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The episode begins with the group having a nice quiet lunch at a large picnic table in the middle of a meadow. As Ash finishes his meal, he asks May if she would like to have a practice match with him just for fun. May doesn’t seem to be very excited about the offer, and Max tries to persuade her. Finally, Brock stands up and tells Ash that he will have a practice match with him in her place.

Ash thanks him and then excitedly slides down a nearby hill and releases Torkoal into the field that he lands on. Brock joins the battlefield and Ash tells him to use Lombre to give Torkoal a challenge. Brock agrees and tosses a Pokeball to release the lily pad duck. Max is shocked that Ash would want this as Torkoal is weak to water types. May adds in that Lombre looks too passive to battle. Ash tells Torkoal to get ready and it begins to exhaust smoke.

Torkoal starts things off with a body slam but Lombre easily dodges it. Torkoal turns towards the duck and releases a flamethrower but Lombre leans back matrix style to dodge it. Max and May are impressed with Lombre’s defense abilities and Brock begins to brag. Torkoal tries a body slam but Lombre dodges once again. It then launches a water gun straight into the tortoise and sends it flying.

It lands prepped for more and begins to smoke as Max and May comment on its endurance. Torkoal then launches another flamethrower but Lombre leaps away and sends out a barrage of razor leaves. Torkoal goes inside of its shell to and the leaves bounce off. It then comes back out and Ash orders an overheat. The area around Torkoal glows a crimson red as it launches the massive fire beam from its mouth, The attack strikes Lombre dead on and, to everyone’s shock, sends it flying clear over the horizon!

Lombre lands in the middle of a forest. As it lies there, a large maw grabs onto it…Ash and co approach the area and Brock notices Lombre accompanied by a small Mawile and a woman sporting blue hair with a Mawile-like design. He immediately goes into flirt mode and introduces himself. After enduring a lot of flirting, the woman introduces herself as Sayori. Max pulls Brock away and then the others introduce themselves. Sayori explains that her and Lombre were practicing some techniques in the forest when Lombre fell in. Ash and co are enticed by this new Pokemon and Ash looks it up with the Pokedex.

Mawile then waddles over to Lombre and hugs its arm while rubbing against the Pokemon. Sayori remarks that her Mawile must have a crush on Brock’s Lombre. Brock notices that Lombre isn’t returning the affection and he prods in; telling it to do so. He then leaps towards Sayori and declares how great it is that their Pokemon are in love. Max pulls him back once more as Lombre pulls its arm out of Mawile’s grip and waddles away. Sayori laughs,; remarking that Lombre isn’t very interested.

Brock tells her not to think so rationally and then runs towards his Pokemon. He states that it HAS to return the affection to Mawile in order for his master plan to work. He whispers in the Pokemon’s ear that once the two Pokemon are in love, he’ll have a better chance of courting the trainer. Max overhears this and approaches him. Max isn’t so sure about this but Brock pulls Lombre away and moves it towards Mawile. He makes it bow to her as Ash and May comment about how funny this whole affair is.

Mawile approached Lombre and grabs its hand once again. Lombre lets go once again and Brock begins to yell. Mawile then gets aggravated and uses its massive maw to bite Lombre. Lombre freaks out and rushes behind a tree; steadily peeking back out. Sayori tells Mawile that biting her love interest isn’t the best way to win it over.

May then notices some ribbons in Sayori’s pack and asks what they are for. Sayori explains that her and Mawile are performance artists and Mawile uses the ribbons in a dance routine. May is excited by this and asks if she can see the routine. Sayori agrees and her and Mawile each take a ribbon. They return to the meadow where Ash and co take a seat on a fallen log. Sayori mentions to Mawile that this act could help it win over Lombre. She then tells May that they are ready and May presses a button on a radio to start the music.

Lombre and Sayori begin to twirl the ribbons together. They leap around and spin putting on a beautiful show. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is watching this through their famous binoculars. Jessie wonders what a ribbon twirling Pokemon would be worth and Meowth thinks they could take it to the boss. The two wonder why and Meowth explains that Mawile could entertain Giovanni by putting on its ribbon show. It could also use its massive jaw to fan Giovanni when he’s hot. Meowth finishes this daydream by explaining that Giovanni can use the jaw as a lounge chair and saying that he will give them promotions. James isn’t convinced but Jessie is excited so they all decide to go along with it.

Ash and co are now following Sayori through the meadow. They are all constantly complimenting Sayori on her great performance and Brock tells Lombre that after that it must love Mawile, but it still seems uninterested. Suddenly, Brock notices a bouquet of flowers lying randomly in the middle of the path ahead. He rushes ahead and grabs them. Lombre waddles up and he begins to explain that Lombre must give the flowers to Mawile in order to court her. The others approach and wonder what’s going on. Suddenly, the ground beneath them gives way and the group succumbs to another pitfall trap.

Team Rocket floats down in their balloon and starts to say their motto but cuts it off halfway. Meowth activates a net which flings down and wraps around Mawile. The balloon then begins to float away. Ash calls out Corphish as Brock orders Lombre to save its true love. Lombre just stands there making Brock mad. Jessie calls out Seviper and Ash has Corphish bubble beam it away. James then joins the fight by releasing Cacnea. It comes out hugging and then uses pin missile. Corphish hardens to soften the blow and then Seviper lunges towards the lobster and uses wrap. Brock orders Lombre to use razor leaf and it does; knocking Seviper off of Corphish.

Seviper retaliates with poison tail sending Lombre flying and Corphish is knocked back by another pin missile from Cacnea. Ash thinks fast and calls out Torkoal. It uses body slam to smash Cacnea straight into the ground. Seviper lunges for another poison tail but Torkoal leaps back to a recovering Corphish. Torkoal uses a flamethrower to send Seviper flying back into the balloon. Corphish then uses a crab hammer to send Cacnea straight through the balloon. It pops and unsurprisingly; Team Rocker it sent blasting off again. The net falls from the balloon as it sails away and Corphish cuts it open to release Mawile.

Sayori asks Mawile if it’s alright and then thanks Torkoal and Corphish for saving it. Brock mentions to Lombre that the other Pokemon are getting all the credit for the safe return of Mawile. He tries to make it jealous but it doesn’t seem to mind. Corphish then scuttles over to Mawile and instantly falls in love. It grabs the bouquet of flowers and offers them to it; causing Sayori to laugh. Mawile doesn’t seem interested and nervously backs away. Ash mentions something about the ordeal and May makes a comment about how Corphish has the same way with women as its trainer.

Mawile becomes aggravated at Corphish’s energetic proposal and it clasps its maw around the heart-eyed Pokemon. However; this makes Corphish want a piece of that even more. Mawile flings the Pokemon far into the distance and Sayori tries to scold it. However, Corphish races back to the area still in love. It then notices Mawile hugging Lombre and turns to steel as the bouquet of flowers blows away. Corphish begins to sulk and Brock approaches exclaiming that he knows exactly what it’s going through. The two begin to bawl hysterically and Torkoal randomly joins in for the fun of it. Max and May sigh as the area is filled with the sound of crying. Mawile continues to hug Lombre.

That evening, the group has made it to a large city where Sayori and her Mawile are going to perform. A large audience has gathered around a stage awaiting the performance. Ash and co take their seats in the stands eager for it to begin. Corphish and Lombre are on separate sides of the group to avoid any fights. Corphish eyes Lombre angrily making Max laugh nervously.

On the stage, an announcer introduces Mawile and Sayori who are cascades in spotlights. The act begins with Sayori twirling a ribbon. Suddenly, the power goes out and Team Rocket appears in the spotlight. They say their motto; Jessie spinning a ribbon, James juggling, and Meowth working the spotlight from their balloon up above. After a small act, Jessie accidentally wraps the ribbon completely around her and James messes up his juggling. Ash and co yell for them to leave as the two rip their disguises off.

Team Rocket won’t give up so easily and Jessie calls out Seviper. It releases a haze to cover the entire stage allowing Jessie and James to escape with Mawile in the balloon. However, they seemed to have grabbed Lombre instead of Mawile! Brock notices this and begins to scream. Mawile rushes after the balloon to rescue her love and Sayori follows. Ash and May follow but Brock calls to them. He asks what they should do about the audience and May tells him to stall them. Brock doesn’t want to but they rush off before he can say anything. Max leaves as well but before Corphish can get away; Brock stops it and begs for help.

In the forest, Team Rocket sulks on their mistake. Meowth has visions of Lombre showing up everywhere the boss goes and depressing him with its expressionless face. The three begin to panic when Wobbuffet suddenly pops out. Lombre and it start a conversation which seems to be going nowhere. Wobbuffet smacks Lombre down but it just gets back up and the conversation goes on. Jessie and James ask Meowth what is going on but he can’t seem to figure it out either.

After some more conversation, Ash and co approach demanding the return of Lombre. Naturally, Team Rocket refuses and another battle ensues. Jessie releases Dustox while James calls out Cacnea. Sayori sends Mawile in and it clamps down on Cacnea. Dustox uses psybeam but Mawile lets go of Cacnea and leaps away. Cacnea launches a pin missile but Mawile spins its maw to deflect them.

Pikachu then launches a thunderbolt to send Dustox flying into Meowth. Lombre takes this time to run to Ash and co. It looks prepped for battle. Dustox flies in but Lombre does another matrix dodge and it flies right by. Max is even more impressed by how well it dodges. Mawile then uses a focus punch to smash Cacnea away. Dustox tries a poison sting barrage on Lombre but it just runs in circles to avoid it. Ash then orders Lombre to use water gun and it does so; blowing Dustox away.

Dustox recovers and uses whirlwind, but Lombre dodges and launches a razor leaf. Dustox is smashed away and Mawile stares heart-eyed at Lombre. May seems amused by this and Max just wonders how Corphish would feel if it were there.

The scene then changes to Corphish who is angrily shaking some maracas on stage. Back at the battle, Cacnea sends a pin missile attack towards Mawile, but Lombre leaps in the way and uses protect. Ash orders it to use razor leaf next and Mawile watches in love as the Pokemon launches the attack to blow the rocket’s Pokemon back. Sayori then orders a solar beam from her Pokemon. The spot on Mawile’s maw charges with energy and then the maw flings forward and opens; sending the beam straight at the rockets.

A large explosion ensues and Team Rocket it sent blasting off again. Everyone congratulates Lombre and Mawile stares heart-eyed again. Back on stage, Brock and Corphish’s little Mexican charade seems to be growing thin. The audience is complaining and the two are a little nervous. Sayori calls to him from nearby and Brock and Corphish collapse with relief. Sayori and Mawile return to the stage and put on a very elegant ribbon show. They leap about and spin the ribbons perfectly.

Backstage, Ash and co watch in awe. Lombre notices Sayori’s pack and begins to dig through it. Ash and co tell it to stop but it soon pulls out a water stone. The stone and Lombre begin to glow and Lombre forms into a large Ludicolo! It turns around and begins to dance happily as the group’s jaws drop. Ludicolo then leaps in the middle of Sayori and Mawile on stage and begins to add a special dance to their performance. The audience goes wild and Ludicolo dances towards Mawile with hearts in its eyes. Mawile seems a little scared.

The dance goes on for a while longer as Ash and co comment on how much Lombre’s personality has changed. That evening, Ash and co say their goodbyes to Sayori and Mawile by a fountain. Brock apologizes for letting Ludicolo get a hold of her water stone but she doesn’t seem to mind. Sayori then mentions to Mawile that Ludicolo finally is returning the love. Ludicolo goes heart-eyed and begins to dance, but Mawile just turns her head and gives the cold shoulder. Sayori asks her if she likes it anymore but it shakes its head; causing Brock and Ludicolo to stop dead in their tracks.

Mawile then notices a Psyduck walking nearby and falls in love. It runs up and hugs it as the whole group stares with their mouths wide. Sayori laughs saying Mawile must only be attracted to absent minded Pokemon. Sayori then says her goodbyes and rushes after Mawile. Brock tries to comfort his Pokemon but it quickly turns its frown upside down and starts dancing again. It launches a bullet seed as it does surprising everyone. Brock begins to cry tears of joy and then leaps in to join his Pokemon’s dance.

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