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Ash, Misty, and Brock are walking through the forest, when they hear someone yell at a thief to stop. A man with a bag and a gun runs out of the bushes. Ash tells Pikachu to stop him, but, seeing the gun, Pikachu us too afraid. Suddenly, a Growlithe jumps out, and jump on the man, causing him to drop his gun. Pikachu jumps off of Ash's shoulder, and shocks the man. Several more Growlithe come out from the bushes and surround Ash and his friends. Officer Jenny steps out and yells at Ash for interfering. Ash and his friends are confused, and she explains that the man is a police officer dressed up as a thief in order to train the Growlithe as police dogs. Brock bends down to pet one, but the Growlithe growls at him, startling him. Officer Jenny tells them not to worry, and tells the Growlithe to line up. They obediently do so, and Jenny tells them that Ash and his friends mean no harm. Nearby, Team Rocket sees the Growlithe, and plan to catch them. Meowth is slightly concerned, but goes along with it. Officer Jenny takes Ash and his friends to the police compound nearby, and gives them something to eat. Ash keeps raving about how brave the Growlithe were, and says that they were even braver than Pikachu. Brock and Misty remind him that the man was carrying a gun, and that he shouldn't expect his Pokémon to attack an armed assailant like him. Jenny agrees at the danger, and Ash decides that he wants to train Pikachu with the Growlithe. Brock isn't sure if Pikachu is capable of such training, but Ash sticks to his idea as he wants Pikachu to be the best he can be. Officer Jenny allows Ash to participate in a session early the next morning. The next day, Ash is hesitant to awaken, but Jenny blows a whistle in his ear, getting him awake very quickly. They go outside to the first test, and obstacle course. Pikachu doesn't look like he has too much confidence in himself, but Ash reassures him. Jenny tells Ash that he too must run the course, since the only way to earn his Pokémon's respect is to do the same things he asks them to do. Ash looks worried, but complies. The race begins, but Growlithe and Jenny are too fast, and Ash and Pikachu lose. Brock asks Ash if he still wants to go through with the training, but he is too stubborn to give up. He thinks that being as tough as possible is what Pikachu wants, but Pikachu's reaction causes him to think. Suddenly, Team Rocket crashes through a wall of the compound in a Growlithe van. Brock wonders why criminals would break into a police compound, asking if that isn't like saying "Please, arrest me?" The several dogs worries Meowth, a cat, but Jessie and James don't show any remorse. They tell everyone that they plan to use the Growlithe to rob banks and museums. Jenny tells them that the Growlithe will never listen to them, and Team Rocket laughs, pulling out two tubes of some sort of gas and releasing it into the air. One gas changes everyone's voice, making them high and squeaky, and the other nullifies Growlithe's senses of smell. Jenny orders the Growlithe to arrest Team Rocket, but they don't obey. Brock explains to Ash how the Growlithe can't understand Jenny's now high-pitched voice, and since they can't smell her either, they are very confused. Team Rocket changes into two Officer Jenny costumes, and whip out two megaphones with the capability of making their voices sound like Jenny's. They give different orders to the Growlithe, and they obey, much to Officer Jenny's horror. Team Rocket orders them to place Jenny under house arrest, and they wrap her up. Team Rocket then has the Growlithe come over to the van. The door on the side opens and they are about to order the Growlithe inside when Ash stops them. Jessie has Growlithe surround him and his friends. Ash decides to battle them with his Pokémon, but he realizes that he left them inside the building, as did Misty and Brock. The Growlithe are about to attack, when Pikachu jumps between them and his master. Team Rocket gets an idea, and Jessie switches her megaphone to mimic Ash's voice. She orders Pikachu to come with her, but he knows that the Ash is the real Ash by recognizing what's in his heart. Ash is overjoyed, but Team Rocket is less impressed. They order the Growlithe to attack, but Pikachu keeps them off with his Thundershocks. Eventually, however, Pikachu becomes dizzy with the use of so much electricity, and cannot fight anymore. The Growlithe are about to attack again, when Jenny frees herself from the ropes and stops them. Jessie orders one of the Growlithe to attack her, and he latches his mouth around Jenny's hand. Suddenly, the Growlithe recognizes her heart, and lets go, licking her. Jessie tries to tell the others to attack, but they too have recognized their master and won't obey them. Team Rocket fumbles with their megaphones, mimicking each other's, then Meowth's voices. Meowth gets scared, and drives off. After being bitten in the seat by two of the Growlithe, Jessie and James run after him. Later on, when everyone's voices have returned to normal, Ash thanks Jenny, saying that he has decided to discontinue Pikachu's training, as he likes him just the way he is. Jenny says farewell, and Brock uses one of the megaphones Team Rocket dropped to mimic her voice, forcing words into her mouth, in a way, of how much she loves him. Jenny just laughs, and Ash, Misty, and Brock continue on their way to Cinnabar Island.

054: Case of the K-9 Capers

054: Police Officer Growlithe



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