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It's another bright and beautiful day in one of the many forests that inhabit Hoenn. Ash and co have all released their Pokemon to enjoy a nice lunch in an open part of the woods. May compliments Brock on his cooking and Max asks the Pokemon how they like their food. Pikachu smiles happily obviously stating that it likes it.

Corphish has already eaten all of its food and holds the bowl upside down trying to get more. It realizes the bowl is empty and tosses it away. It then eyes Torchic's food nearby. Torchic notices this and leaps in between placing its butt to Corphish as it continues to eat. Corphish gets pissed and takes a large chunk of food from Torchic's bowl.

Torchic yells as it continues to take clawfuls of food. When it has eaten all of it Torchic begins to cry hysterically. May and Ash approach to see what happened and May realizes Corphish ate Torchic's food. Ash scolds it but it doesn't seem to care. Torchic becomes angry and Ash demands that it apologizes. Corphish mocks him and Torchic yells. The two Pokemon begin to yell back and forth and it soon becomes pretty heated.

Mudkip and Pikachu get in between them to try and break it up as the trainers tell their Pokemon to calm down. Max is in shock that Torchic is acting this way and Brock says food can do that. Torchic launches an ember while Corphish launches a bubblebeam. The two attacks head right towards a worried Pikachu who ends up thunderbolting the whole camp.

Corphish is now pissed at Pikachu who nervously backs away. Ash tells Corphish to cut it out but it doesn't listen. It launches another bubblebeam which Ash and Pikachu are forced to dodge. Torchic tries to ember it but Corphish dodges and May along with a few other Pokemon have to jump away from the attack. The two Pokemon begin to launch attacks back and forth as they run around. The rest of the camp scampers around trying to avoid the attacks.

Brock tells Ash and May to recall their Pokemon and they manage to get a few inside their Pokeballs. Grovyle still sleeps against a tree as Mudkip and Pikachu try their best to avoid Torchic and Corphish's attacks.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is somewhere else in the forest hungry as can be. Jessie and James complain while Meowth recalls the last food they had down to the wire. As the group daydreams of a feast Wobbuffet pops out to join them. A large apple then rolls in and James notices it. He thinks he is hallucinating but soon realizes it's real. He leaps onto it but Jessie does as well. They begin to fight over it and Meowth and Wobbuffet join in seconds later.

The group then notices that the apple belongs to some angry Shroomish just in front of them. The Shroomish all hold apples yelling at Team Rocket. Team Rocket is overjoyed by the many apples they see and begin to chase the Shroomish family around the forest trying to steal the apples.

Torchic and Corphish continue their attacks as Ash and co run for their lives. The two Pokemon meet in the middle to glare at each other. Pikachu and Mudkip try to intervene but the angry Pokemon just kick them away into a tree. As Torchic and Corphish lunge for each other, Grovyle charges up a leaf blade and slices right in between them. Grovyle turns back towards them grinning as the two Pokemon stare at the large slash mark in between them shocked. Torchic then begins to cry and rushes into May's arms.

Corphish watches May console Torchic and turns away dissatisfied. Ash approaches Grovyle and thanks it for settling the two down. Pikachu and Mudkip breathe a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, the Shroomish family angrily yells at Team Rocket from a distance as the four eat their apples on a small table. Jessie, James, and Meowth mock the Shroomish as Wobbuffet chows down. Suddenly, six more Shroomish fall from the canopy above and glare angrily at the team. Team Rocket doesn't seem to feel threatened and continues to eat. Suddenly, the six Shroomish begin to glow and soon evolve into a group of angry Brelooms.

Team Rocket notices this and becomes nervous. The lead Breloom leaps up and slams right in between the group smashing their lunch table into pieces. Team Rocket freaks out and begins to run as the six Brelooms lunge at them. Wobbuffet is still feasting on apples as it runs and Jessie angrily recalls it.

Brock is now fishing through his pack to find some food for Torchic as the others crowd around. Suddenly, Team Rocket jumps over some bushes and lands panting in Ash's camp. Ash and co ask what they want and Team Rocket begins to say their motto. They then notice the stew Brock cooked in front of them and crowd around to eat it. Ash and co watch confused as Team Rocket declares how delicious it is. When the pot is empty, the three stand back up and James wonders what they were doing beforehand. Meowth reminds him that they were saying the motto and the three continue it.

When they finish the motto Max asks them why they were running so fast. Team Rocket suddenly remembers the Breloom group and begins to panic. The agitated Breloom suddenly burst from the bushes landing nearby. Ash and co seem enticed by them but Team Rocket is in a state of terror. Ash scans them with the Pokedex and Brock asks Team Rocket what they did to piss the Breloom group off.

Jessie begins to say that they were minding their own business when the Breloom attacked them. She begins to yell at the Breloom telling them to beat it. Meowth and James wonder what she is doing but she just begins to yell louder making the Breloom group angrier. They all leap up and use mach punch creating an explosion throughout the forest. Ash and co along with Team Rocket are all sent soaring.

May and Mudkip land on a branch over a cliff. May comes to and realizes Mudkip is with her. The two then peer down to see the cliff and freak out. May says they better move away and Mudkip agrees. The two slowly slide off the branch.

Corphish walks through the forest and soon comes upon Torchic. The bird seems happy until it realizes no one else is with Corphish. It begins to cry as Corphish backs away. Corphish becomes annoyed with Torchic and scuttles off. The chicken stops crying and follows it.

Ash, Brock, Pikachu, and Swellow have all landed on a forest path. They call out for the others and Brock states that they better find them before the Breloom do. Pikachu mounts Swellow; apparently wanting to go search from the sky and Ash and Brock agree. Swellow flies off and Ash and Brock continue their search. The Breloom group pops out of the bushes and Ash pulls out a Pokeball to battle them. The Breloom lunge and Brock grabs Ash; dragging him away frightened.

Meowth and Max both pop their heads out of the bushes and realize they are with each other. Max says he doesn't know what they did but it's his fault the Breloom separated them. Suddenly the bushes nearby begin to rumble and the two grab each other in fright thinking it’s the Breloom group. Corphish and Torchic appear and Max and Meowth leap out happy to see them. Max tells them they should go and the three start off but Meowth stands his ground. He closes his eyes and begins to state the fact that he doesn't work with twerps when he realizes they left. He's a little scared himself and so he rushes after them.

May and Mudkip are walking uphill. May is a little disappointed that they haven't found the others yet when Mudkip begins to pick up movement on its head fin. She asks if it found anything and it nods. Suddenly, Jessie and James come rushing down the hill screaming like mad. She wonders what they are doing and realizes they can't stop. The two keep running until they go off the cliff; landing on the same branch May and Mudkip just climbed off.

The two peer down into the canyon and freak off; clinging to each other in fear. The two then hear noises and look up to see a trio of Breloom roaring down at them. James sighs saying they are in quite a fix. They can climb up and be pummeled by Breloom or fall to their deaths. Jessie begins to yell saying she doesn't want either.

Pikachu and Swellow continue their aerial search. Torchic walks around teary eyed as it searches for May. Corphish begins to yell at it and Meowth remarks that even he is braver than Torchic. As he continues to talk the other three press on and he's forced to play catch up again.

Mudkip continues to sense people nearby and May follows it into some bushes. Meanwhile, Ash and Brock continue to flee the Breloom group that chases them. Ash still holds a Pokeball saying he wants to battle them. Brock says no but Ash doesn't listen. He stops and prepares to throw the Pokeball but the three Breloom tackle him to the ground and begin to beat at him. Ash throws a tantrum causing the three to back off. They then attack again and form an anime fighting cloud. Brock leaps in and pulls him out. He drags a kicking and screaming Ash away from the fight.

Suddenly, the two loose their footing and begin to tumble down a hill. Max and the Pokemon are now at the bottom of a cliff. They wonder how to scale it when Torchic finds a mountain of fruits close by. Max wonders how they go there and Meowth wants to dig in. Suddenly, the whole cliff becomes filled with angry Shroomish and Breloom. Corphish leaps in front of Torchic and begins to yell at the angry Pokemon. Pikachu and Swellow notice this from the sky. Pikachu leaps down to help while Swellow goes to find the others.

The Breloom surround Max and the Pokemon when Pikachu lands sparking in front of them. Some of the Breloom back off but one leaps up to challenge it. Meanwhile, Ash and Brock roll to the edge of a hill and off the side. Jessie and James look up to see the two tumbling down. They smash into the branch cracking it and sending all four falling down the canyon.

Brock calls out Forretress who lands below them. It uses rapid spin to twirl up a twister and catches Ash, Brock, Jessie, and James in it. The four leapt safely off and Ash and Brock thank Forretress. Jessie then begins to argue with them and they glare at each other. Swellow suddenly flies down into the canyon trying to tell them where the others are.

Meanwhile, Pikachu and Breloom leap at each other each using iron tail. Breloom's is stronger and Pikachu is knocked into the canyon wall. Breloom lands grinning. Meowth is now worried. A few Breloom lunge at the group and Corphish launches a bubblebeam, but the Breloom dodge it. One Breloom charges up a mach punch and aims it at Torchic, but Corphish leaps in the way and takes the hit.

Corphish smashes into the wall and Meowth becomes even more worried. A duo of Breloom then head for Max and Torchic but Corphish comes to and tackles them away. Another Breloom then brings its foot down on Corphish slamming it into the ground and then leaping away. The two Pokemon glare at each other and Corphish weakly gets up. It is suddenly hit by another Breloom's mach punch sending it flying. Two Breloom then begin to beat the crap out of it as Torchic watches sobbing.

Max is worried as Corphish is taking a lot of hits. A Breloom comes in to finish it off with a mach punch, but a water gun sends the Pokemon flying into the canyon wall. May and Mudkip enter the scene and Max is overjoyed. Torchic rushes towards her happily leaping up and down. Corphish is injured but tries to get up and fight off the rest of the Breloom.

The Breloom begin to close in on it, but Torchic steps in the way. It cries out and then suddenly begins to glow. Everyone stares in shock as Torchic evolves into Combusken! May scans it with the dex as Combusken glares at the now nervous Breloom group. Ash and co rush up with Team Rocket and Meowth rejoins them. Brock and Ash notice May's new Pokemon and Ash congratulates her.

A Breloom then steps up and challenges Combusken. Team Rocket is a little confused by this and decides to watch. Breloom leaps up and prepares an iron tail but May has Combusken tackle it before it can launch the attack. Breloom flies into the wall and May orders an ember. Max cuts in saying that since Torchic evolved, it has much stronger attacks than ember. May understands and orders a flamethrower. Combusken launches one but Breloom uses mach punch to counter it.

Both Pokemon land and Breloom comes in for another mach punch. May begins to panic but Brock suggests that she use physical attacks as well since Combusken is a fighting type. May agrees and has Combusken use sky uppercut. The Pokemon jumps up as its fist glows. It then delivers a massive punch to Breloom's jaw and sends it flying. Breloom lands on the ground and the other Breloom try to aid it. The Pokemon weakly gets up and holds them back. It begins to taunt Combusken and Ash and co wonder what's going on.

Meowth states that Breloom is challenging Combusken to a test of strength using only their physical techniques. Everyone is shocked and Combusken accepts. The two Pokemon begin to beat the crap out of each other; each one kicking and punching repeatedly. People and Pokemon watch in confusion as the two Pokemon punch and kick over and over. Finally, the two lunge at each other arms prepped and strike each other in the face.

They smirk at each other and then both collapse. Meowth falls over from overexcitement and Jessie claps at the match. Her and James then remark at how good they would be if they captured them and Meowth joins in wanting to send them to the boss. Breloom and Combusken both get back up. Breloom uses mach punch and Combusken launches a flamethrower. Both attacks collide with the rockets and send them blasting off once again.

Combusken and Breloom then shake hands and Ash remarks that they both must respect each other's fighting ability now. May is happy and Brock states that it’s a bond only two fighting types could share. Max then comments that all this fighting has made him hungry and Brock says he'll make them some dinner. Everyone cheers at the statement.

A little while later Ash and co are enjoying a nice meal. Corphish finishes its food and sneakily tries to go for some of Combusken's, but the Pokemon glares at it. Corphish cowers away scared and Pikachu and Combusken laugh as the episode ends

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358: A Shroomish Skirmish

358: The Forest's Fighting King! Combusken VS Breloom!

Between Littleroot and Fortree



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's Torchic evolves into Combusken
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