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Ash and co are now walking along the slopes of a very mountainous area. As they go, a small rock crashes down in front of them. The group looks up to see a Bagon above looking down on them. Ash is enticed by it and quickly scans it with the Pokedex to see what kind of Pokemon he's looking at. After the description stops, Ash comments on how cool of a Pokemon it is. May wonders why it's so high up and Max suggests that it may be trying to fly. May doesn't like this thought as Bagon doesn't have wings, and Brock adds in that he doesn't think it'll be insane enough to do it.

Suddenly, the Bagon leaps from the cliff plummeting toward Ash and co as they freak out. Bagon soon realizes that its attempts were futile and it begins to squirm as it falls. Ash and co think it is trying to attack them, and so they begin to run for their lives. Bagon crashes into a nearby rock headfirst smashing it to bits. The group turns back to see it hasn't suffered the slightest injury. Max wonders why as Ash releases Taillow.

Taillow flies up the cliff as Bagon follows. As the bird turns to fly at it, Bagon dodges and leaps to join the flight. It realizes it still can't fly and plummets again, smashing another rock. It emerges from the dust unscratched. Taillow flies down as a purple haired girl with high tech shades leaps down behind Bagon. Ash wonders what she's doing as she focuses her shades on Taillow saying she's found the target.

A view from her shades shows a bunch of charts and lines as they focus in on Taillow. She then warns Bagon that Taillow will hit, and it dodges efficiently. Ash and co are shocked by the sudden move, and the girl turns around. She exclaims that Ash trying to catch her Pokemon is illegal and she should report him. Ash exclaims that he didn't know it was owned and Max and May add in that they thought it was attacking them. The girl understands and takes off her shades to reveal very pretty eyes.

Brock is instantly in love and begins to flirt. He asks to know the name of his love and she nervously replies that it's Mitchell. Ash and co then introduce themselves. Taillow then notices Bagon on the cliff again and everyone begins to worry. Mitchell is excited and places her shades on as Bagon leaps. She measures Bagon's speed with the shades happily as Ash goes to catch Bagon. It crashes in front of him and leaps into Mitchell's arms. May exclaims that it was a nice catch as Max asks what those special shades she is wearing are.

Mitchell takes them off and explains that they are sort of a special computer model that helps her in battle. She tells them that it measures speed and distance, which helps her track Pokemon's movements. She then adds in that they also help measure Bagon's falling speed. Max is enthralled and Brock asks why she needs to measure Bagon's falling speed. Mitchell replies that all Bagons have the same dream- to soar through the skies. Taillow soars above as Bagon happily watches it. She explains that Bagon doesn't know it can't fly, and so it will constantly try to. Ash says that's a great dream as he looks up to Taillow. Max says it sounds pretty dumb as it won't be able to fly and May hushes him.

Brock then remembers that Bagon evolves into Shelgon and then into Salamence. He finishes by exclaiming that if Bagon can become a Salamence, its dream will be fulfilled. Mitchell nods and says that she is trying to help it reach that level, but to do that Bagon needs a lot of experience. She then turns to Ash and asks if he would like a match. Ash instantly accepts as Max exclaims that he can't wait to see the computer shades in action.

A little bit to the right of the group behind some rocks lies Team Rocket. They are spying on the group with their binoculars as usual. Jessie remarks that Bagon's dream is both pathetic and heartwarming. James agrees and says it isn't really the best of Pokemon. Meowth interjects, saying it would have a lot of use to the boss. James asks how and Meowth has a vision of Giovanni doing some scouting in a jungle and getting hungry. He spies a coconut but cannot seem to open it. That's where Bagon comes it. It can use its head to smash the coconut and Giovanni will never go hungry! He then concludes by saying the boss will be so happy that they'll get promotions and be able to live a life of luxury. The group cheers at the thought.

Ash and Mitchell are now on opposite sides of the field. Ash decides to go with Pikachu for the match as Mitchell picks Bagon. Max and May sit on a rock as Max says he can't wait to see how this battle goes. May asks why he's so excited and Max explains that Bagon is a dragon type which gives it an advantage over Pikachu's electricity. Brock signals for the match to start and Ash has Pikachu begin with quick attack.

Mitchell does an analysis with her shades and tells Bagon to stay put as Pikachu is coming in way to fast. Bagon braces itself as Pikachu smashes into its head. A shockwave is sent through Pikachu's body from the force of the impact and it is sent flying. It holds its hurt head as May remarks that Bagon's head took the hit like it was nothing. Max explains that Bagon's rock head ability makes its head invulnerable to physical blows.

Mitchell does another analysis and tells Bagon to use head butt. It speeds towards Pikachu as the Pokemon runs. Mitchell tells Bagon to divert direction. It does so and heads straight for Pikachu. Pikachu just manages to avoid the attack by leaning back and Bagon smashes into a rock. Pikachu looks very worried and Max is in awe at how powerful that head butt was. May says she doesn't think Pikachu could withstand a hit like that. Ash has Pikachu use thunderbolt, but Mitchell measures the attacks speed and has Bagon dodge easily. It then uses head butt sending Pikachu into a rock. Ash rushes to his fallen Pokemon to see if it's ok. Mitchell analyzes it and exclaims that Pikachu put up a courageous battle, but it's over. Suddenly, Pikachu gets back up sparking like mad. Mitchell is shocked and remarks that no Pokemon could ever withstand Bagon's head butt. Pikachu rushes toward Bagon for a quick attack sparking like mad. Mitchell analyzes it and tells Bagon to give it a head butt. The two Pokemon rush each other and an explosion of electricity ensues. Bagon is hit bad and falls down. Mitchell begs for it to get up and it does. She then tells it to use head butt again. It rushes in and Ash has Pikachu wait.

Ash and Mitchell are now both worried, but Ash uses his Brawly strategy to have Pikachu dodge at the right time. It then uses thunderbolt, but Bagon jumps away after a quick analysis from Mitchell. It then comes down for a head butt, but Pikachu sues iron tail as it does. Both Pokemon land glaring at each other. Mitchell was worried, but she remarks that Bagon withstood the attack with its head. Ash tells Pikachu it's doing a great job and not to give in.

Suddenly, the same thing is heard from Jessie. The group looks around wondering where it came from. Team Rocket says their motto from a loudspeaker as they appear in their helicopter from Bye Bye Butterfree. Brock wonders what they are up to now, and Jessie says they are here for Pikachu of course. She presses a switch and Meowth launches form the front of the helicopter wearing a jet pack. He heads straight for Pikachu, but at the last second laughs and turns to Bagon. Mitchell is worried as he grabs it and soars away.

James happily flies the helicopter exclaiming that they are doing great. Jessie agrees. Ash then sends out Treecko and has it use bullet seed on the helicopter. The attack rocks the copter and Jessie drops the controls to the jet pack. With the controls gone, Meowth speeds out of control and disappears with Bagon into the horizon. James turns the helicopter and the rush to find him. Mitchell picks up the controls and tries to turn the jet pack around, but they seem to be busted. Ash and co offer to help her find Bagon and she thanks them.

Meowth continues to speed on as he freaks out. Bagon seems happy that it's actually flying. Suddenly, Jessie and James appear ahead of him in the helicopter. A net is below and Jessie tells Meowth to fly into it. Meowth is moved that they came to rescue him, but as he approaches the net, the jet pack suddenly begins to descend into the forest below. They crash through some trees before slamming face first into one. Meowth is hurt but Bagon is fine.

Treecko acrobatically leaps from branch to branch as Ash and co rush through the forest to find Bagon. As they run, Ash and Mitchell discuss Ash's battle strategy and how he dodged efficiently. After some discussion, Mitchell begins to realize she may not need her shades to win. Meanwhile, Team Rocket has found Meowth and Bagon. As they talk, Bagon stares happily at the jet pack. Meowth realizes this and Bagon explains of its dream to fly.

Meowth is moved by this, but Jessie and James think it's pathetic. Meowth ends up slashing James and explains that he too wishes he could fly through the towering cities and such. Bagon and he begin to discuss this and Jessie and James sigh. Meowth then explains to them how the boss could want a coconut while in his private jet, and a flying Bagon could help him at any moment. He ends this by saying there would be a huge raise involved. Jessie and James are now intrigued.

Suddenly, Ash and co appear destroying the moment. Team Rocket taunts the group and Pikachu quick attacks them into the helicopter. Bagon rushes to Mitchell carrying the jet pack as she asks if it's ok. Suddenly, a claw grabs Pikachu and Team Rocket takes off in the helicopter. Ash is worried and they all look to see Bagon has strapped the jet pack to itself. Treecko leaps on and they signal that they want to go help. Ash tells Mitchell to use the controls to steer it. She agrees and takes them out.

She does an analysis of the copter's speed with her shades, and then has Bagon take off. They catch up to the copter as Pikachu tries to shock its way out of the cage it's in. Meowth laughs saying it'll never get out of this. James then looks out the window and calls for their attention. He exclaims that if they look to the left they will see a flying Bagon. Meowth freaks out as Bagon turns and smashes straight through the window. It then bursts out the other side leaving Treecko in the helicopter.

Jessie gets mad and releases Seviper. They then realize there isn't enough room as Seviper squishes them. James hears a knocking and looks out to see Bagon head butting the front of the copter. Treecko then releases a bullet seed, knocking Pikachu's cage open. The two leap from the copter and onto Bagon as it flies off. Ash and co watch the smoking copter as Bagon flies after it. With a thunderbolt from Pikachu, the copter explodes and Team Rocket is sent flying!

Ash and co then realize that Bagon is flying and Mitchell seems excited. Sentimental music plays as Bagon flies towards the group with Pikachu and Treecko aboard. Ash suggests they continue the match, but Mitchell takes off her shades and says Bagon already achieved its ultimate goal. Bagon lands and rushes up to Mitchell. She happily exclaims that it flew and it nods agreeing. Suddenly it begins to glow and soon evolves into a Shelgon! The jet pack slips off of it and everyone is shocked. Mitchell is extremely happy and loves her new Pokemon. She hugs it exclaiming that it's one step closer to being able to fly without a jet pack. Suddenly, a flock of Pidgeottos fly out of the trees and into the sunset as the group watches happily.

Thanks To GoldenNoctowl77 For Writing this for us

319: Let Bagons Be Bagons!

319: Fly Bagon! Towards the Future!

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