dazed, he comes back into the hallway and makes a joke. No one laughs but him. Ash and co stare awkwardly at him till he disappears back into the door. Akina thinks he's funny but May just thinks he's weird. Ash then directs them down the hall.

As they walk down it, James and Meowth spy them. James notices Whismur and Meowth says they should follow the twerps and nab it. James wonders why and Meowth has a day dream of it acting like an alarm clock for Giovanni. He then adds in that it could signal lunch time too. With a final thought of getting a raise, James is enticed. The two put their hands up and cheer.

Ash asks May if her path lead anywhere. She replies that it's a dead end. It then shows a top view showing that each of them have taken a separate path. Ash and May have come across dead ends, but Akina comes to a fork in the maze. She tells Whismur to check one while she checks the other. Whismur happily walks down the path when James grabs it. Meowth and him rush off happy. Akina returns seconds later after coming to a dead end. She calls to Whismur, but it doesn't respond. Ash and May approach and she says she can't find Whismur.

Jessie is walking close by and hears them. She watches them call for Whismur and notices Pikachu. She laughs to herself, exclaiming of how perfect it is. As Pikachu calls out, she sneaks up behind it with a sack. Just as she reaches it, it starts to turn. Thinking she's been spotted, Jessie rushes back down the path, but Pikachu takes no notice. Suddenly, Jigglypuff appears in front of Ash and co. May and Akina think it's adorable, but Ash is nervous. He recognizes it and begs it not to sing, but it's too late. Jigglypuff begins its song putting Ash and co along with Jessie asleep. Like always, it becomes mad and pulls out the marker!

May and Akina wake up laughing hysterically at each other's faces. Ash wipes the marker off his and explains to them that they should stop fooling around and find Whismur and a way out. May and Akina agree, and the group heads off down the path leaving Jessie asleep. James and Meowth soon find her. James holds Whismur in his hands covering the mouth. Jessie wipes the marker from her face as James shows off his capture. She suggests they get a move on and Meowth points down the hall. He starts to walk down it, but smashes into a wall. Jessie and James look on embarrassedly.

Ash and co have now met up with Brock and Max. Akina explains how she can't find Whismur. Max asks where they last saw it and Ash explains that it's been gone for awhile. Brock reminds them that there are countless halls in the maze and it could take a while to find it. Max walks up to the wall and begins to inspect it. Ash and co wonder what he's doing and he explains that mazes always have secret doors. Suddenly, the wall swings open and Max falls forward. Ash and co exit to find they have made it out of the maze.

To their shock, the trick house man climbs over the wall to greet them. He congratulates them on making it out of the maze, but its cut short when he slips and falls. Ash and co sigh. May then reminds Akina that Whismur is still lost in the maze and suggests that they go back and look for it. Akina isn't too sure about that plan. Just to the left, Team Rocket emerges from another hidden door still holding Whismur. Happy to be out, they start to walk off. Akina notices Whismur and rushes up to them. She thanks James for finding it and pulls it away as Team Rocket looks on stunned.

Ash and co approach to thank them as well. Jessie and James just sigh. Suddenly, Jigglypuff appears above them. It happily smiles and Max is excited. May says he shouldn't be and Jigglypuff begins to sing. Soon, everyone is asleep. Jigglypuff gets angry and pulls out the marker. It then notices Whismur is wide awake and happily dancing. It becomes confused, and then jumps for joy. It happily leaps down and joins Whismur's dance.

May and Akina wake up laughing at each other again as the others wipe their faces. Akina then looks to Whismur and wonders why it wasn't markered. Max cuts in explaining that Whismur has the sound proof ability which causes it not to be affected by attacks like sing Akina says she didn't know that. The group then heads off leaving Team Rocket and the trick man sleeping. Team Rocket awakens several minutes later. Jessie and James are crying at their loss of Whismur and Meowth suggests they catch up with the twerps and resteal it.

Ash and co have now come to the second obstacle, a set of log bridges over a waterfall. Ash reluctantly begins to cross one. The other follow and the trick man appears on the second log. He starts to speak, but his log breaks and he falls into the waterfall. With a small riddle, he sinks under the water. May says he is starting to get on her nerves as they continue over the log. Team Rocket appears at the other end. They remark on how following the twerps will make winning the Pokeblocks a piece of cake. Just for some insurance, Jessie smashes into the log and causes Ash and co to fall into the water. Team Rocket then rushes laughing across the log.

Ash and co surface wondering what happened. Team Rocket then makes it to the third obstacle, which are a bunch of ropes over a river. They easily swim over as the trick man announces that they have taken the lead. He then tries to swing over himself, but the rope falls short and he crashes into the wall. Ash and co look over embarrassedly. They then each grab a rope and Akina asks if Whismur is ready as she picks it up. It nods and they all swing. At the halfway point, James launches a large mechanical hand which smacks into the group and causes them to fall into the river below. The three laugh and head off to the next challenge.

The next challenge is a set of ropes that all lead up to a colored box. The trick man climbs one and explains that only one of the ropes tops leads to the next floor and the rest are booby trapped. He makes it to the top of his and a hammer hits him over the head. He falls down stunned as May sighs. Ash picks a rope and begins to climb. Everyone follows, but when they make it to the top James appears. He grins and cuts the rope sending them falling down. Ash holds his head in pain and remarks that he's beginning to think those three don't play fair.

Team Rocket makes it to the next challenge. A bunch of others are already trying it, but they all fall into the ground. This challenge is a big room of sand that contains pitfalls everywhere. With a few encouraging words. The three start across, but fall into a hole moments later. Ash and co see this and wonder what they have to do. The trick man appears and says the group must carefully make it across, but he suddenly falls into one of the holes. May and Akina look down into it and sigh. Ash is overconfident and begins to walk across, but immediately falls into a hole.

After some time, they manage to make it to challenge six. They enter to find an empty room. Suddenly, Jessie and James appear disguised as employees of the trick house .They say the next challenge is the jump rope one, in which all of the group must jump rope. Ash and co are confident they can do this one well and they each begin to jump as Jessie and James spins the rope. After some time, the group thinks they've won and they stop jumping. As they cheer, Jessie and James tie them up with the rope and stuff Pikachu and Whismur into a sack.

Ash and co soon realize that they aren't trick house employees. Team Rocket grins and pulls off their costumes to return to their scout ones. As they say their motto, they then reveal themselves as Team Rocket. Ash asks what they are doing here, and they explain that they came for Pikachu, Whismur, and the Pokeblocks. Ash pulls his hand through the rope and releases Corphish. It cuts the rope with vice grip and Ash thanks it.

Jessie calls out Seviper and James releases Cacnea. It hugs him, and then uses spike cannon. Corphish uses harden and the spikes bounce off. It then uses crab hammer on Meowth, sending the bag flying. Akina rushes up and grabs Whismur. After making sure Pikachu is ok, she sends her Pokemon into battle. Jessie laughs at how pathetic it looks. She then orders Seviper to wrap it. It does so, but Whismur then uses uproar. Everyone winces and grabs their ears as the uproar continues. Akina then orders a supersonic which causes Seviper to let go. Finally, she has it use hyper voice. The attack strikes both Cacnea and Seviper, hurting them badly. Ash then has Corphish use crab hammer, sending the team smashing through the roof and blasting off.

Back outside, Ash and co join the crowd who are watching the winner receive his prize. The trick man hands him a certificate and the boxes of Pokeblocks. The kid struggles to hold it all as the announcer continues his speech. He finally looses his balance and topples over. May sighs and Akina laughs. May then asks Akina if she's disappointed in loosing, but she says she isn't. She happily smiles at Whismur who is breathing heavily in her arms. May comments that all those loud attacks must have taken a lot out of it. Max then comments that they should head to the gym now and Ash agrees.

May suddenly remembers Jigglypuff and wonders what happened to it. Ash and co do to when it suddenly appears on stage. It begins to sing, and the trick man along with everyone else falls asleep. Jigglypuff gets angry, and then notices Whismur in the crowd. It happily jumps down and dances by it, but Whismur collapses from exhaustion. Jigglypuff becomes enraged, and soon everyone including Whismur is covered in graffiti. With everyone asleep, Jigglypuff angrily storms off into the forest.

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315: A Pokéblock Party

315: Sing! Pokémon Trick House!

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Jigglypuff returns and finds someone who heard it's song through...Whismur
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