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The gang has finally reached the main island where the Whirlpool Cup will be held. Ash and Misty go on with their talking about their dreams and such when finally they head over to the Pokemon center for some info. Obviously it seems like their not the only ones who want to enter. They wait in a long line for while and finally they get to the front desk. Brock goes off with flirting with Joy when Misty finally puts him out of the picture for a whie. Ash and Misty register and it looks like there's going to be a qualifying match before the tournement. She shows a picture of the tournement tree, only 16 entries availible. Team Rocket spies from the outside of the Center and comes up with another plan. They want to swipe any good water Pokemon and give it to the boss, but Meowth wants a "tamer park." (They train animals for shows and stuff. They have one here, for snakes and mongooses)
While the gang walks around town, they notice a boy walking around all down in the dumps. Misty goes up and asks him if he's alright. The boy replies only asking if any of them are in the tournement, which Misty says yes. Immediately the boy introduces himself (Hichiro) and asks if any of them would battle, or train for a while. Misty accepts and they head off to a battle site. The site is covered in water, only having two stones as trainer boxes plus four pillars. Hirchiro says that this is supposed to simulate what the real arena looks like. Both get ready, Hichiro sends out Remoraid and Misty calls upon Corsola. Hichiro commands Remoraid to use Water Gun, which Corsola counters with Mirror Coat, knocking back the Remoraid but not knocking it out. Corsola goes for a Tackle but Remoraid dives underneath and Corsola hits one of the pillars. It seems like Remoraid is no where to be seen but soon it is spotted on a wave. Hichiro makes tells Remoraid to use another Water Gun and this time it knocks Crosola out. Remoraid then evolves into Octillery. Hichiro thanks them and heads off. It's late night back at the Pokemon Center and Ash and Misty have a big day tomorrow. Ash asks Pikachu to be his support while Misty asks Brock to keep her Togepi company while battling.
The next day, the matches are quick to end. On Ash's side, it was Totodile vs. Seel followed by Totodile vs. Shellder. While Misty's was Corsola vs. Seaking and Poliwhirl vs. Magikarp. After their matches, the three join up at the Pokemon Center where they see Hichiro again, down. Ash asks if he didn't make it, but Misty shoves him off and asks what's up. Hichiro explains that there's something going on with his Octillery lately. They go over to his house where they go in a room full of Remoraid in a aquarium. Hichiro releases his Octillery and it goes inside the tank, towards the Remoraids. The Remoraids however shift to the opposite direction of Octillery. Octillery follows but again they shift to the other side. This continues until the Remoraid finally shoots out Water Gun at Octillery, which it goes in jar. They now understand the situation. After a few ideas, they dress up Ash in a Octillery costume, which is odd becuase Ash doesn't seem to mind. Ash tries to lure out the Octillery but instead gets shot at. Maybe there's another way... but they put that on hold for now.
During the night, Team Rocket slip in and commence their plan, get the Remoraid since it seems to be the easiest to steal. The gang and Hichiro are about to start dinner when they hear a funny noise. Hichiro says he'll check it out. When he gets there, he flips on the light switch and sees Team Rocket. Immediately they go off with their motto, Hichiro not getting the idea until he sees the tanks are empty. Ash comes in and sees Team Rocket, however they make their escape in a truck and drives off. Looks like they can't catch up, but they notice puddles on the ground. Looks like Octillery left a trail.
Team Rocket stop at the port where a boat is already waiting. Meowth goes and operates the crane while James opens up the back. While Meowth is operating, Octillery comes up unnoticed and starts smuthering Meowth. Jesse and James pull of Octillery but soon it goes in a mad rage tackling Team Rocket to the ground. Soon Octillery bashes the aquarium until it cracks open, releasing all the Remoraids into the ocean water. Now the gang has caught up, but Team Rocket isn't giving up. Meowth tries to grab Octillery with the crane, making a few unsuccesful moves but finally getting it. Ash is about to have Pikachu use Thunderbolt but Meowth laughs saying "Do that and Octerilly here is toast". With no other option, the Remoraid all fire at the crane, swing Octillery out into the air but Remoraid stops it with Water Gun, sending it back onto the port. Pikachu then releases Thunderbolt followed by Octillery shooting a Octazooka blowing them sky high. After the battle, the Remoraid soon evovle into Octillery themselves and it looks like Hichiro's Octerilly won't be lonely.
The next day, the finalist trainers await at a cliff to watch the Whirl Cup Stadium, partially flooded, rise. It looks like the real battle just begun.

Thanks to Xeno Lugia for writing This for us

217: Octillery The Outcast!

217: Octillery Vs. Remoraid! Whirlpool Cup Qualifying Round
US. Who's That Pokémon

JP. Who's That Pokémon



Nurse Joy

Pikachu Totodile
Poliwhirl Togepi Corsola
Nurse Joy:
Remoraid Octillery
Special/Other Trainers:
Golduck Grimer Shellder Kingler Seaking Staryu Magikarp Marill Wooper

Ash and Misty both qualify to enter the Whirlpool Cup