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Ash and friends continue on their way to the Battle Arena, and are walking through a forest trail when they suddenly find themselves caught up in a net! They struggle, naturally assuming Team Rocket to be responsible, so they're surprised to see a Loudred show up. It calls out to its trainer, who rushes over and apologizes. He takes them to his cabin, and to their surprise, gives them his business card, which gives his name as Mitsuo. He introduces his Loudred, and May checks it out in the Pokedex. Brock says it looks really healthy, and Mitsuo thanks him. He shows Brock the Pokeblocks he feeds Loudred, and shares them with the group's Pokemon. The Pokemon all enjoy the food, and Brock mentions this to their host. Mitsuo thanks him, then Ash asks him about the net. A little embarrassed, he says it was supposed to be a trap.

Just then, Loudred and all the Pokemon tense up, having sensed something approach. That is, all the Pokemon except for Munchlax, who is still happily chowing down. The rustle in the bushes that they heard draws closer, and everyone waits. Finally, a Jigglypuff pops out, and May exclaims about how cute it is. Mitsuo challenges it, and calls for a Mega Punch from his Loudred. The attack connects as Max comments on the strong hit, and it sends Jigglypuff flying back. But the pink puffball rights itself in midair, and instead of hitting a tree, it does a controlled bounce off it, back to the ground. Ash and Brock are amazed at how it recovered. Mitsuo calls for a Hyper Voice, but Loudred doesn't move! We then see that Loudred appears to be in love with Jigglypuff! Brock then explains about Jigglypuff's Cute Charm ability. Mitsuo reacts with surprise, apparently not having known about this. Loudred is still infatuated, as Jigglypuff giggles. Suddenly, it lets out a Flamethrower, roasting the whole group! It follows up with Sing, putting everyone except the still-attracted Loudred to sleep. It giggles some more, then retreats into the bushes. Finally, Loudred snaps out of it, and realizes Jigglypuff had gotten away. It looks around to find everyone asleep, and quickly goes to wake up Mitsuo. Getting up, Mitsuo looks around for Jigglypuff, as Loudred apologizes. As Mitsuo screams in frustration, we see Jigglypuff in the bushes, giggling to itself.

Time to check in with Team Rocket. They had somehow also found out that there was a Jigglypuff in this area, and were flying above the forest in their balloon, on the lookout for it. Meowth fantasizes about what the Boss would do with it, and pictures him using it for exercises and having it sing him to sleep. Team Rocket does their usual cheer at the thought of pleasing the Boss and getting rewarded.

Meanwhile, back at the cabin, the Pokemon are on the lookout for Jigglypuff. Grovyle and Combusken are perched on both ends of the roof, while Swellow flies overhead. Loudred and Mudkip are on the ground, using their respective enhanced hearing and sonar-like fin to listen for the pink puffball. Inside the cabin, May notices a picture and asks Mitsuo if that's him with his family. He confirms that it is, and says that they're the reason he's on this Pokemon hunt. He has a flashback of being at home. Looking vastly different, with short hair, glasses, a suit (he's a businessman) and clean-shaven, he bends down as his daughter, Lisa, excitedly tells him that she'd like more than anything for him to bring her back a Jigglypuff from his upcoming trip. But he wasn't a Pokemon trainer, so as soon as he first spotted a Jigglypuff, he threw a Pokeball at it. Jigglypuff easily dodged it, and Mitsuo continued to throw ball after ball, all of which were dodged. He wore himself out doing so, and the fact that Jigglypuff kept putting him to sleep with Sing didn't help. Later, in his cabin, he read up on Pokemon training, and soon was able to capture a Loudred. Continuing to learn from his book, he worked with Loudred for a while on developing its attacks. At the end of the flashback, May asks how long he's been at this, and the group is surprised at how long it had been. However, he doesn't want to go home without a Jigglypuff for his daughter, so the group agrees to help him catch it. He thanks them profusely for their help.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is listening in, as usual. Meowth says that this Jigglypuff doesn't sound like it draws on people's faces after putting them to sleep (obviously remembering the Jigglypuff with the marker that they'd encountered many times before), and that he'd been looking for one like that. Meowth is then startled when he tries to put his hand/paw back in his picnic basket, but instead grabs hold of Jigglypuff! Team Rocket rushes for it, but it uses Flamethrower on them. James says it's stronger than it looks, and they rush at it again. Jigglypuff now uses Sing, slowing them to a stop as they fight to stay awake. Mudkip and Loudred hear the singing and quickly go inside to alert the humans, as Swellow flies in that direction.

Team Rocket is still fighting to stay awake. Meowth finally succumbs, and Wobbuffet pops up with a pillow and nightcap. They all finally fall down, asleep. Jigglypuff starts to eat from their picnic basket, but then notices Swellow above. Just then, Ash and the others arrive. Mitsuo challenges Jigglypuff again, and Ash tells Pikachu to get ready. Mitsuo calls for an Uproar, and while that distracts Jigglypuff, Ash calls for a Thunderbolt. Surprisingly, Jigglypuff still manages to dodge it, leaping into the air and coming down in a Rollout. Before Ash or Pikachu can react, Jigglypuff rolls into Pikachu twice, sending it flying the second time. Ash dives and catches it, making sure it's ok. Jigglypuff continues rolling, sending the still-sleeping Team Rocket flying. Meowth and Wobbuffet end up stuck to Loudred's ears, while Team Rocket hit the ground. They all wake up, and Ash & co confront them. They go into their motto, but barely get to the second line before Mitsuo happily introduces himself and gives them his business card. Suddenly, Loudred forcefully blows Meowth and Wobbuffet off its ears, sending them flying into Team Rocket and blasting them all off. They hilariously try to finish their motto while blasting off, but are unable.

A giggling Jigglypuff waves goodbye to them, and Ash & co notice that it's distracted. Ash says that this is the perfect time to catch it, but Max reminds him that that's up to Mitsuo. May says that someone better do something quickly before it gets away, and Mitsuo hasn't reacted yet, so Ash decides to send out Grovyle. But before he does, Jigglypuff flees into the bushes. Ash starts to give chase, but Brock stops him, suggesting that they try luring it into a trap.

A quick scene change, and we see a bowl piled high with Pokemon food placed outside the door to Mitsuo's cabin. Everyone hides in the bushes to wait. Mitsuo isn't sure if this idea will work, but Brock says that as an experienced breeder, he guarantees that Jigglypuff will like this food. Mitsuo seems reassured, but just then, Jigglypuff wanders up to the bowl. It takes a sniff, and to everyone's surprise, turns up its nose at the food! Brock is especially dismayed, and has quite a comical reaction. May says that now it's time to try her Haruka Delicious Pokeblocks, and dramatically displays one, but it promptly disappears! Munchlax had grabbed it and gulped it down. So much for that idea. Jigglypuff giggles and taunts them. Max then gets an idea of a way to use Jigglypuff's Sing against it.

After doing some work inside, they come out and begin speaking loudly, making sure Jigglypuff can hear. Ash says that Lisa is gonna be happy with her new Jigglypuff. Mitsuo thanks them for all their help, and they announce that he's going to challenge Jigglypuff again. The little puffball pops out of the bushes, eager to kick butt again. Mitsuo calls for a Hyper Voice, and as Loudred uses it, Ash holds the door to the cabin open. Jigglypuff curls up for a Rollout, charging straight at Loudred. Mitsuo tells Loudred to dodge, and it does. Jigglypuff keeps right on rolling, going through the door and into the cabin. Ash and Brock quickly close it, as the first part of their plan has worked. It's all up to Pikachu now, and Ash wishes it luck.

Jigglypuff stops rolling and looks around in confusion as its voice echoes in the new room. Pikachu appears behind it, and Jigglypuff is more than willing to fight. Pikachu fires a Thunderbolt, which Jigglypuff dodges, and it also dodges when the bolt ricochets off the wall. Jigglypuff fights back with Flamethrower, Pikachu dodges that, and Jigglypuff dodges the ricochet. This continues as Ash and the others watch from a window, hoping Pikachu can last long enough for their plan to work. Presently, Jigglypuff dodges another ricocheting Thunderbolt, bounces off a wall, and Tackles Pikachu. It then finally decides to Sing, as the others eagerly watch. Max gloats a bit, since it was his idea.

Inside, Pikachu fights to resist the song, as we see that the song is echoing off the walls and going no further than the room they're in. Pikachu finally succumbs to sleep, as does Jigglypuff, as everyone cheers. They enter the room, and Ash awakens Pikachu to tell it that they succeeded. Brock tells Mitsuo that now's his chance to catch Jigglypuff. Mitsuo holds up his Pokeball, but pauses for a long moment while watching it snore peacefully. May and Brock ask what's wrong, and Mitsuo says he's not going to do it. He figures that since Jigglypuff fought so hard to not get caught, he doesn't feel right about catching it when it doesn't have a chance to fight back. Ash and friends worry that Lisa will be disappointed, but Mitsuo says he'll give her his Loudred instead, and she should like that. Loudred seems to like the idea too.

That night, Jigglypuff finally awakens, still in the soundproof room, to find that everyone was gone, but that they had left a heaping pile of Pokemon food in a dish for it. It's obviously disappointed for some reason.

The next morning, Mitsuo arrives home, accompanied by Ash and friends. Mitsuo reunites with his wife, Rikako, and Lisa. Lisa asks where the Jigglypuff is, and he tells her he wasn't able to catch one, to her disappointment. The others console her a bit, but after a moment, Lisa says that the Jigglypuff wasn't really what mattered, it was that it came from her father. To that end, she's quite happy with his gift of Loudred, and thanks him. Mitsuo is touched, and cries while hugging her. Suddenly, they hear a furious cry from above. They look up to see Jigglypuff in the sky, floating their way, and looking and sounding quite annoyed. Lisa is happy to finally see one. Ash and friends wonder what's up, and Brock figures out that Jigglypuff DID want to be captured after all. Mitsuo asks Jigglypuff if this is true, and it nods. Lisa asks him if she can have it, he nods, and she runs up and hugs it. Mitsuo asks it officially if it would mind joining his family, it nods, and Lisa celebrates. Lisa asks Jigglypuff to sing for them, startling everyone. As the camera rises toward the sunset, it appears that when Ash and friends continue their journey, at least they'll be well-rested.

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415: Rough, Tough Jigglypuff

415: Jigglypuff's Song! Father's Song!!


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