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The episode starts off with Ash and Gary arguing about who’s a better trainer, in front of Misty and Brock. Misty gets annoyed that this will probably take forever, while Brock thinks it’s because of the final tournament, and its causing a big argument. Then, Gary takes something from his pocket… which seems like half of a Pokeball, and asks Ash if it seems familiar. Ash, apparently remembers it as the “Pokeball that split a while ago”! Misty asks what they’re talking about, and wonders if it has anything to do with Gary winning… but they seem to be talking about a draw, and how embarrassing it was. Ash is confident that he’s gonna win this time, in the 6 on 6! Gary just laughs, and runs off.

Afterwards, Ash quickly searches through his back, and pulls out half a Pokeball as well, as Misty and Brock gasp. He explains that this was the half of the Pokeball he got when he got in a huge fight with Gary, as he starts to remember that time…

…Long ago, before Ash left on his journey, it was a fine day, and Ash was fishing on the nearby river. Suddenly, he got a bit from a Magikarp! He starts to pull it up… but it uses a Doubleslap with its fin, avoiding the line. On the other side of the river, Gary sees this and starts laughing, and trying to give Ash a few tips. Ash complains and says that that’s how he always fishes, and Gary’s tips totally confuse Ash ^^;. He starts talking about where to fish, when to fish, etc., making Ash look like an idiot. He gets annoyed, and argues that he found this place first… and then they start a big argument ^^;. Then, Gary makes a point that either way, they cant get anything if they don’t have a Pokeball. Ash says he’s only fishing for fun, but Gary rants on about how he was going for Magikarp, the weakest Water Pokemon, and he let it get away ^^;. Gary then decides to play with Ash’s mind, and starts testing him on Magikarp’s attacks… and gives Gary a few laughs after getting all clueless.

Then, Gary acts smart, and start going on about how his three attacks are Splash, Tackle, and Flail, and he brag about how his own grandfather, Oak, taught him that. Then he takes out a copy of a book and starts acting conceited, about how his grandfather wrote it. Then, he starts going on about how it will be so easy for him to be a Pokemon master, and Ash will never get to be one, considering his bad luck with Magikarp. They get into a big fight and start arguing for a while, then they go back to fishing. Suddenly, Ash and Gary seem to have both caught something! They each roll up their lines carefully…

Apparently, both of their strings were hooked onto the same thing— A Pokeball that has been flowing from upstream! They both pull hard, arguing over whose it is. They pull harder… and harder… and harder… when suddenly, the Pokeball shrinks, and splits, knocking them both back!

They get up, each picking up their own half of the Pokeball, as Ash declared it’s a draw. But Gary, being the immature brat he is, declares that a draw means he won…

Misty and Brock realize Ash must be using the half Pokeball as a good luck charm for becoming a Pokemon master. Ash and Gary have been rivals for a while… Now they’re gonna really test their strength with a full battle! Ash seems to have high spirits, but Misty reminds him to relax, since the tournament is tomorrow, and he has a whole day to rest, or practice. Brock then looks at the guidebook, and tells Ash that he’s gonna need lots of strategy for the 6 on 6 battle tomorrow, but he seems to already have some strategies planned…

Meanwhile, Team Rocket have the fake badges scheme all set up, and are selling them, except for one problem: They haven’t had a single customer yet. Suddenly James gets an idea to have double sales, and Jessie and Meowth think that will work. James also shows them that he made a counterfeit of the rare tournament ceremony badge! They decide they’re gonna sell that too…

Next day, early in the morning, Misty wakes up, surprised to find Ash on a nearby PC! He seems to be having a lot of trouble with the PC, so Misty asks him what he’s doing, and he explains that he got out of bed around 5AM, because he couldn’t sleep. He was under lots of stress due to the battle with Gary, so he decided to wake up and look up some data on him. Brock then wakes up, and tries to help Ash. He tries to be smart by saying he already knows how to use a database, but then Brock realizes that the computer isn’t running well, so he tells Ash to reboot(He ends up not doing it, because that word confused his mind XD), and then it was time for breakfast.

Later, during breakfast, Ash and co ponder about what type of Pokemon Gary will be using. Brock figures, that considering he’s Oak’s grandson, he’s apt to have all the types! Also, their bound to have high levels… but Ash is confident in facing strong Pokemon, in fact, that’s what he’s looking forward to! However, Brock warns him that since he has a variety of types, it wont be easy deciding who to use, unlike against a Water trainer like Misty, or a Fire trainer like Macey. Ash then realizes he’d have trouble making a team, as he starts to worry…

Suddenly, in the distance, Ash sees… Charizard approaching! Ash gets so excited as he runs over to hug him, and gets a flamethrower again. Awww. Apparently, Brock called Liza at the Charicific valley, and she sent Charizard over just in time! Ash thanks Brock, just as Gary approaches, glaring, surprised to see Charizard. Charizard is about to flame Gary, but just then, to Ash and Gary’s surprise, Prof Oak and Ash’s Mom appear there! Misty and Brock shake hands with them, having not met in a while. They said they came because they couldn’t afford to miss a full battle with them live. Oak also tells them to save the fighting for later.

Then, Prof Oak gives some exciting news: There’s a new Pokedex upgrade available! Ash and Gary are excited to hear that there are more new Pokemon, as Oak puts them into the PC— and the data gets uploaded to the Dexes!

Ash thanks Oak, as he tells them there are a lot more Pokemon he hasn’t seen yet. Then, Misty gets excited and asks if there are any new Water Pokemon, and Brock asks if any of the new Pokemon are good for breeding, and Oak tells them they are. Suddenly, Gary looks surprised that he barely has any data of the older Pokemon (you know how he barely uses it), and before Oak can say anything, he just runs off. Meanwhile, Ash is thinking about tomorrow’s battle…

Brock decides to help Ash and have a strategy meeting with him and Misty. However, before they can start, Ash’s Mom interrupts, witshing him good luck against Gary, and doing her usual act… etc. After he finishes, he returns to the room with Misty and Brock to plan a strategy, and Delia goes back to talk with Oak about how she’s impressed at how strong they are…

Meanwhile, Team Rocket are proudly looking through their earnings, and boasting to themselves about how their plan really worked! Now, they start to cook up a plan for tomorrow, selling 3000 badges…

The day has come, it’s time for the finals. Before battling, they go to the desk, and the light circles the board to decide what type of field it is(Water, Fire, Grass, or Rock), and it lands on Rock. Now Ash is more eager to start the battle… While in the locker room, Ash is examining the half Pokeball from the fight with Gary… and then Harrison comes in, telling Ash about his first victory in the Water field. Ash congratulates him, and tells him he’s about to fight Gary in the Rock field. Harrison wishes him luck, as Ash thanks him and leaves the locker room, getting ready for the battle of his life…

Everyone cheers as Ash and Gary are about to fight (Brock flirts with the cheerleaders as usual). Suddenly, a mountain comes up, as the field becomes a Rock field. Then, the light signals that Gary goes first! Gary takes out a Nidoqueen, who happens to be at a very high level. Ash thinks fast, and takes out Tauros. Nidoqueen starts with a Fissure, but Tauros avoids by jumping on a rock, and heads for Nidoqueen with a Horn Attack! Ash’s Mom then gets excited and starts taking pictures… But then, Nidoqueen uses a Hyper Beam, easily knocking Tauros out, winning! Gary congratulates Nidoqueen, as the cheerleaders cheer… and Brock gets hornier.

Ash returns Tauros, and takes out… Heracross! However, Gary withdraws Nidoqueen, and sends out Magmar! Magmar starts by releasing a Flamethrower into the air, as Heracross flies up and avoids it. However, Magmar tries again, this time with a Fire Blast! Heracross gets wrapped in the fire, as Magmar uses a Flamethrower again for the time being, weakening it more! Suddenly, Heracross regains consciousness, and manages to send the fire away, as he uses a big Flash, but Magmar counters with a Flamethrower. Their attacks collide, and eventually the Flash overpowers the fire, making Magmar faint, giving Ash a victory!

Gary is a bit surprised, but seems too confident. Gary’s next Pokemon is... Blastoise! Oak, who’s watching this, mentions that he remembers giving it to Gary back when it was a Squirtle. Misty and Brock are surprised to hear that, as they continue watching. Heracross starts off with a Horn Attack, but a bit before he gets there, Blastoise shoots a big Hydro Pump!

Will Heracross be able to withstand it, or is Ash about to lose another Pokemon? Stay tuned for the rest of the battle in the next episode!

Thanks to Spinazak for writing This for us

271: The Ties That Bind!

271: Tournament Finals! Full Battle 6 vs 6!!



Professor Oak
Delia Ketchum

Pikachu Charizard Tauros Heracross
Blastoise Fearow Nidoqueen Arcanine Alakazam Magmar Pinsir Umbreon Skarmory Kingdra

Ash begins his battle with Gary

Starter is finally revealed