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Ash and friends are bound for Cianwood Town. They stopped at the Cianwood Pharmacy and the pharmacist gave Jenina the medicine to help Ampharos back on Olivine and gave her advice to take the express ferry to Olivine City which will get her back before nightfall. Ash and friends watched Jenina off until she was safely gone. They then were alerted by a battle between Chuck and his Machoke. Chuck congratulated Machoke on his defensive maneuvers and asked him to switch to offense. The battle persisted and Chuck defended all Machoke's attack until a Karate Chop connected across his chest. Chuck then ordered a Submission attack. Machoke wrapped Chuck up and rolled him around the dirt field and tossed him a good distance. Our heroes started to run over to Chuck to make sure he was okay. Chuck responded to himself that the submission was perfect. Misty and Brock were asking Chuck why he would take a Submission attack with the Machoke. He then shed tears and said that he was very proud of him and yelled to Machoke how perfect the Submission was and then Machoke and Chuck hugged, both pairs of eyes shedding tears. Chuck then asked for Ash's name and what brought him to Cianwood, acknowledging him as "sport". He then brought up the question if Ash was looking for the Cianwood Gym with a twinkle in his eye. After Ash answered Chuck's questions, Chuck had Ash, Pikachu, and the others to march double time over to the Cianwood Gym. Machoke was the first to arrive at the Gym while our heroes asked him to hold up. Once they caught Machoke, they were all hunched over huffing and puffing. Chuck was the last to arrive and fell on his hands and knees counting and said, "What's a matter kids? Out of shape or something?", all huffed and puffed out. Brock was asking if Chuck was okay while Ash was wondering how much further to the Gym. Chuck pointed and said that we're here. Then all of his students and fighting Pokémon came running out of the entrance to meet Chuck. Chuck then introduced himself as the Cianwood Gym Leader and called himself the "leanest, meanest, toughest, roughest, fighting Pokémon master in all the land... but you can call me Chuck." Then everyone was kneeling at a large dinner table eating a whole bunch of food when Chuck's wife walked up to Ash with a pot of food asking him if he was here to battle for a Storm Badge. When Ash said eys, she said that he had no problem beating the flabby husband of hers, which Chuck retorted to. Chuck's wife then smirked and offered second helpings to everyone.
The scene switched to Team Rocket walking along the road by the coastline, exhausted from their trip on the boat anchor and without any food to eat. Meowth then sniffed up a food aroma that got Jessie and James sniffing and then all three of them started to walk towards where the smell was coming from.
Back at the dinner table, Ash and Pikachu were laid back on the floor patting their full stomachs. Misty said that the food was delicious while Brock studied the food to be Pokémon Power strengthen trainers and Pokémon alike and commented on the students' dedication to training. Chuck broke the silence, ready to have the gym match for the Storm Badge. The scene switches to the gym floor. Chuck uses Machoke and Poliwrath. Chuck starts with Poliwrath and Ash starts off with Pikachu and issues a Thunderbolt attack, which Poliwrath dodges. Ash needs the Poliwrath to stop moving, so then he orders Pikachu to issue a string of Thunderbolts. After two misses, the third one hits Poliwrath. Ash orders Pikachu to do a Quick Attack while Chuck has Poliwrath to Focus Energy. The Quick Attack had no effect on the Poliwrath and Pikachu bounced right back off of him and back on the canvas. Chuck then ordered Poliwrath to do a Doubleslap attack, each slap was a direct hit and Pikachu was back on the canvas. Ash had confidence in Pikachu to get back up, but it was unsuccessful. Pikachu was unable to battle. Chuck started to cry and acknowledge that even tough guys do the same. Ash thanked Pikachu for doing such a good job and told him to get a little rest.
The scene switches to right outside the Cianwood Gym where Team Rocket comes out of the bushes and into the Gym to chow down on the leftovers of the Pokémon Power Food. Wobbuffet then comes out of his Pokéball, pushes his way to the pot of leftovers, lifts the pot up to his mouth and starts gulping down food, not sharing it with the other Team Rocket members.
Back at the gym match, Ash is thinking about choosing Bayleef as his Pokémon hoping it will have enough strength to beat Poliwrath and Machoke. Ash goes ahead and chooses Bayleef to take on Poliwrath. Chuck commends Ash on his Pokémon choice and for being a strong competitor. Chuck then issues Poliwrath to do a Water Gun attack, which Bayleef dodges. Ash then orders Bayleef to do a Razor Leaf attack, which connects. Then Ash has Bayleef to do a Vine Whip which wraps up Poliwrath, holds him up, and slam Poliwrath back on the canvas. Chuck orders Poliwrath to Focus Energy, and Poliwrath is wobbling getting to stand up straight. Ash then issues Bayleef to Body Slam the Poliwrath and Chuck tells Poliwrath to look out. However, Poliwrath didn't move as Bayleef jumped high and landed hard on him. When the smoke cleared, Poliwrath was unable to battle. Ash thanked Bayleef for a job well done and Misty complimented Ash's strategy and Brock added that it helped that Pikachu wore Poliwrath down. Chuck went teary-eyed again and complimented Poliwrath for a well fought battle and then returned him to his Pokéball. Chuck then turned to Machoke and said that the time has come to battle. Chuck ordered a Karate Chop attack on him to psyche Machoke up and help Chuck remain focused. While the Karate Chop was connecting, Chuck ordered Machoke to focuse his energy and focus on winning and continue to work on focusing. Ash used this idea on Bayleef. Ash ordered Bayleef to Body Slam him. Bayleef used her Body Slam attack by placing her two front paws up to Ash's chest hard, and Ash held his ground as he took the power of the attack, telling Bayleef to stay focused.
Team Rocket is lying on the floor completely stuffed and satisfied from eating the rest of the food on the dinner table in the gym. Chuck's wife then comes up to them and asks how can she help them. This makes Team Rocket say their motto, in which Chuck's wife interrupts by coming to the conclusion that they are new students to see Chuck. Chuck's wife tell them to wash the dishes, do the laundry, scrub the floors, and make the beds. James was tell Chuck's wife that she doesn't understand Team Rocket's purpose for being there and Meowth was complaining about doing her dirty work. Chuck's wife then tell them it will help build up an appetite for an afternoon snack - steamed dumplings. That gets the Team Rocket trio excited and they dance around just before doing their duties.
Back to the gym match between Bayleef and Machoke. Chuck ordered Machoke to Focus Energy while Ash ordered Bayleef to stay focused. Machoke attempted to attack Bayleef with many hand chops that Bayleef was avoiding as best as she could, but one hand chop from Machoke connected to Bayleef and she was down on the canvas. Ash was worried about Bayleef, however Bayleef got right back up again. Chuck then crossed his arms and issued Machoke to do a Cross Chop attack. Ash ordred Bayleef to use her Vine Whip attack and wrapped up one of Machoke's arms, preventing the Cross Chop attack. A tug-of-war ensued where one Pokémon tried to pull the other Pokémon to them using Bayleef's vines as a rope. Ash and Chuck wanted their Pokémon to Focus Energy to gain the upper hand. Brock then suggested the idea of Bayleef to put slack in her vines for Machoke to lose his footing and fall to the ground. Misty agreed that it will take strategy as well as strength to win the battle. Ash disagreed with the both of them because he has confidence in Bayleef for her to pull out the win in a face-to-face matchup. Machoke in the mean time was reeling Bayleef in to him with her vines with a smile on his face. As soon as Bayleef was close enough to Machoke, Chuck ordered Machoke to use its Submission attack. Bayleef was sent flying. Ash was decreeing the match isn't over yet as long as Bayleef stays focused. Bayleef gathered herself while in mid-air and Ash ordered a Vine Whip attack. The Vine Whip wrapped up the Machoke and when Bayleef landed, she lifted Machoke up and slammed him right back down on the canvas. While Chuck was reeling from the attack, Ash ordered Bayleef to do a Body Slam on Machoke, which was a direct hit. Bayleef hopped off of Machoke and Machoke got up slowly from the Body Slam. Before Machoke could recover, Ash ordered Bayleef to do a Razor Leaf on him. Machoke was knocked back on the canvas again. Chuck had confidence for Machoke to get up again while using Focus Energy, but Machoke didn't get back up. Machoke was unable to battle. Ash and Bayleef won the match. Bayleef ran over to Ash and Ash held her head in doing such a great job in battle. Misty and Brock complimented on Bayleef's performance and Ash told Bayleef how she knew what he was thinking and how she stayed focused. Bayleef then got up and Body Slammed Ash, but Ash held his ground again and complimented on the Body Slam attack she used in the battle. Chuck was over at the sitting Machoke to see how it was doing. Machoke was sad, but Chuck patted him on the shoulder and told him that he was proud of him for the good battle he put in today and told Machoke that he was a champion in his book win or lose. Machoke cheered up quickly with those comments. Chuck then walked up to Ash and commended him on the great battle and how he hasn't had a battle like that in a long time and it was no disgrace loosing to a trainer like him. Chuck also said that he admired Ash and Bayleef's strategy and that working closely with your Pokémon is the only strategy you need. Ash said his thanks and Chuck handed him the Storm Badge. Ash, Pikachu, and Bayleef celebrated their victory with Machoke, Chuck, his students, Brock, and Misty circled around them.
The scene changes to nightfall and Ash talking to Jenina on the phone. Ash asks if Jasmine is able to battle now. Jenina then says that the medicine has helped Sparkle feel alot better but it will take some time before Jasmine is up to battling again. Ash fully understands the situation and he will check back with Jenina and Jasmine later. Chuck and his wife then offered Ash and his friends to check out the Whirl Islands. Chuck explained that the Whirl Islands have been the source of myths and legends over the years, including mysterious Pokémon. After some discussion, our heroes decide to go to the Whirl Islands. Chuck's wife then gives Ash a card that will pay for the passage on the ferry as a gift for the great battle against Chuck. Then Chuck's wife talks about her husband's flabbiness and Ash doing something right to beat him. The flabbiness line made Chuck remember it is time to train. Machoke then appeared out of nowhere behind Chuck and imitated Chuck's stance. During the stance, Chuck told Ash to train hard, eat well, and keep his eyes on the prize, and to remember the focus. Ash agreed with him.
The scene changes to Team Rocket sitting outside of Cianwood Gym going over the dumplings, dinner, dessert, and other luxuries they had today. They said it was simply a blast.
The final scene switches to our heroes on the boat that will lead them to the Whirl Islands with Machoke, Chuck, and his wife waving to them giving them luck and wishes on their journey and they are welcome back to visit them anytime. Our heroes wave back and thank them for everything. As they sail to the Whirl Islands, Misty counts on there being lots of cool Water Pokémon there. Brock hopes that there are many cute girls waiting for him on the islands and says that he is on his way. Ash and Pikachu are looking forward to meeting mysterious Pokémon in the Whirl Islands.

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211: Machoke, Machoke Man

211: Cianwood City Gym! Wrestling Match




Pikachu Bayleef
Poliwrath Machoke
Special/Other Trainers:
Mankey Machop Machamp Hitmontop

Ash beats Chuck and earns himself a Storm Badge