Misty (Jp. Name: Kasumi)

Hometown: Cerulean City, Kanto
First Appearence In Episode: Pokémon! I Choose You!


Misty, the youngest out of four sisters, has a massive fondness of Water Pokémon. Growing up in Cerulean City, she was in the shadow of her three sisters at the Gym with their water pokémon so she left to become the best Water Pokémon Trainer there was. She met with Ash accidentally when Ash destroyed her bike when trying to protect Pikachu from a flock of Spearow. Joining him on his journey, Misty continued living the dream of hers to get as many Water Pokémon and train them as possible. Misty started off being a bit of a hothead, knowingly attacking people for just the smallest comments, however in time, especially after becoming a mother figure to Togepi, she calmed down a fair bit. After travelling through Johto, Misty was called upon by her sisters to look after the Cerulean Gym while they went on holiday. Even when they returned, Misty continued being the Gym Leader and will continue to show her Water Pokémon knowledge in the gym battles.


Misty has become the Gym Leader for Cerulean Gym, a position that only a few dozen people in the world hold.

Pokémon on Team


Psyduck is a bit of a ditsy Pokémon, unable to do attacks under normal circumstances. Psyduck pops out of his Pokéball alot of the time, which sometimes aggrivates Misty. Despite this, Misty & Psyduck do share a bond and although Psyduck has many faults, Misty has been trying to help it overcome them, such as it's inability to swim. In battle, it can be a Psychic powerhouse, but only when it's permanent headache reaches a critical point.

Caught in episode: Hypno's Naptime


Misty has had a lifelong fear of Gyarados after almost being eaten by one as a baby. However once she became the Gym Leader, she had to overcome this fear in the middle of an inspection. Since she gained a bond with Gyarados, it has become the powerhouse in Misty's team and is used in many of her Gym Battles. She does take Gyarados with her whenever she leaves the gym and used it to protect Togepi and to stop Mirage Pokémon. She then used it in a Gym Rematch with Ash against his Pikachu where she showed the ability to Mega Evolve it as well as using the moves Hydro Pump and Rain Dance.

Obtained in episode: Cerulean Blue!


Intentionally grabbing Ash's King's Rock to evolve, Politoed is an eager and cheerful Pokémon that likes to have fun. Being very friendly, it is not above shaking hands with Pokémon or even cheering for its friends. Despite this, Politoed is still a powerful Pokémon and keeps it with her at most times.

Evolved from Poliwhirl in episode: Outrageous Fortunes


Azurill, the offspring of Tracey's Marill, is a calm and carefree Pokémon. Misty has taken to carrying Azurill around like how she did with Togepi on several occassions but is known to keep it in its Pokéball.

Given to by Tracey Prior to episode: The Scheme Team


Both Ash and Misty encountered Clauncher in the wild. The Clauncher was strong and resilient, resisting being hooked in by fishing. As such, Ash & Misty decided to battle for it, with Clauncher agreeing. After a small battle between Politoed and Corphish, Clauncher agreed to be caught by Misty. It is strong and has a bond with Ash's Corphish.

Caught in episode: Ash VS Misty! A One-on-One on the Beach!!


Misty's Luvdisc, called Caserin was obtained in the Kanto Region. Caserin & Luverin, a Luvdisc owned by Misty's sister Daisy, were aquired for use in one of the Cerulean Gym water shows. Caserin is a relatively unknown Pokémon, but it managed to hold its own against Team Rocket and fell in love with Luverin. It currently is used in the Water Shows.

Obtained Prior to episode: Luvdisc Is A Many Splendored Thing!


After arriving at the Whirl Islands, Misty decided that she wanted a Corsola, and found a Wild one terrorising a group of trained ones. Misty captured Corsola in her Lure Ball soon after to stop the terrorising. Since then Corsola has become a vital part of Misty's team, used in many of her gym battles and battles against Team Rocket. Corsola is a bit stubborn and doesn't like to leave a battle, knowing Recover as it does, that isn't much of a problem.

Caught in episode: The Corsola Caper


One of Misty's Original Pokémon, Starmie was seldom used. While she used it in battles against Team Rocket and her Gym Battle against Ash as well as contests such as Races and so forth. Misty left Starmie at the Cerulean Gym to help out her sisters but later returned to it when she took over the Gym.

Caught Prior to episode: The Waterflowers of Cerulean City
Given to Her Sisters in episode: The Misty Mermaid
Re-Obtained When Returns to Gym in episode: Cerulean Blue!


When Misty met Horsea, it had been injured by a school of Tentacool. Misty soon took it and nursed it back to health eventually capturing it. Horsea wasn't much of a battling Pokémon, but still managed to hold its own in battle when it did. Eventually Horsea started getting ill due to lack of areas to swim for exercise so Misty left it at the Cerulean Gym.

Caught in episode: Tentacool and Tentacruel
Given to Her Sisters in episode: The Misty Mermaid
Re-Obtained When Returns to Gym in episode: Cerulean Blue!


Staryu was one of Misty's original Pokémon and her most used Pokémon throughout her tenure in Ash's group. Since Staryu doesn't have any features, Misty claims she can still sense what its feeling. Staryu is a tough battler and has racked up a fair few wins in gym matches and standard matches and has constantly been a vital member of Misty's team.

Caught prior to episode: Clefairy And The Moonstone


Goldeen was one of Misty's original Pokémon, however due to the fact that Goldeen is a fish Pokémon, it was seldom seen due to its inability to be on land. However whenever Misty had battles in a Water field such as at the Coastline Gym or against Molly, Goldeen is a tough Pokémon that can hold its own and thus has stayed on Misty's team.

Caught Prior to episode: Pokémon Emergency

Pokémon Previously Owned


After evolving from Togepi, Togetic had a very brief tenure with Misty. It managed to protect a group of Togepi from General Hansen. After doing so, it reluctantly decided to go to the Mirage Kingdom to protect the Togepi left in it from any further excursions.

Evolved from Togepi in episode: A Togepi Mirage
Left to Rule Mirage Kingdom in episode: A Togepi Mirage


Hatching from an egg that Ash found, Togepi immediately imprinted Misty as it's mother even though Ash earned possession of it through a small tournement. Togepi was not an attacking Pokémon but secretly it knew and used Metronome to protect itself and Misty. Personality Wise, it still has the mindset of a child, liking to wander off and play. However it started to show its ggressive side when General Hansen started attacking the Mirage Kingdom. It evolved to stop him.

Hatched from egg in episode: Who gets to keep Togepi?
Evolved into Togetic in episode: A Togepi Mirage


After evolving in a battle against Ash, Poliwhirl became a well used Pokémon of Misty's. With its strong attacks, Poliwhirl was a prominent member of Misty's team but wasn't used much out of battles with Team Rocket. However after losing in battle against a Poliwrath, Misty started considering to evolve it, however Poliwhirl instead took Ash's King's Rock and evolved.

Evolved from Poliwag in Episode: The Totodile Duel
Evolved into Politoed in episode: Outrageous Fortunes


Misty met Poliwag in the Orange Islands when Ash & Tracey had become ill due to a Stun Spore. Poliwag, being the friendly Pokémon that it is, helped Misty out and decided to join her on her travels. However Poliwag was seldom used in battle after this until it evolved into Poliwhirl

Caught in episode: The Stun Spore Detour
Evolved into Poliwhirl in Episode: The Totodile Duel