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The camera pans out to show Ecruteak City and they're eating in a small room together. Ash asks where they are going next, since they already beat Morty, and Brock takes out a map and tells them. They then see a picture of people picnicking and misty says to togepi how fun it would be to do that. Out of nowhere, an Eevee walks across the screen. The gang notices it and Misty runs over and hugs it TIGHTLY. Then the gang goes outside with the Eevee, who then makes noises as its trainer comes running down, apparently looking for it. The girl is panting and Misty hands over Eevee. They then talk for a few minutes, introduce themselves. She then tells them that she is part of a school or dojo for girls.
She comes out dressed in a kimono as the three get up and Misty says how nice she looks. Brock then grabs at his heart and professes his undying love for her. She stands there and looks dumbfounded as the camera wipes to another scene in the dojo. Another sister is apparently teaching flower arranging, kneeling in a kimono in front of several pupils. Brock sees her, grabs his heart and says how gorgeous she is. He then takes the flowers that are in front of her out of the vase they were in and gives them to her. She also gives him the dumb look. The camera goes to another scene of the three walking, exploring the campus. Brock is walking with a sheepish grin on his face from seeing the beautiful girls. They look now and see a girl in a kimono playing a sitar (I think: It looks like a flat guitar which is on the ground and plucked). Brock again goes over, grabs his heart, and tries to play the instrument for her, and gets another dumb look. Camera again wipes to the three walking around, and they see another “station,” this time with a girl kneeling alone, facing them. She bows to them, and they quickly kneel, Ash removing his hat. The four (Pikachu included!) bow back.
She is wearing her hair up like the other girls, and she has a Pokeball attached to her hair. Brock goes through the motions again and hands her a brush (dunno, looked like a wooden whisk to me). Finally, Misty drags him by the nose away from her. They are still bowing now in front of her, and they all have some tea. Brock starts spinning in place, I guess the tea was really good. Another sister comes up and says something. Then, all three of the other sisters appear. Brock clutches on tightly to Ash. He is hiding behind Ash now, nervous. Misty and one of them discuss their love of water Pokemon, and the scene cuts out. Another class is shown, with an old woman teaching. However, 3 of the pupils are Team Rocket! Dressed very nicely, they whisper to each other. James asks Jesse if she is going to drink her tea. She looks down, screams and drinks it, as the rest of the class looks on, shocked.
She hates the tea, but pretends to like it, as do James and Meowth. They then eat a roll of some sort. All the pupils and the teacher close their eyes in prayer, while Team Rocket goes behind the teacher and finds some more rolls, which they begin to devour. The teacher yells at them, and gets Jesse restrained by a guard. She knocks over a pot of hot water, and the scene shifts again. The 8 of them now see what happened (The 3 and the 5 sisters). They yell at Team Rocket, which summons their motto. She sends out Arbok, and the girls send out their Pokemon, Eevee, Flareon, Umbreon, Vaporeon and Jolteon. Sakura orders a tackle, but Arbok fights back and hits it back. Eevee then uses a Sand-Attack, which Arbok deflects with its back. It turns around and grabs Eevee with its tail and flings it to the ground. She then runs to help her fainted Pokemon. Misty sends out Poliwhirl, Ash Totodile. Weezing is sent out, and Poliwhirl uses a bubblebeam attack against Weezing's smog. A team water-gun sends them flying away again.
Misty and the Eevee trainer are sitting on a hill by a river, talking, while Eevee and Togepi play by a stream. The trainer picks up Eevee and pets it. Back from break, the four are talking, and Brock is carrying something in a brown bag. There is then a show, with the five girls holding umbrellas and dancing in front of a decent crowd, while the sitar is playing in the background. The gang is in front, and are saddened when the Eevee trainer drops her umbrella. Fade out to everyone kneeling again in a room talking.… The sister who dropped the umbrella is apologizing.
There will be a Pokemon battle now between Misty and Vaporeon who is sent out of a lure ball.Misty sends out Poliwhirl. Dueling QA's and then a doubleslap from Poliwhirl. Vaporeon then uses what looks to be QA, knocking Poliwhirl in a pool. They then use water gun together, which does nothing. An aurora beam by Vaporeon ends the match, sending Poliwhirl into the poolm fainted. Out of a Moon ball comes Jolteon, versus Pikachu. Team Rocket is now back with a new machine. It's their balloon with 5 boxes underneath for each of the Eevee-lutions.. Eevee comes out against Victreebel, and gets vine whipped and thrown into box 4 by Victreebel. Chikorita vs Victreebel. Razor leaf against Victreebel. Arbok is out , too. Staryu is now out, and rapid spin/tackles Arbok into James, who goes into Box 5! Another tackle sends Arbok into box 1. Chika uses Vine whip and throws Victreebel into Jesse, who BOTH go into box 3! Meowth, standing alone, does the smart thing and voluntarily goes into Box 2!! Out of a red and yellow ball, Umbreon comes out and headbutts through the middle cage and comes out the other side with Eevee. Vaporeon and Staryu Water gun the whole thing (Balloon and cages) and it explodes and blasts away! For some reason, Soooonansu is heard, though he wasn't even out at all! Now it's back to the battle Jolteon and Pikachu. Thundershock by Jolteon, jumped over by Pikachu. Thunderbolt by Pikachu, Light Screen by Jolteon. Tackle by Pikachu. Another Thunderbolt and Jolteon is done. Sakura comes out and says something (probably not evolving and what not) they say it's okay. The gang agrees and they are on their way to the next town.

185: Trouble's Brewing

185: The 5 Eevee Sisters! Tea Party Battle


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Pikachu Chikorita Totodile
Poliwhirl Staryu Togepi
Arbok Wobbuffet
Victreebel Weezing

Ash Meets Up With Sakura