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Ash and friends are napping under a tree, but they're being watched by a Pokemon that's eating a fruit. Team Rocket is driving a large tank that's made to look like a giant Arbok. Jessie wants to name it the ArboTank. She sees Ash and company through a periscope and wants to catch Pikachu but James points out that the noise would wake them. So they come up with a different plan: they'll sneak up and grab Pikachu and use the tank to make their getaway. The strange Pokemon drops its fruit and tries to wake Togepi but accidentally starts Togepi rolling down a hill. Togepi finally wakes up and makes friends with the other Pokemon. They run together off a cliff and fall into the ArboTank's open hatch. Then they start to play with the controls and the tank powers up and drives away. Team Rocket sees this and chases after it.
Misty wakes up and realizes that Togepi is missing. Ash is awakened by something tapping his head, at first he thinks it's Pikachu but it's another of the strange Pokemon. The Pokedex identifies it as a Sentret, which can use its high-pitched voice to sound warnings of danger. Misty thinks it can help them find Togepi. Brock says that by the way it's acting, it's looking for something. There's a crash in the distance, and they all run to investigate. The tank keeps crashing into rocks. A group of Sentret jump in front of it but it just keeps moving and scares them away. Team Rocket is upset by all this since they sacrificed a lot to save the money to have it built. Ash and friends meet up with TR on the road and they learn that Togepi is inside the tank. Brock calls out Onix and they ride on its back to catch up. Meanwhile, the young Sentret finds a lever that activates two mechanical fists which punch through the rocks. Brock has a plan to stop the tank: they'll dig a hole and fill it with water so the tank can't get out, then rescue the Pokemon. As they all work, Psyduck just swims in the water. Soon the tanks approaches, and falls into the hole.
Who's that Pokemon: Igglybuff The trap works! Misty and Ash jump down to the tank to try to get in. The young Sentret inside is now caught in some wires, and when it moves the tank starts to move again. Pikachu gets trapped inside too as the ArboTank climbs out of the hole and continues down the road. Team Rocket appears dressed as magicians and make the tank seem to vanish. They had dug another hole just down the road - digging holes is their specialty, after all. Meowth leaps over to the hatch and gets inside to find all three "drivers" swinging from the wires. Pikachu attempts to zap Meowth but the electricity jolts the motor and causes the tank to bounce away on a giant spring. Back to the chase! Ash tells the Sentret to sound a warning to the Pokemon in the area, and many Sentret, Sandshrews and Diglett evacuate the vicinity. In the tank, Meowth is trying to get the young Pokemon out of the wiring, because they're picking up speed. He realizes that they're heading right for a mountain and if they hit it the tank will be destroyed. In the nick of time, Togepi uses Metronome to make a tunnel through the mountain!
Brock consults his map again, the tank's course is taking it directly toward a town. He plans to have Charizard slow the tank down enough so the Pokemon inside can be rescued, then it'll use Flamethrower to destroy it. Jessie and James protest since they'd put a lot of effort into getting the tank in the first place. In town, the local Officer Jenny notices that something's wrong. Ash has Charizard land in front of the tank and try to stop it, but the tank pushes him back. The Sentret tries to help too. Inside, Meowth is trying to find the brakes but the controls just snap off. Pikachu zaps the control panel, which doesn't help either. Finally Brock asks Onix to grab the tank's tail, which gives Charizard the opportunity to burn a hole in the front so Pikachu, Togepi and the young Sentret can escape. Jessie and James climb in, hoping that they can salvage it, but it explodes and sends them blasting off.
The young Sentret gets a scolding from its mother and Misty tells Togepi that she won't let it drive any more until it's 18. Officer Jenny rides up on her motorbike and thanks them for creating the tunnel through the mountain. Now people can drive through the mountain to Violet City instead of having to go around.

135: Tanks Alot

135: Pasture! Sentret & Togepi!



Officer Jenny

Pikachu Charizard Squirtle
Psyduck Poliwag Staryu Togepi
Pidgey Sandshrew Diglett Sentret

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