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Ash and co. are sleeping in a tent at night, but Togepi is wandering around outside at this time of night. Pikachu also saw what Togepi saw, and he catches up to Togepi. Ash and others continue to sleep, even thought it quickly becomes morning. Their tent was set up next to a lake, and meanwhile Togepi and Pikachu are wandering around outside. Pikachu look up and saw something moving in the lake, shining in the sun. Ash was awakened by the something. He sat up and yawned, and Pikachu heard this, telling him Ash was awake. The 3 looked up at the lake, and saw a Rhydon jump out of the water! Togepi and freinds were surprized to see this feat! Because of the fog, they were unsure whether it was real, and woke up the others. They told them of the sight, and Misty thought it might have been Feraligatr or another water type.Misty doughted this, because rock types can't swim, and hate water, so Misty tried to make Ash forget it. Misty never doubted that there was nothing there but a water type.
They argue about how there can be no such thing, and a woman holding Marill hears them. Seeing the woman, Brock introduces himself by carrying out by his usual act: running up to her and declaring his love.Her name is Pietra and she has a Marill. She invited them in to drink some russian tea, and brock said he had never heard such a beutiful name. Misty saw this and pulled his ear, saying it would be easier if they got strait to the point . Ash askes her if she's ever seen any surfing Rhydon in the lake. Smiling, she says she has seen some, and Brock is convinced. Ash hears this and begins talking about how he is right, and irritates Misty. She asked him where in the lake he saw it, and he replied it was in the middle of the lake. When she heard that it disappeared imeadiatly, she looked to the lake with regret. Seeing this, Misty decided to say something. Pietra is appearently trying to dig a hole through a montain to get to the town, and is using Dugtrio. Ash wondered what that had to do with Rhydon, so he asked. Sandslash and Golem was also digging in the mountain, and they got to a place that had underground water, and the Pokemon stopped, because they are ground types. Because they are weak against water, they run away in fear. She decided that if she catches the surfing rhydon, it would be water proof and finish the tunnel. Brock thinks he can have onix destroy the rock, and sends it out to destroy the wall. It orders to strike and divide the base rock of a tunnel. Although it was going to strike and break the base rock, a lot of groundwater flows out of a top there. Onix wanted to get away from the water, and calls Onix back. Ash and misty were amazed by this, and Brock was disappointed. Brock shyly said he was sorry, and they saw Pietra's problem. They decided they would work together to capture the surfing Rhydon to finish the tunnel.
Jesse and freinds were listening in as usaral, but were enthusiastic because of how valuable a waterproof Rhydon could be!!Ash and co. went to the lake with Pietra, because Rhydon lives in the woods near the lake. She explained that it occasionally swam in the lake.Pietra found a footprint in the woods that belonged to Rhydon, and decided to follow it. Misty is glad that they found this footprint, and decided to help. Misty was convinced that they should go and help Pietra, and convinces Ash and Brock. They walk for a while, and start to wonder if it went back in the lake. Pietra thought they could lure it out of hiding if they had something it liked. Misty doughted this. Then, Ash found a half-eaten apple. Pietra said that that apple was one of Rhydon's favorite foods. Misty thinks there may be Raidon's teeth makes, and Brock began looking around for Rhydon's feeding area. He says it's important for them to find the feeding area. Jesse and freinds overhear the conversation, and belie that they can find the feeding area first. Then, they found two big round footprints. Jesse belived they were Rhdon footprints, and ran in that direction. Suddenly they hear something, and think it's Rhydon eating in the woods. They run in that direction, just to find Wobbuffet eatin apples. Jesse and the others facefault and get mad at the blue blob.
But then they relise that Wobbuffet had found an apple tree!! Ash and the others are still looking and hear some eating sounds, and think that it's Rhydon!! They runs and find Jesse and freinds eatng apples in the apple tree, and now is Ash's turn to facefault. Ash wants to know what they're up to, and they talk, but they are eating apples and Ash and co can't understand what they're saying. Then, Rhydon appeared, and Brock was sure this was it's feeding ground. However, when Rhydon glares at Jesse and others who are eating his apples, they turn pale. He rammed in to them and sent them flying off. Pietra challenged the Rhydon, but it roared and ran off. It jumped into the ground to escape!! They kept chasing it!! However, when Rhydon jumps in the lake, Jeicho seems troubled. Ash told Totodile to enter the lake, and Pietra told Marill to follow it. And if it is water Pokemon, Misty says, "Leave it to me!" and send out her water types!! The others continue following it on boat.Meanwhile, Team Rocket was grumbling about their terrable experience.Ash and the others continued searching for Rhydon. They thought it would be easier, and Ash got frustrated and looked at Totodile.
Totodile accedently crashed in to Rhydon, and started chewing it. Ash and freinds were surprized to see it, and Rhydon got mad and drilled Totodile!! This was Pietra's chance to. Misty told her Pokemon to surround it so it wouldn't escape!! It manages to escape, and Ash has Totodile hunt it down!! All of the water type Pokemon chase it down, Rhydon turned and used whirlpool. The pokemon got caught in the whirlpool!!. Rhydon left the water, and Totodile faints. They returned the Pokemon and took the boat back to shore. They follow Rhydon back to the apple feild. He kept eating the apples!! Brock wasconvinced that the only reason it swam was to avoid being caught. Team Rocket was hiding in the bushes and had a new plan that they were sure would work!!They finished the trap, and James and Meowth thought they were done. Jesse wanted to sleep in a nearby tree to make sure they caught it. James got mad. They decided to nap there while they were wating. So they fell asleep. Jesse awakes quickly when she hears the trap go off. Wobbuffet is in the and Jesse and others fall down . On the other hand, Ash and freinds were waiting in a bush for Rhydon to come. They have a plan to stop rhydon from escaping, and then it appears. Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunder attack on it. Rhydon was pinned in one place and Pietra challenged it again, Jesse and others appear there in the balloon, and catch Rhydon! They started bragging about how easy that was, and flew away!!
Brock decides to use Crobat to pop the Balloon. The balloon began to fall from the sky, towards the lake. They used an inflatable rubber Wobbuffet raft, and James said "today we felt like being a little diffrent". Then, with an oar, they pattled away!! Ash and freinds chased them in the speed boat, and James said the raft was going too slow. Rhydon looks up from the net, and Jesse yells you pattle with full power. Ash sent out bulbasaur to cut the net with razor leaf, and free Rhydon!! Rhydon jumps off the raft, and Ash makes Pikachu do thunder attack. Team Rocket blasted off again. Rhydon walked out of the lake. Now Pietra wants to fight it!! If she tries using the Pokeball, it will pop out and go back in the lake!! However, she is going to battle it. It went in the lake again!! Rhydon went back to the feeding ground. It was now time to fight Rhydon!! Rhydon understands that it's for a good cause and accepts. She sends out Marill to battle it. Rhydon starts the battle with a tail slam. Marill tried a water gun, but the attack didn't hurt him! They were surprised, so now it's time for plan B, Body Slam. Since the body of Rhydon was very hard, the small Marill bounced right off-- They began cheering for Marill!! Marill did bubble attack that hurt Rhydon. Rhydon tries tail slam again, but Marill ducks. Marill shot the water gun while it was attacking, and Rhydon did not have time to block!! She decided to try the pokeball now!! Rhydon escapes after a few shakes. Marill tried Bubble again. But Rhydon was ready now, and would be able to block easier. Brock does not think the odds are in Marill's favor. Marill runs towards Rhydon and slams him with an Iron tail attack. It hit him on the head!!. Rhydon fell, and she tried the pokeball again!! Rhydon was captured.They are all glad, she is pleased with how well Marill battled. He begins complementing Marill and Pietra. They go back to the tunnel and use Rhydon to dig. It cracks the wall, then charges at it. Ash and others was glad to see it, and Pietra thanked Rhydon. They left for olivine city again. Brock offers to stay but his Onix is still weak to water. However Rhydon can do just fine. Team Rocket, on the other hand, were still hungry at the end.

206: Right On, Rhydon

206: Chase the Swimming Rhydon! Lake of a Battle




Pikachu Bulbasaur Totodile
Onix Crobat
Poliwhirl Goldeen Togepi
Sandslash Dugtrio Graveler Rhydon Marill

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