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Our friends are en route to Goldenrod City, and pause at the top of a bluff when they see a cute little house down below. Something jumps onto Brock's back and he panics, loses his balance and tumbles down the bluff. A girl sees him fall and comes running to see if he's okay. The girl picks up the small blue Pokemon from his back and apologises. Her name is Alicia, and her Wooper sometimes runs off and causes trouble. Brock forgets about the fall and begins to flirt with her, but Misty grabs him by the ear.
Now it's Ash and Misty's turn to apologise for Brock's behaviour, and learn that the cute building is a preschool just for Wooper. Alicia's Wooper hops into a pond with a bunch of others as she explains that she has always loved taking care of Wooper and felt that this place was perfect for training them. Ash uses his Pokedex to find out that Wooper is the pre-evolved form of Quagsire and remembers the time that the Quagsire stole the GS ball. Misty wants to see Alicia teach, so Alicia takes out a little tambourine and plays it, and the Wooper start to sing. They all agree that Wooper are cute (although Brock is staring at Alicia when he says this).
Team Rocket is lost and hungry. Jessie finds a mushroom and is about to eat it but James tells her it's a poisonous one. She gets upset, she hates scrounging for food like this. James suggests to call the boss and have him send some money, Meowth reminds them that they already spent their money and still haven't sent back any rare Pokemon. As if to add insult to injury, Wobbuffet comes out of its Pokeball by itself and Jessie has to put it back.
Ash and everyone are having tea and cookies by the pond. Suddenly Alicia gets a phone call; her mother has broken her leg. She wants to go and visit her but can't leave the Wooper. Brock volunteers them to take care of the Wooper while Alicia goes to see her mom. Relieved, Alicia gives Brock a booklet about teaching Wooper and rides away on her motorbike.
Brock then turns around and sees that all the Wooper are no longer in the pond! He's devastated. However Pikachu finds a trail of water leading into the house, so they go inside to find the Wooper up to a great deal of mischief. Brock reads the book, which says Wooper will behave when shown food. He gets out his special Pokemon food, and all the Wooper jump onto him.
The next thing the book says to do is to play a tambourine. Misty finds Alicia's little tambourine and plays it, but the Wooper don't seem to like it. Misty is disappointed and drops the tambourine. Togepi picks it up and plays,
and the Wooper happily follow Togepi back to the pond. Unfortunately, Alicia's favourite Wooper is still missing! Brock is devastated again. He and Togepi stay with the Wooper while Misty and Ash go to look for the missing one. It's in the kitchen, but it keeps one step ahead of Ash and Misty's efforts to catch it, jumping everywhere and knocking things over, including a stack of dishes. The chase continues outside, and they end up climbing up the cliff after it.
The next obstacle is a very rickety rope bridge across a gorge. Ash and Misty start across carefully, and the Wooper hops up and laughs at them. Misty encourages it to go home but it jumps on the bridge, making it sway, then runs to the other side with Pikachu following it. By now Misty is angry, the Wooper doesn't seem to care what happens to them. She and Ash run for the other side but the bridge finally breaks and they are forced to hang onto the ropes for dear life! Ash orders Pikachu not to worry about him and catch the Wooper.
Meowth is boiling a pot of water while waiting for Jessie and James to return with some mushrooms to make a soup. He spots the Wooper in the bushes and mistakes it for a giant mushroom, but it slips out of his grasp when he tries to get it. When J&J get back he tells them about it, so they all go to look, leaving their basket of mushrooms behind. The Wooper sees it and eats the mushrooms.
When they get back they discover that the Wooper has eaten all their mushrooms. Jessie wants to punch it but she can't bring herself to hit something so cute, and says they should take it to the boss and get a reward. Jessie tries to use a PokeBall but it doesn't work. Pikachu shows up and defends it, so Team Rocket tries to bribe Pikachu with Pokemon food so it'll tell the Wooper to get into the PokeBall. Pikachu refuses.
Ash and Misty come running, saying the Wooper already has a trainer. TR gets out nets and they all try to catch it that way but it's too slippery. Jessie releases Wobbuffet and tells it to attack before remembering that it can only do counterattacks. She calls Arbok instead, and James has Weezing do Smoke Screen so they can get away in their balloon with the Wooper that has finally been netted.
There's a yell from below, Alicia arrives on her motorbike with Brock. Ash wants to get out his Pokemon, but Alicia says she can get Wooper back another way and calls it. The Wooper happily slips out of the net and leaps down from the balloon.
Arbok and Weezing attack, but Alicia has her Wooper do Tackle and Slam attacks which take them out! Everyone is surprised at how strong it is. Then it grabs Arbok by its tail and flings it at the balloon, sending Team Rocket blasting off again.
Back at the school, Togepi is keeping the rest of the Wooper happy with the tambourine. Alicia's mother is feeling better, and Brock is glad that they could help out. He's very impressed with the Wooper, and Alicia tells him that people don't expect something so small to be so powerful. He wants to stay and learn more about her teaching but Misty drags him away.
The three friends depart, and Alicia tells them they're welcome to visit any time.

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