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Seems the road to Olivine seems a bit longer than expected, as the gang stares upon a large desert badland. They start to go and Ash suddenly gets caught in a hole, Pikachu getting caught by a net. Brock and Misty look up, and who shows up? Team Rocket. They say their motto but Brock and Misty just help Ash out. Well... looks like the usual, Ash calls out his Cyndaquil to make short work of this. James sends Weezing and Cyndaquil clings on him, about to use Flame Thrower just up close. Weezing shakes Cyndaquil off and Cyndaquil lands on the ground, head first. When he gets up, a swell grows on his nose, making him a bit weak. Team Rocket poke fun at Cyndaquil for a while and then James tells Weezing to use Sludge, Ash blocking the attack. Ash tells Cyndaquil to use Flame Thrower again and Cyndaquil does so, at the same time Weezing using Smoke Screen, causing a massive explosion that sends Team Rocket and Cyndaquil out. Afterwards, Ash tries to look for Cyndaquil but it seems not to work well. Brock suggests they go to the local Pokemon Center for any clues.
Meanwhile, Cyndaquil wakes up and finds that he's lost and just tries to find a way around. A Sentret spies on him and calls out, a Butterfree and Sandshrew start to spy on Cyndaquil as well. Soon Cyndaquil collaspes and then the Butterfree hoveres above him. A Dugtrio soon picks Cyndaquil up and starts to carry him off somewhere.
At the Pokemon Center, Joy tells the gang that there's a sanctuary place for Pokemon in this desert. More likely Cyndaquil is there. Ash heads out, Brock and Misty following. Except Joy didn't tell them where the sanctuary was.
Team Rocket start to complain about the mess their in until they see Cyndaquil being carried off. The want to get it but Jesse and James don't want to go, so they just throw Meowth down. Meowth lands on his face and gets his nose hurt too, causing another Dugtrio to carry him off with Cyndaquil. Jesse and James try to get out of the balloon and end up falling down. They follow they two Dugtrio.
Ash seems to find nothing much out in the desert, but Pikachu spots a couple of Quagsire up upon a hill. The Pokemon start to walk away from them calmly and the gang takes a hunch and follows them.
Jesse and James see that Cyndaquil and Meowth are taken into a mesa, with a wall of Exeggutor in front of the entrance. The two Pokemon are passed onto an Exeggutor and then they are carried into a oasis inside the mesa. (looks like the one in Mewtwo Lives) The two Pokemon stare around for a while, seeing that other Pokemon are running around enjoying this place. The Exeggutor calls out and a Miltank comes out of a hole in a tree. The Miltank walks up to them, greets them and proceeds to her work. She places a hoof on Cyndaquil's swollen nose and her tail starts to glow along with her hoof and then Cyndaquil, the swell gone in an instant. She then does the same to Meowth and his nose injury goes away as well. Seeing that they aren't coming out, Jesse and James make a run for it to the entrance, but the Exeggutor use Hypnosis and lead them out far away.
The gang finds a mesa, which might be the one. They see Jesse and James walk by, but they just walk by. Brock takes a notice of the Exeggutor in the distance, a direct approach won't work. Brock uses Onix and they dig underground to the mesa.
Meowth talks to the Miltank, saying that this place is pretty nice. Miltank says they should have some milk, so Cyndaquil starts to crink from the utter. Meowth hesistates and starts to drink as well.
The gang make it to a tunnel with a river, Brock pointing out they should follow the light. They reach the sanctuary and Ash finds Cyndaquil and calls out to him. Which proves out to be a mistake because soon all the Pokemon within the Mesa get angry and Beedrills, Pidgeottoes and Krabbies surround them. Ash decides the only way is, to jump and he does so followed by Pikachu. They get tot he surface but the Pokemon in the sanctuary won't let Cyndaquil go to Ash and vice versa. Soon enough Team Rocket interupts their little dillema and decide to take the Pokemon in the sanctuary. They send out everything they got and order them to attack but Meowth stops them, saying that he doesn't want any harm to Miltank. This makes all of Team Rocket's Pokemon actually stop and not obey Jesse and James. Finding this useless, Jesse and James call them back and decide to take Miltank by other force. James shoots out a net and captures Miltank. Meowth grabs onto the net as the net climbs and gets up there but Jesse and James restrain Meowth before he could do anything. Ash tells Cyndaquil to use Flamethrower to the max and he does so, only cutting the rope that held the net. Ash the quickly sends out Bayleef to use razor leaf to cut the net so Miltank can get out, Miltank landing safely in the water. Ash finishes the Team by a jolt of Thunderbolt which sends them flying out.
Ash is glad to see Cyndaquil again and soon the Pokemon in the sanctuary respect Ash and the gang. They head out towards Olivine saying their goodbyes.

Thanks to Xeno Lugia for writing This for us

209: Got Miltank?

209: Mother Miltank! Desert Secret



Nurse Joy

Pikachu Bayleef Cyndaquil Noctowl
Onix Crobat
Arbok Wobbuffet
Victreebel Weezing
Caterpie Butterfree Weedle Beedrill Pidgeotto Sandshrew Paras Dugtrio Mankey Poliwag Poliwrath Bellsprout Krabby Exeggutor Sentret Bellossom Aipom Sunflora Wooper Quagsire Miltank

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