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Ash and co are now heading through a forest trail as May admires her two ribbons. Max congratulates her and she thanks him as Ash says their next stop is the Petalburg City Gym. Max comments that he won't be as lucky as May was in his next competition, as their father is a tough opponent. Ash feels confident that he'll prove him wrong. He then realizes that he's pretty thirsty and asks Brock for some water. Brock shakes them empty canteen and says they must be out. Everyone begins to freak, but Brock remains calm. He says that as a great water trainer, he will find them a source to refill their canteens and rushes off. Ash and co rush after him.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is busy with their latest scheme. It turns out that they are bottling and boxing jugs of water to sell. As they talk about how hot it is and how much money they are going to make, Ash and co appear through the forest. They instantly decide to hid and capture Pikachu when the group comes by.

Ash and co tiredly press on as Brock says water must be around here somewhere. Suddenly, a Zubat flutters out of the bushes and everyone freaks out. Brock then comments that it was only a Zubat, and May seems annoyed by the little Pokemon identification. Brock then turns and notices a Solrock flying off. It turns around like Bigfoot from the Patterson Film, and everyone is in awe. They begin to chase after it, but suddenly fall into a pitfall trap.

Team Rocket appears gloating at how easy this was, and Meowth snatches Pikachu out of the hole with a net. Suddenly, a fire spin comes by and knocks Team Rocket back and frees Pikachu from the net. Solrock comes into the fray and Team Rocket begins to yell at it. When everyone is out of the trap, Ash scans the Pokemon with his dex. Jessie and Meowth begin to make fun of the Solrock, and James cuts in saying they need to get rid of it.

He calls out Cacnea who instantly goes to hug him. James pulls it off and tells it to use pin missile on Solrock. It does so, but the attacks just bounce off. Meowth then suggests they capture it and the three leap towards it. Solrock then launches a solar beam sending them blasting off. When the dust settles, Ash and co realize Solrock is gone! They call for it and Ash seems disappointed as he wanted to thank it for saving Pikachu. Brock then suggests they head towards the spring to get some water, and then worry about Solrock. Max and May instantly agree.

When the group makes it to the small spring, they are in shock to find it completely dried up! As they wonder what could have done this, May notices a small village in the valley below. Brock says they must have water and so the group decides to head there. The village is very strange as the roofs of the houses are all lily pads. What's even worse is that the lake under the bridge is completely dried up. Ash asks Pikachu if it smells any water, but it shakes its head. Max then comments that water Pokemon usually know where to find sources, and Ash agrees.

He calls out Corphish and Brock releases Mudkip and Lotad. Skitty then randomly pops out of May's pack. May asks if it wants to help and it nods. Ash then tells the group to find water. Corphish leaps into the dried lake and begins to dig. Ash says that the water must be under the ground! Skitty then smells something and rushes off. Mudkip and Lotad follow and Brock, May, and Max do as well. Ash says he'll see what Corphish finds, but he then looks down to see it pull a pot from the sand and place it on itself. He sighs as Corphish happily peaks out.

It turns out Skitty smelt flowers as it stands by a house sniffing them. May nervously informs it that they wanted water, not flowers. Mudkip and Lotad end up finding a well in the middle of the town and everyone seems happy. Brock then realizes that the well looks dried up as well and everyone sighs. Lotad then leaps onto the bucket and sits there. Everyone stares at it for awhile, and then Max asks what it is doing. Lotad suddenly freaks out as the bucket tips and it falls into the well. Ash and co lunge to help it, but hear a crash below.

They can't help but laugh at this misfortune, and Brock tells Lotad to get in the bucket and he'll pull it up. He does so, and thanks it for trying. Suddenly, Lotad begins to glow and everyone stares in awe. In a matter of seconds, the group looks upon a brand new Lombre! Ash scans it with the dex and Brock greets his new Pokemon. Suddenly, an old woman comes rushing down the road towards them. She has a lily pad on her head and seems to be approaching for Lombre.

When she makes it to the group, she pushes them aside and gets on her knees to pray to the Pokemon. May wonders what is so special about Lombre and the old woman instantly begins to yell at them. She explains that her village has been waiting for this blessing for awhile now. She then gets a hold of herself and thanks them for bringing Lombre. Ash then asks why she has waited for this and the old woman tells them that Lombre can help them get rid of that pestering Solrock that recently appeared.

She then calls out to a nearby house and the door opens. A young woman steps out to see what's going on. Another old woman and an old man follow her. Brock is instantly in love and approaches her exclaiming that he has bravely traveled many miles to save their village with his Lombre. The girl seems confused and Max pulls Brock away. The old woman then points to Lombre and all the villages appear crowding around it. The young woman stays back however. Ash and co approach her and wonder why they want to get rid of Solrock. She seems as confused as they do however.

The old woman then says this Pokemon will single handedly save them from the drought and the girl turns to Ash and co. She apologizes for this and introduces herself as Hamatsu. She then wonders why they are hear and Max and May embarrassedly explain that they were looking for water. Hamatsu leads them into their house and happily hands them some glasses of water. Ash and co thank her and she says it was no problem.

She then goes on to explain that they don't get much water anymore. Ash and co wonder why and she explains that the town's irrigation depends on small spring at the shrine. She explains that the shrine is said to tell the tale of a Lombre that watches over the town and makes sure they always have water. She then explains that some time ago, a meteor struck nearby and villagers began reporting seeing a Solrock in the woods. After some time, a drought started and the water in the spring dried up. She explains that the villagers became angry and want to get rid of the Solrock.

Ash and co realize that that is a problem, but Hamatsu informs them that Solrock doesn't mean to cause trouble. She says that it's just lost and trapped. The group then hears the villagers chanting outside and rush out to seem them all waiting with musical instruments. The old woman explains that they need Lombre to do a rain dance with them so that they can ward off the Solrock. Ash and co get angry and explain to her that Solrock isn't trying to cause trouble. May adds in that she'd feel pretty scared too if she was lost and in a strange environment.

Hamatsu agrees and tells the villagers to stop acting so harsh. The old lady and her begin to argue, but the old lady winds by getting the mob excited to do a rain dance. Lombre is then set on the shrine and the villagers begin to dance around it. Ash and May think the tune is pretty catchy, and Brock asks Hamatsu to dance. Max pulls her away and Ash comments that Lombre seems to be getting into it too. They all look to see it begin to jig happily on the shrine. May says it can really move and Max wonders where it got that from. Brock instantly says he taught it.

The old lady then says that they need to dance faster and everyone begins to speed it up. Suddenly, Pikachu leaps from Ash's shoulder and joins the dance. A few Bellossom also exit the forest and join in. Suddenly, many grass Pokemon appear and join the dance. After a while, the group tires themselves out and begins to rest. The sun still shies brightly and the old lady says it will rain any second now. Ash and co wonder if it will work, but Hamatsu cuts in saying this is pointless.

Ash and co then come to their senses and agree. They then suggest that instead of chasing Solrock out, they get it to stop using sunny day. The old woman doesn't like this idea, but in the end, Max convinces her to go with it. The group hides in the bushes as Lombre continues to dance. Brock says that Solrock is usually curious as it helped them out before, so it should show up to investigate. The old woman prays this will work. Solrock suddenly hovers down to Lombre. The two begin to talk and Ash and co wait patiently to see what happens.

Suddenly, Skitty randomly pops out and begins to run off. May chases it and Hamatsu follows. Skitty rushes inside a dark cave and May wonders what to do now. Hamatsu pulls out a flashlight and says she'll help. The head through the cave and soon come upon Skitty. They also come upon a large machine with a red R on it sucking the water from the spring. May and Hamatsu realize it wasn't Solrock causing the lake to dry up!

Outside, Team Rocket continues to fill their bottles up and put them into boxes. They gloat at how much money this will bring in, and Meowth then notices something in the distance. He takes out some binoculars and discovers that Lombre is talking to Solrock by the shrine. He then gets an idea and suggests that they go and steal the two Pokemon. Jessie and James wonder why and he has a vision of Giovanni using Lombre as a portable sink and Solrock keeping him warm. With hopes of getting promoted in mind, they all agree! May and Hamatsu then appear and them to stop taking the water.

Meanwhile, Ash and co watch as Solrock begins to aid Lombre in its dance. Ash says that it will feel comfortable in no time and stop the drought, but the old lady disagrees. She yells to the villagers exclaiming that Solrock is here and they all leap out. Ash tells them to stop, but they won't listen. They all lunge at Solrock, but it uses psychic to lift them up. Ash tells it to put them down, and Lombre also motions it to. Solrock does so and they all hit the ground hard.

May and Hamatsu then run up exclaiming that Team Rocket is causing the drought. Before anyone can react, the team crashes through the forest in a jolly green giant mecha and say their motto. Meowth then activates a switch and a net comes out of one of the arms and snags Lombre and Solrock. Brock tells Lombre to use razor leaf, and it ends up cutting the net. The two Pokemon escape and Team Rocket is shocked. Pikachu then tries a thunderbolt, but Meowth sends a water gun at Pikachu using the nozzle nose of the mecha.

Pikachu is knocked away and Ash rushes to it. Meowth then turns the water gun towards the villagers who cower in fear. Suddenly, Solrock leaps in the way and takes the hit. Brock remarks that Solrock is a rock type and so that water could really do some damage. However, Solrock begins to spin and heat up. Brock remarks that the water can't do anything when Solrock it's doing that, and Meowth decides to increase the pressure.

It still doesn't affect Solrock and the Pokemon begins to charge the mecha. Soon it slams into it blowing the mecha back. Pikachu then uses thunderbolt to blow it up and send Team Rocket blasting off again. The group thinks everything is back to normal, but they suddenly notice that Solrock can't stop spinning! The group watches as the heat increases making it extremely hot in the area.

Suddenly, some bushes near the old lady go up in flames and everyone panics. Solrock then goes out of control and begins to spin toward the village. Everyone begins to worry and the old lady begs Brock to save their homes. Brock immediately has Lombre use water gun, but it doesn't seem to do much. Brock calls out Mudkip to help, and the two Pokemon launch their attacks. After some time, steam begins to rise from Solrock's burning mass and the clouds start to turn colors. After some time, the increased heat and steam begin to make the clouds turn to rain clouds and it starts pouring.

Everyone cheers and Solrock finally stops spinning. It turns around and seems to be ok. Hamatsu is overjoyed by this and then notices that the spring is filled again! The villagers begin to dance around it as Solrock and Lombre join them. The old lady gets on her knees and prays for this blessing. With the spring restored, the villagers begin to reclaim water from the well. Hamatsu thanks Ash and co for all their help and Brock then begins to flirt with her. He offers to stay with her and have Lombre protect the village, but after some time, he notices she walked away and begins to sulk.

The old lady then explains that since Lombre couldn't bring them rain, they realized the true Pokemon to represent their village is Solrock as it helped to make the storm! She then takes off her lily pad hat to reveal a headband with a Solrock on it. Everyone else does and Hamatsu sighs. She then turns to Brock and says it looks like he can continue to travel with his friends. Brock pretends to be happy, but sulks some more. That evening, the group says their goodbyes and then heads off down the road. At the shrine, Solrock happily sits there watching over the village…

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