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Ash and co are now waiting at the edge of a stream for a very old friend to return. Ash looks a tad worried and looks at Brock. May and Max are leaning over the stream and peering at their reflections. Suddenly, Pikachu points forward and Ash looks to see none other then Misty rushing happily towards them. May and Max excitedly join the group as Misty gets closer. Ash waves along with Brock and Misty excitedly rushes along a building.

Misty says hi to Pikachu first; exclaiming that it looks well. Brock then asks her how taking care of the gym was. Misty says it was fun yet tiring and she is glad that her sisters are back as she can now travel again. She then notices May and Max peeking out from behind Ash and Brock. She instantly recognizes them and exclaims that Ash and Brock told her all about them.

May instantly bursts through exclaiming how cute of a Pokemon Misty holds. Max agrees and walks up to examine Togepi. May scans it with the Pokedex as Ash approaches. He holds out an invitation he received with a Togepi on it and says that the person who sent it told him to come here. He begins to walk up the steps of the building when Misty pulls him back. She snatches the invite and exclaims that as she is the one with the Togepi, she should go first.

As she walks up the steps, two old people leap down covered in Togepi spotted shawls. They exclaim that the Togepi convention is waiting inside for her and she should quickly come in. Misty is a bit confused, but the two grab her and begin to pull her in. Ash and co rush after, but the doors of the building slam shut and lock in front of them. Misty is pushed forward and up a ramp until she is in the back of the blimp. She asks what is going on and the two people laugh as they close the hatch locking her inside.

It is then revealed that these two are actually Jessie and James in disguise. Jessie radios Meowth, who is in the cockpit, and tells him to start the blimp up. Meowth laughs and begins to turn the steering wheel, causing the building to shake. Ash and co rush away from it as the building starts to give way. They turn back to see a very large blimp emerge from the dust and begin to float away. Brock wonders what is going on and Ash wastes no time to chase after. He leaps onto a rope hanging from the blimp as his friends follow suit. May looks down towards the earth below and begins to narrate her life again. Max yells down that it isn't really the time.

Misty begins to walk around the cargo hold wondering what’s going on. Ash and co manage to climb the rope and enter through a small opening. Max collapses as May thinks it was fun. The blimp exits the city and begins to fly over a dessert. In the cockpit, Team Rocket looks out over the area. Just ahead is a very large sandstorm. James checks the controls and exclaims that their destination is inside the storm. Meowth says it could get a bit rough.

Brock looks out the hatch to see the storm ahead and the winds picking up. He exclaims that the blimp is heading into a sandstorm and it would be wise to hang onto something. May thinks it's exciting and begins to narrate her life once more. Max turns and screams that not is DEFINITLY not the time. The blimp enters the sandstorm as Team Rocket presses on. Ash and co hang onto a bar while Misty cuddles in a corner of the cargo hold.

The blimp soon exits the storm and comes upon a large mountain range. Jessie grins and exclaims that they are almost there. James remarks that they are approaching their destination and Meowth should make the descent. Meowth makes an "aye aye cap'n" salute and begins to lower the blimp. Brock looks out the hatch to spy a large castle situated just inside the mountain range. He then spies a blimp landing pad and says it looks like they've arrived.

A woman in q royal blue gown sits peacefully at a fountain when she notices the blimp landing. She wonders why its here as it hatches itself in. Misty realizes they have stopped just as the cargo hatch opens. Jessie and James tell her to come quietly to meet the Togepi master. Misty reluctantly follows off the blimp. Outside, the two begin to tell her of their plans when Ash and co interrupt. They exclaim that something is fishy here and demand to know who the two are. Misty also wants to know and so the two finally say their motto.

May asks the rockets why they went to all this trouble to catch Pikachu, and Team Rocket explains that they aren't interested in the rat today, but instead they want Togepi! Ash and co are shocked and Meowth leaps in claws prepped to strike. Suddenly, he is grabbed from behind and pulled back. A man that resembles a Russian king stands tall holding him back. Team Rocket recognizes him as Hanzou and begins to suck up. They point to Togepi exclaiming that they brought it to him just as asked.

Hanzou becomes annoyed and chucks Meowth into James's face. He exclaims that it took them a rather long time. Misty then cuts in asking what he wants with Togepi. Hanzou just smirks and introduces himself, remarking that there is no need to reveal his intentions to a brat like her. Misty then refuses to give up Togepi and Hanzou flicks his fingers. A Shedinja appears behind him. Max recognizes it as Hanzou says he'll just take Togepi by force.

Shedinja's halo begins to soak in energy and it launches a massive attack at the group. They back away as a steaming crater appears. Team Rocket is shocked by the move as Hanzou just grins. Suddenly, two Ninjasks join the fray. May and Max seem on awe by them, but Misty is shaking like a leaf. May wonders what's wrong and Brock explains that Misty hates bugs. At this, she begins to freak out and May and Max sigh.

Ash then tells the group that they have to defend Misty. He release Pikachu and Brock calls out Mudkip. May and Max bring Misty behind the two guys to protect her. Hanzou sends in his Ninjasks who both release shadow balls. Pikachu uses thunderbolt and Mudkip releases water gun. The attacks collide and make a huge flash. May and Max then take this time to get Misty out of there. Hanzou seems them however, and has Shedinja follow. Team Rocket cuts in asking if they should follow too, but Hanzou just shrugs.

May, Max, and Misty all rush down a hill. Halfway down, May stops for a breather and asks why Hanzou is after Togepi. Misty says she doesn't know and Max exclaims that they can't stop. The group continues down the hill and comes to a hedge maze. They hide in it till they are sure the coast is clear, and then get up. Misty looks up the hill hoping Ash and Brock are ok. Suddenly, Shedinja appears in front of her. Misty goes insane with disgust as May scans it with her Pokedex. It begins to approach when Misty has it. She says no one is taking Togepi from her and releases Corsola.

Corsola uses spike cannon but the attack just bounces off. May and Misty are shocked and Max remarks that it's because of Shedinja's wonder guard technique. Shedinja releases a solar beam, making a huge explosion. In the blast, Togepi is blown from Misty's arms and sent flying. The woman in the blue gown is busily watering some flowers when she is interrupted from a splash in the fountain. She rushes to it to find an injured Togepi floating. With a very excited look, she snatches it from the pool and remarks that it has finally come!

The maid in a burgundy gown is watering flowers elsewhere. The other woman (who is now known as Osashi) approaches holding Togepi. The main turns and becomes overjoyed by the bundle of egg tucked in Osashi's arms. She rushes up as Osashi explains how she found it injured in the fountain. Togepi slowly begins to wake up.

Back at the battle, a large amount of smoke has billowed up. A Ninjask appears from it and Ash tells Pikachu to thunderbolt it, but the Pokemon is too quick. Mudkip tries a water gun but it again misses. Ash realizes this is hopeless as the two Pokemon are very fast, so he decides to press forward. He suddenly slips and falls into a hole. Brock approaches to see if he's all right and Ash says he is. Ash then realizes that the hole goes deeper. The two guys and their Pokemon then decide to make use of it.

At the castle, the king and his servant are discussing the loyalty of Hanzou when the maid rushes in. She exclaims that Osashi has found a Togepi, exciting the king. Osashi is in her room leaning over Togepi who stares confusedly on a pillow. The queen stands over her asking if this is the Togepi of legend. Osashi says she is sure of it. The king then rushes in and leans down to Togepi. He exclaims that it has finally come. Osashi picks it up to cuddle remarking that it's been so long. The maid has tears in her eyes.

Suddenly, Misty, Max, and May appear at the open door. Misty seems out of breath, but she still has enough energy to barge through the door calling for Togepi. The maid steps in front of her scolding her for intruding. Misty says she is just here to get her Togepi back. Osashi looks down pondering. The king refuses to believe it when suddenly Hanzou rushes to the scene. Misty instantly recognizes him and exclaims that he is the man who tried to steal Togepi from her.

The king turns to Hanzou, but Hanzou says that Misty is lying. He explains that he found the Togepi for the king like he asked, but Misty stole it from him. Misty interrupts, saying he is false. May remarks that he's lying as well and that he is really after Togepi. Hanzou tries to get out of it again, but the king tells him that he is excused from room. Hanzou interjects, but the king stands firm. With one last look at Togepi, he turns to leave.

Ash and Brock then burst through the door exclaiming that Hanzou is bad. Hanzou just leaves the room and slams the door. The king asks if Togepi is really Misty's and she says it is. She then notices the bandage on its head and asks what happened. Osashi explains that she found Togepi injured in the fountain. Misty recalls what happened and then introduces herself as the gym leader of Cerulean City. Osashi introduces herself, saying that she in indeed the princes of the Mirage Kingdom. Brock is instantly love struck.

The king and queen then return to their thrones along with the group. There the king explains that in the olden days, a Togepi was always destined to rule along with the king and queen of Mirage Kingdom. Osashi then cuts in explaining that they thought Misty's Togepi would be the next to reign with the king and queen. As the conversation goes on, Misty cuts in saying she is sorry that they have disappointed them.

The maid and Osashi then lead the group through a large outdoor pathway. The maid begins to explain the importance of Togepi to the kingdom and how there hasn't been one here for many years. She then adds in that the Mirage Kingdom has been suffering illusions lately. Osashi then puts her head down remarking that these illusions are no doubt caused by the absence of Togepi. The maid then adds in that this is why Hanzou has been doing everything possible to get a Togepi, but they didn't think he would actually try to steal one.

Suddenly, Brock rushes to woo Osashi, exclaiming that he'll do everything he can to get a Togepi here. Misty then grabs him by the ear and pulls him back. May and Max are shocked at how Misty did it, and soon Misty tosses Brock aside. She approaches the two and asks if Togepi means that much to them. Osashi says it does, but she must do what she feels is right. Misty is bit saddened, but says Togepi is too important to her.

In a tower somewhere in Mirage Kingdom, Hanzou explains his plan to steal Togepi to Team Rocket. He tosses some Pokemon food to his Ninjasks. He then looks out at the Palace of Mirage and exclaims that he will then use Togepi to take over the Kingdom and reign as king. Team Rocket like this idea and as he goes on, they try to keep Wobbuffet quiet. They then cheer at his final statement.

Misty and the group are now back at the blimp preparing to leave. Misty apologizes again, but Osashi says it is ok. Suddenly, May notices that the Palace of Mirage is doing something weird. The group looks up to see that it now has an upside down mirage of itself towering above it. Brock exclaims that it must be an illusion. Suddenly, Togepi begins to glow and is lifted from Misty's arms towards the mirage. Osashi exclaims that Togepi must be the heir to the thrown and that is why it is drawn to it.

Suddenly, Shedinja appears in front of Togepi. Misty freaks out and grabs it just before Shedinja releases a solar beam. When the dust settles, Hanzou, the rockets, and the two Ninjasks are also present. Hanzou demands that Togepi be given to him, but Misty refuses. He then exclaims that he'll take if by force and has Shedinja chare up another solar beam. Ash has Pikachu counter with thunderbolt, causing an explosion. The scene then stops as the narrator starts his speech. What will happen to the Mirage Kingdom and Togepi…?

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320: The Princess And The Togepi!

320: Enter Misty! Togepi and the Mirage Kingdom!

Route 111


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