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Ash, Brock, and Misty are on the trail again to new adventures. On their way to the Johto League, they notice a girl hollering ather Pokémon. The girl is calling out baseball plays and moves to her Chikorita. Brock suggests that she probably just got her Pokémon from Proffesor Elm and that she just started on her Pokémon journies. While Ash, Brock, and Misty observe this little girl, a Rattata appears out of a bush and battles Chikorita. Chikorita launches a tackle at Rattata, but it misses. Then the girl tells Chikorita to use a line drive (tackle) on Rattata. Rattata gets knocked unconsious and the girl captures it. The girl starts chanting a victory song about the Electabuzz. As she puts her newly captured Pokémon away, she spots Ash, Brock, and Misty.
Ash, Brock, and Misty are scared and so is the little girl. The little girl charges at them and grabs Pikachu from Ash's shoulder. She squeezes Pikachu and says that she wants to have all yellow-striped Pokémon: Electabuzz, Raichu, and Beedril. She says her name is Casey. Casey is so enthusiastic about this Pikachu that she wants Pikachu to shock her. Ash tries to stop Pikachu from shocking her, but Pikachu shocks both Ash and Casey. Ash asks Casey why she is obsessed with the color yellow and black stripes. Casey explains to Ash that her family has been rooting for the Electabuzz baseball teams for generations and generations. Ash makes fun of Casey saying that the Electabuzz team sucks and it never wins one game. Casey does not belive that the Electabuzz team sucks because they try their best and never give up. Ash and Casey keep on arguing and lead up to a Pokémon battle.
Casey declares that the much should be 3 on 3. Casey first sends out Pidgey. Ash remembers the time when he first met Pidgey, but he sends out Charizard to kill Pidgey. Pidgey uses quick attack, but he bounces off Charizard's stomach and dies. Casey then sends out Rattata, and he uses a tackle but also bounces off Charizards stomach and dies. Casey then uses her last Pokémon, Chikorita. Chikorita gets Charizard in a bind around his neck with a vine wip. Ash tells Charizard to blow just a little bit of fire at Chikorita. The fire that Charizard blew produced a little flame on top of Chikorita. Chikorita faints. Casey begins to cry, but Ash goes toward Casey and offers to shake hands and be friends. Casey is about to shake Ash's hand, but she runs away crying.
Casey keeps on running on a path and trips over a rock. She begins to remember what her family told her when she left to become a Pokémon trainer. The family said that now they have something else to root for more than Electabuzz, Casey. The family also said that Casey should never give up and she should always try her best and make her family proud. Casey gets off the ground and says she will defeat Ash. Suddenly Team Rocket, dressed as Electabuzz fans, jumps out of the bushes and tells Casey that Ash cheated. The explained that he cheated by using a Charizard against a new trainer, which is strictly forbiddoned. Casey gets mad and challenges Ash to another battle.
This time the battle is on a baseball field. Team Rocket is in the scoardboard rooting Casey on. Team Rocket made electronic fans to cheer Casey on also. Casey uses Chikorita and Ash uses Pikachu. Chikorita uses a tackle and knocks Pikachu down. Ash tries to use thunderbolt against Chikorita, but Chikorita evades the attack. Casey tells Ash that he cheated and that he deserves to lose. Almost suddenly, a machine with a bat pops out of the ground and is winding up to hit Chikorita. Pikachu jumps in the way and Pikachu and Chikorita go flying toward the scoreboard where Team Rocket is. Team Rocket sends a wave of baseballs at Ash and Casey to stall them form getting Pikachu and Chikorita back. The balls hit Ash and he is beat to the ground. Casey wips out a bat and starts wacking at all the balls. After all the balls are gone Ash sends out Squirtle and Bulbasaur while Casey sends out Rattata and Pidgey. Bulbasaur and Squirtle launch the balls back at Team Rocket, which knocks them out of their senses. Rattata and Pidgey use tackle to knock Pikachu and Chikorita out of their hands. Seeing the perfect oppurtunity to attack Team Rocket, Chikorita uses razor leaf. Team Rocket's clothes get all cut up. Then Chikorita and Pikachu use double team attack and make Team Rocket blast off again.
Casey and Ash shake hands to become friends for life. They say their goodbyes and wish luck to each other. Both are hoping they see the other in the Johto League. Friends forever.

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Casey's First Appearence