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After the last fold with Piloswine and Pryce, things just seem to go where they want to now. Ash walks out of the Pokemon Center only heading for one place, the Mahogany Gym. Over there we see Pryce tending his newly caught Pokemon, Piloswine, as his wife takes care of the many other Pokemon in the artificial ice park. Ash steps in along with Brock and Misty, Ash asking ready for that battle he wanted. Pryce accepts and they all proceed to the gym arena, a big frozen pool with a bunch of ice mountains and a circle opening in the middle. The rules in this match are just about the same in almost all the gyms: two Pokemon and no time limit. However, it seems that Pryce's wife will be the ref for this match, since after all she claims herself to be one of the best.
Just outside back in the icy area with the Pokemon, Team Rocket plans up another scheme. They figure if these ice Pokemon could make ice right here and then, they could start a snow-cone business! They fantasize how this business will soon grow all over the world. After all the daydreaming, they commence to capture. They grab one Seel, but it wakes up from its nap and calls out, which gets up the other Pokemon. They all look angry, not good. All the ice Pokemon shoot a Ice Beam at them, freezing them on the spot.
The match starts off with Ash using Cyndaquil. Obviously he thinks that a fire type will breeze through this match. Pryce sends out a Dewgong, which lands in the water. The first attack is led off by Ash, a Flamethrower. However the Dewgong easily just dives underwater and retaliates with an Aurora Beam. This manages to snag Cyndaquil some damage. Cyndaquil tries again another Flamethrower, but Dewgong dodges and manages an Ice Beam. This attack freezes Cyndaquil right there! Not too worried about this, Ash tells Cyndaquil simply to burst out its hot quills, which thaws out Cyndaquil in a matter of moments.
Ash is figuring out any good strategies, then he gets one. He tells Cyndaquil to dive into the pool! Cyndaquil goes right on ahead into the water, followed by Dewgong. Misty and Brock wonder what's he trying to get himself into this time. Just as Dewgong is about to make a move, Cyndaquil gets the go to use a Swift attack. This totally surprises Dewgong and sends it towards the surface. As soon as Dewgong breaks, Cyndaquil jumps out and does one Flamethrower that manages to knock out its opponent in one blow!
With that round over, Pryce returns the Dewgong and sends out Piloswine. Ash has Cyndaquil do yet another Flamethrower, but Piloswine comes back with Cold Wind. The attack not only nullifies the flame, but it blows Cyndaquil all the way to one of the mountains! This attack knocks out Cyndaquil in one shot. With that, Ash recalls Cyndaquil and sends Pikachu out for the match.
Pikachu runs off towards Piloswine with Agility, but seeing how the ice is, it only causes Pikachu to slip and stumble. Pryce tells Piloswine to use this chance and hit Pikachu with Fury Attack. Pikachu manages to get out of the way but stumbles into another mountain. Pikachu tries to hit it with a Thunder, but the attack doesn't phase Piloswine much. Piloswine does another Cold Wind, blowing Pikachu away. It looks as if this isn't going to work, Ash tries to think of something to do. Then he gets an idea.
Piloswine does a Cold Wind attack, but int a concentrated area towards Pikachu. Ash tells Pikachu to use Agility, but this time, run towards one of those ice mountains. Pikachu does so and the attack misses, causing more ice to develop on the mountain Pikachu was on. Pikachu stops at another mountain and goes towards another one. This causes Piloswine to miss the attack over and over. Finally Pryce tells Piloswine to use a area Cold Wind. This time Pikachu slides under Piloswine as it does the attack. Pikachu grabs onto Piloswine and delivers a hefty shock. This causes an explosion that sends Pikachu away, but still unhurt from that. Pikachu is about to deliver the next attack when all of a sudden Pryce throws in the towel!
Pryce doesn't want anymore harm to Piloswine as it is, besides, Ash already proved himself a good enough trainer to him. Pryce rewards Ash with the Glacier Badge.

Thanks to Xeno Lugia for writing This for us

240: Nice Pryce Baby

240: Mahogony Gym! Ice Battle




Pikachu Cyndaquil Totodile Noctowl Phanpy
Seel Dewgong Shellder Lapras Piloswine
Poliwhirl Marill

Ash beats Pryce and earns a Glacier Badge