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As this adventure begins, we see a Hitmonchan sprinting down a path. It suddenly stops by a nearby tree. A girl is watching this fighting type from behind. Ash and others were amazed, a WILD Hitmonchan. Ash says if Pikachu beats Hitmonchan, it will be a world champion Pokémon! Pikachu has an image of himself beat up. Ash says he will teach him his secret punch. Misty and Brock wonder since when is Ash a boxing expert?
Ash challenges Hitmonchan, and Pikachu is wearing little boxing gloves. Hitmonchan does not like the idea of this, Ash tells Pikachu to attack. We see them watching, while Ash gives commands. Pikachu sends a glowing glove into Hitmonchan's face. He rubs the spot where it what hit. Pikachu gets scared. A man runs over, and tells Hitmonchan it should not let its guard down, he tells it to knock out that Pokémon! Hitmonchan creams Ash's little Pikachu. It was not a wild Hitmonchan! Suddenly, the girl runs out from behind the tree. She calls the man her dad, and begs him to come home, and to give up trying to become a Pokémon trainer! The man calls her Rebecca, and says he will not until he has won the P1 Grand Prix! He says he will be at the gym, and leaves.
Ash and Brock both enter the P1 Grand Prix to help the little girl by beating her father. Brock uses his Geodude and Ash uses his recently captured Primeape. He would probably use his Pikachu but it is a fighting type only tournament! Jessie and James show up, they want to enter to. They want to get the prize belt, and James wants to sell it so he can eat at an all-you-can-eat buffet, does that seem like our James! He and Meowth imagine themselves stuffing their faces. Jessie hits them both over the heads with a fan. They ask what would Jessie uses the money for, and she says that she would go to the salon, go shopping, buy jewelry, etc. James points out that only fighting Pokémon can enter, which they have none. Jessie says they will have to 'borrow' one. They spot a tall man, along with a Hitmonlee, the kicking type Pokemon! The announcer calls over the loudspeaker and Presents Anthony, the father of the little girl. He is the Grand Champion of the tournament and has been for many years!
The first battle is between a Machop, and Ash's Primeape! Machop hits Primeape! Primeape goes down! It gets back up, and jumps up, going down for a kick. However, Machop catches its foot! It swings Primeape around in circles. It is going to use Seismic Toss, Machop is well trained! It throws Primeape over the bar! Ash runs to catch it, but falls short. He asks if Primeape is okay, and Primeape looks at it with these big puppy eyes. Ash tells it to keep going, and it agrees! Misty is surprised, Primeape has never listened to Ash before! Ash has Primeape use Scratch! Then it jumps up and the bright lights blind Machop! It uses Mega Kick, and Machop is down! Primeape wins! Misty says that everything changed when Ash tried to catch Primeape. It trusts him now. The next match is Hitmonlee versus Geodude! Brock waves to Rebecca (the daughter), saying everything is under control. Then he gets his Geodude thrown against his head. Brock tells it to hit Hitmonlee! Hitmonlee starts kicking Geodude, who blocks. It will be reduced to Graveler at this rate sorry I mean Gravel! Anthony says he cannot win. Brock, with much regret throws in the towel! He picks up Geodude, and asks if it is okay. It is. We see many more battles throughout the tournament. Primeape, Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee rise to the top of the ladder!
The next main match is between Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee, Jessie is ready for anything and to make sure they win, Meowth places Glue up through the floor of the Arena. Hitmonchan is stuck and Anthony has to throw in the towel. Anthony says he is sorry he worried Rebecca and her mother. Misty says that the fighting brought a family back together. Now is the exciting bit, the match we have all been waiting for, Ash's Primeape versus the stolen Hitmonlee. Primeape blocks thousands of Quick kicks from Hitmonlee and manages to sneak through a few hits! Under the Arena Meowth is up to his Bad tricks, for the second time in the episode. Pikachu spots him and decides to get moving. He finds that Meowth has planted a Bomb on the stage!
Meanwhile back on the stage Hitmonlee jumps up, as per plan, Meowth hits the button on the controls, no explosion Hitmonlee jumps down, and Primeape grabs it! It uses its Seismic Toss. Primeape has won! It is the new P1 Champion! Ash says he is proud of Primeape. Anthony says it has a lot of natural talent, and asks if he could train it. Ash wins the championship and leaves his Primeape with Anthony to train. He says he will come back for it someday

029: The Punchy Pokémon

029: Pokemon Match! Serious Battle!




Pikachu Charmander Primeape
Primeape Hitmonchan
Special/Other Trainers:
Poliwrath Machop Machoke Machamp

gives his Primeape to Anthony