Episode 215 - The Corsola Caper
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Ash and co. only have to pass through just one more island before they can get to the one the Whirlpool Cup is held. The town they arrive at seems like a nice place, so they decide to look around before they head off to the otherside of the island. A typically quiet town, until Misty notices a rather unique gift shop. The shop has a few jewelry-like objects on display, made of a pink crystal. Misty picks up one item that looks like a crystal formation and admires it for a while until the clerk comes by. He mentions that all these items are made with parts the Corsola sheds every so often. So everything he has is made from Corsola.

The clerk then looks at Pikachu, saying it's a cute Pokemon Ash has. Misty wonders for a moment why he likes Pikachu a lot, but he explains that he likes any yellow-colored Pokemon. So on that, Misty decides to release Psyduck. The clerk admires him for a while before Psyduck runs off towards the beach. Misty and everyone else chases after Psyduck. When Misty gets there, she finds Psyduck behind some rocks. She scolds at him for a while before he points at something. There soon happens to be a girl on a floating house, everyone assumes it's just a boat house. But when the girl screams for help, then they notice there's a whirlpool nearby dragging her in! The gang tires to figure out what to do, until Misty spots a left out speedboat nearby.

They soon get on and head off to rescue to girl. They get close to the house but can seem to figure out a way to pull it back. Ash has an idea and releases Bulbasaur and Bayleef. They both get a hold onto the boat with their Vine Whip and soon the boat is headed away from the whirlpool, dragging the house away from it. Back on shore, the sister and father of the child soon thank them both. Their daughter's name is Mika, and well, there seemed to be a little incident going on when all this happened.

The family's house is along a coast with some rock formations made by Corsola. They raise a "Corsola ranch" in which they raise Corsolas and just use the parts they shed for the jewelry that makes Yellow Rock Island famous. Today however, there was one Corsola they didn't own that seemed to chase after Mika. It tackled her way through the others and eventually scared them all off. But that threw off the balance of the rocks, and the house supports broke and feel into the ocean. The same Corsola tried to help, but it wasn't much. And well... everything else happened a few moments ago. Noting that the Corsola isn't theirs, Misty wants to battle it so she can get it, but Brock pulls her ear in the same way she does to him.

Back in town, Jesse, James, and Meowth snoop around a warehouse, peeking inside from a roof window. They soon drop some ropes and slide down all secret agent style. Except James crashes and gets him a louder "Sh!" from the others. They open up one of the many boxes, finding a stash full of Corsola jewelry. James and Meowth start to celebrate, but Jesse goes a little too far and fantisizes with the goods. While she's doing that, James and Meowth just start looting everything they can. That's until the clerk from before enters. Afterwards, the Rockets scram out as fast as they can, the clerk chasing after them.

Meanwhile, the family and the gang walk along the road talking about how they're going to get the Corsola's back. That's when Team Rocket runs towards them and they wonder what's going on. When they stop and with the clerk stopping too, then they notice that Team Rocket stole the jewelry! Team Rocket teases them for a while then the Corsola that was with Mika bashes right into Jesse, knocking off all the accessories that was on her. Angry, Jesse sends out Arbok to take care of the part, and James sends out Victreebel. To take care of the job, Misty sends out Staryu and the match is taken care of with a tackle and Thunderbolt.

The clerk soon picks up whatever he can off the ground, thanking Ash and Misty for their help. But now they have to find a way to get the Corsolas back. Mika's mom mentions that they like to be in pairs, so finding them shouldn't be too bad. The start looking around in the forest for a while. They soon spot two of them and picked them up. Misty soon gets back to wanting the Corsola, and again Brock manages to stop her. Brock sets up a Pokemon food lure and wait to see if anymore would come. Soon enough, two more are there. Just that Mika's Corsola seems to be a little hyper and it almost scares the two off until Ash and Mika's mom comes and picks them up.

Ash's Noctowl soon scouts the area and reports back finding two more. Noctowl leads them to a beach, where he lands to distract them for a moment before Ash and Mika's mom can get them. And back at Mika's area, they begin to look for the last remaining two they need. They soon find them and relax for a while. Mika's Mom soon gathers them up and makes sure she has them all. Well, everyone seems happy, they gathered all their missing Corsolas.

But just before the little celebration could start, a few wire from nowhere soon went around the Corsolas! Misty kicks one away from the lone one and soon everyone looks up to see who's doing this. It's none other than Team Rocket who soon starts to fly off with Corsolas. Ash sends out Noctowl to get them down, but James counters with Weezing with a Smoke Screen. This temporarily stops Noctowl for a while, but the Pokemon soon flies out of the cloud and zips by the Rocket's balloon at high speed, making a hole and causing them to crash.

Everyone soon goes after them and finds the Rockets with the Corsola there. The Rockets get out of the balloon and then they scold at Ash and the others for once again foiling their plans but the only Corsola left out tackles into Jesse once more. And soon another battle starts again, Misty sends out Staryu. The Rockets with Arbok and Victreebel. Corsola takes down the Arbok easily with a Tackle while Staryu does the same to Victreebel. Soon Staryu cuts through the ropes that held the Corsola in place. Soon all the Corsola started to bash at Team Rocket's Pokemon. Arbok tried to get Staryu in a Wrap, but was soon tackled down by the Corsola herd. However, Victreebel managed to get a grapple on the lone Corsola with a Vine Whip and smashed it right into a rock. Though the Corsola looked down, it was not out, and soon it used Recover.

The Corsola was soon angry at the Rockets for that attack and soon gathered up all the Corsola and started to charge up their next attack: Spike Cannon. They all fired at the Rockets, leaving them running for cover of their balloon. However, one hit the ignitor and blew up the balloon, blasting the Rockets off once more into the sky.

Now that everything seems normal, Misty soon gets her battle she wanted. She sends out Poliwhirl and soon the fight between her and Corsola begins. Poliwhirl started off with a Bubble Beam, which worked good, but the Corsola made a strong Tackle right into Misty's Pokemon. Poliwhirl managed and countered the Tackle with a Double-Slap, slapping it silly. The Corsola looked out, but soon did Recover, negating the Poliwhirl's attacks. Well now Misty has to fight fast if she wants to get the Corsola she wants. Showing no mercy, Poliwhirl does another Double-Slap and a Bubblebeam, putting Corsola out once more. Being now or never, Misty throws her Lure Ball to the Corsola. It wiggles for a while but soon the light goes out, Misty catching a Corsola!

The family thanks Ash and the rest for helping them get their Corsola back. It looks like there shouldn't be any more problems for now, and the gang soon heads off to the next town on the island.

Thanks to Xeno Lugia for writing This for us

215: The Corsola Caper

215: A Friend Hereafter in Corsola! Showdown at Yellow Rock Island
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