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As Ash and Pikachu wash up for dinner, Misty is picking flowers with Togepi. Misty spots something in a bush and gets afraid and screams out. Ash and Brock come running and see it as well. Pikachu uncovers it and finds it's an injured Ariados. Brock looks it over, but before he's done the gym leader from Fuschia City drops down with her Venonat to claim it. Suddenly, the Ariados is called by it's hidden trainer and escapes. She and venonat give chase, but Venonat gets caught in a web. The mysterious trainer finally appears next to his Ariados. It's an older man from the same gym. Ash and friends go with them to their dojo and get shown the training grounds. They get to talking and Ash asks for them to get some training. They all get dressed in Ninja outfits and prepare for training. Misty is told she must face her fears and gets put in front of a Spinarak, getting webbing all over her face. Brock is at the field showing Pineco's abilities in combat. Ash is watching a battle between Houndoon and Hypno. Ash gets to go next against her. Bulbasaur vs Venonat. Bulbasaur uses leech seed, but Venonat gets loose and stuns Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur manages to vine whip Venonat and slams him down to win. Just outside, Team Rocket is watching the events from the roof. That night, Misty is complaining about it while the others rest. Outside, Ash goes to see her training with her Venomoth. Venomoth hears something and takes off. In the compound, people are yelling about their Pokemon misisng. Outside, Team Rocket shows up outside and takes off with the pokeballs. Just as Ash sends Pikachu, meowth nabs him in a claw. Ariados is sent with his master, making a quick kite and following. the master throws 3 throwing stars to pop the balloon, but Arbok holds him off. Both go down, but not before he releases the pokeballs with more stars. The others show up below and save the pokeballs, Team rocket crashes, and Ash climbs up a tree to get Pikachu loose. arbok shows up, but Ariados is too tired to fight. the master asks her to use Venonat to fight for him. Venonat uses stun spore, but misses. It then dodges Arbok's poison needle. She then remembers how she lost to Ariados earlier. Arbok uses wrap on venonat, but venonat uses stun spore suddenly to take out Arbok. Then a good tackle finishes off Arbok. Ash sends Pikachu in to finish the job and end the battle. Ash the friends continue on, but Team Rocket is stuck hanging onto a Ariados web line over a deep ravine.

178: Ariados Amigos

178: Ariados and the Ninja Battle


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Pikachu Bulbasaur
Arbok Wobbuffet
Special/Other Trainers:
Ariados Gloom Hypno Hitmonlee Starmie Scyther Houndour
Pidgey Spinarak

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