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The episode begins with a Psyduck sporting a red ribbon around its neck running frantically through some tall grass. It turns to look at its opponents, who are creepy Pokemon that are shadowed by the grass. The red in their eyes makes it apparent that these three Pokemon are not to be messed with.

Meanwhile, Ash and co are taking a small break by a stream just below a cliff. Pikachu is shocking Phanpy for fun as May scoops up a bucket of water. Brock is preparing a campfire. Ash suddenly hear something screaming and looks up to see Psyduck leap off of the cliff. It lands on its rear on Brock’s fire and smoke begins to rise. The Pokemon freaks out and leaps into the air, May jumping aside as Psyduck rushes into the stream. Ash and co crowd around and Max recognizes the Pokemon as a Psyduck. Ash wonders why it was running so fast.

Suddenly, the Pokemon that were chasing it leap from the cliff, revealing themselves as a trio of Machop, Machoke, and Machamp. Psyduck grows frightened and begins to paddle away as the evolution line rushes into the stream after it. May says that they have to do something and the group agrees to go help it.

Psyduck is now cornered into a wall and peers at its attackers. Ash and co yell to them, telling the group to back off. Machoke ignores them and grabs Psyduck by the red ribbon. Ash tells Phanpy to attack, but Machop hits it away with a karate chop. Ash and co are shocked by the Pokemon’s power. Ash then has Phanpy use rollout, blowing the Machop into the air. Machamp tries to cut it off with a karate chop of its own, but Phanpy uses rollout again and the hand just bounces off. It then uses rollout to trip Machamp, impressing Ash’s friends.

Machoke is now angered and it tosses Psyduck aside to deal with Phanpy. Machop and Machamp both get back up and all three Pokemon surround Phanpy. Ash’s friends worry for its safety as the fighting types leap to attack, but Pikachu uses thunderbolt. The three Pokemon are electrified to the point that they decide to run away.

Phanpy then approaches Psyduck and soon the whole group does so. They inform it that the three bullying Pokemon won’t be bothering it anymore, and Psyduck just stares at them with a confused expression. Phanpy and Psyduck become fast friends. After a quick hug, Psyduck begins to toss Phanpy into the air. Brock offers it some Pokemon food and it quickly stops playing. Brock states that it’s made especially for water types. Psyduck begins to chow down on it.

May then decides to scan it with the Pokedex and wonders what they should do now. Brock mentions that it must have a trainer seeing as how it has that red ribbon. Ash agrees and suggests that May ask it where its trainer is. She does so, but Psyduck doesn’t seem to want to talk about it.

Meanwhile, the Machop, Machoke, and Machamp are kneeling before a Rapidash-drawn carriage. A small girl is waving a fan in front of her face as she tries to understand why her Pokemon failed at retrieving Psyduck. She then orders them to find it again, and ends the scene by saying that she has to get her sweet little Psyduck back. As Ash and co walk down a forest trail, Phanpy tackles Psyduck and Pikachu and the three Pokemon begin to play. Team Rocket is watching the scene from high atop an evergreen tree. They are disguised as pine cones and Jessie complains that they have hit a new low. Meowth interjects, saying that they could steal the Psyduck that is with the twerps and be right back up on top. James wonders why the boss would want a Psyduck, to which Meowth goes into another daydream.

The vision involves Giovanni accidentally taking a hammer to his thumb while making a dog house. An announcer’s voice rings out saying that Psyduck could have instant healing powers. The boss then stubs his toe while pacing in his room, and the announcer once again states that Psyduck can take the pain away. Finally, the boss gets a brain freeze while eating ice cream and the announcer declares Psyduck the perfect remedy. The boss will be so impressed that he would praise the three Rocket’s names! They all become excited and do their usual cheer.

As the Pokemon continue to play below, May makes another mention of Psyduck’s trainer, to which the Pokemon turns its head with no concern. Suddenly, Team Rockets calls out to them disguised in red jackets and glasses. They are surrounded by flags and Ash and co come over to see what they want. Apparently, Team Rocket’s new scheme involves them pretending to be the Kanto Skiing Company. Ash and co are confused by what they mean by this, seeing as how there is no snow.

Team Rocket points to a grassy hill near them and says they are offering a sledding package right now. Ash says it sounds fun and May isn’t so sure. Jessie exclaims that it is perfectly safe and she’ll have her friend demonstrate for them. James doesn’t want to, but she pushes him onto a pink sled and slides him down the hill.

Everything seems to be okay until the sled really picks up speed. James’s eyes begin to water with fright and Jessie asks if he is having fun. James says he is, but it is obvious that he’s lying. Jessie asks if they would like to have a go when everyone looks down to see Psyduck has already gotten on a sled. Max says that they should all go down and Phanpy can go with Psyduck. Ash agrees.

Ash and Pikachu slide down in front of everyone else having a blast. Brock and Max are in another sled, May is by herself, and Psyduck and Phanpy bring up the rear. Everyone is enjoying themselves. At the top of the hill, James wearily approaches Jessie and asks what she plans to do now. She activates a switch that causes several huge mushroom-like objects to rise from the hill where Ash and co are heading. They are, in actuality, giant pinball bumpers.

Ash, May, and Brock begin to bounce between them screaming as the bumpers made noises. Psyduck and Phanpy slide right by wondering what is going on. Jessie then presses another button and a soccer (football for some) net springs up and Ash and co slide right into it. Meowth then pops out of a hole in the hill with a butterfly net and snags Psyduck and Phanpy as they continue down the hill. Meowth gloats as Ash and co moan with pain.

In one of their best mottos yet, Jessie and James slide down the hill while snowboarding on their sleds. They take off their disguises and stop at Meowth, who says his name as he tightens the net. Chimecho and Wobbuffet join in at the end. Ash yells at them but they just shove the net into their balloon and float away. Ash and co give chase, demanding the return of Psyduck and Phanpy.

Suddenly, Machoke and Machmp run by them and leap toward the balloon, gripping it in their hands and pulling it down. Ash and co wonder why they are helping but Brock says that as long as they are against Team Rocket, they should be glad. Machoke and Machamp toss the balloon to the ground and Team Rocket leaps out to face them. Jessie calls out Seviper and James sends in Cacnea, who goes into a hugging fest as usual. Ash and co notice Machop run to the balloon basket as Team Rocket is preoccupied. They are impressed with the strategy that the three Pokemon came up with, but now wonder why they are so intent on getting Psyduck. Machop grabs the net containing the Pokemon and runs off. Team Rocket notices this, but Machoke and Machamp use cross chops to send them flying into their balloon again. The burner randomly explodes and the Rockets are sent blasting off.

Machop removes the net from Psyduck and Phanpy runs in the way to protect it. The three fighting types crowd around and Ash and co demand that they stop bullying Psyduck. Suddenly, the Rapidash carriage pulls up and the girl steps out, the fan still covering her face. Psyduck turns its head in disgust but the girl seems to be happy. She runs to Psyduck, exclaiming how nice it is to have her sweet little Pokemon back. May is finally confident that they have found the trainer.

The girl invites the group into her carriage and introduces herself as Azumi as the Rapidash pull them down the trail. She explains that she owns Psyduck and had sent it on an errand, but it never returned. Ash and co wonder why she sent the three Pokemon after it and she explains that Psyduck isn’t a battler and she knew it might be in trouble, so she sent her other three Pokemon to help it and bring it home.

They arrive at Azumi’s mansion and enter the lobby. Azumi notices that Psyduck is dirty and says it needs a bath right away. As she shows Ash and co down the hall, three maids carry Psyduck by while it screams and tries to get away. She shows the group why Psyduck is her pride and joy. She bathes with it, puts perfume on it, and then feeds it a large dinner of assorted vegetables and meat.

Ash and co are also invited to dine with them, but Psyduck looks depressed. Azumi wonders why, and Ash explains that it seemed to enjoy the Pokemon food that it ate earlier today. Azumi is in shock that Psyduck would eat such common food and May and Brock begin to understand that Psyduck doesn’t seem to like the high class life. Ash and May are now having a practice battle between Phanpy and Squirtle in the backyard. Phanpy rolls towards Squirtle as it uses water gun. Psyduck watches from a window with a depressed look and Brock looks at it. Meanwhile, Max explains to Azumi that she should allow Psyduck to be in Pokemon battles. Azumi isn’t so sure, but Brock cuts in, saying that she needs to learn to communicate with her Pokemon. He sits down and shows her that Psyduck is watching the battle outside, explaining that it looks as if that is what will make the Pokemon happy. Azumi is a little taken back by this, but it seems as if she is beginning to understand.

Outside, Phanpy rolls out of the way of the water gun and speeds towards Squirtle. Suddenly, Psyduck leaps onto it and begins to balance itself as Phanpy rolls around. They roll right into Ash and knock him into a fountain. Psyduck then begins to splash him and he splashes it back. Squirtle gets in on the fun by using water gun on Ash’s face. Pikachu leaps in the water as well and Brock shows Azumi the scene. Psyduck’s face is full of joy and Brock explains that Ash likes to communicate with his Pokemon, and makes them happy by being their friends.

Suddenly, smokes fills the area and everyone looks to see Team Rocket having Seviper use haze down on them from a Chimecho balloon. Meowth then uses a claw to grab hold of Psyduck and pull it up to them. Ash calls out Grovyle and has it use leaf blade to cut the claw and free Psyduck. It falls to the ground and Azumi leaps to catch it. Grovyle then uses a bullet seed to pop the balloon and send it crashing into the backyard.

Team Rocket emerges from the smoke and refuse to give up Psyduck without a fight. Ash prepares to have Grovyle attack, but Phanpy leaps in the way to battle. It uses rollout to blow Seviper back. Azumi and Psyduck are both sitting on the ground nearby covered in dust. She asks her Pokemon if it’s alright and it laughs at how dirty she is. Azumi is overjoyed that her Pokemon is happy and wonders if that’s all it took to do so.

Suddenly, Cacnea approaches and Psyduck steps forward to battle it. She isn’t so sure about this, but Max says she should allow it to if that is what it wants. Cacnea whips up a sandstorm that blows the Pokemon back a bit. Max asks Azumi if she knows any attacks that Psyduck can use and she lists a few of them, one being a dynamic punch. Max tells her to order that and she does so. Psyduck slams its fist into Cacnea and sends it flying.

Azumi then wonders what to do next and Mac suggests a fury swipe attack. She orders it and Psyduck begins to slash away at Seviper. Ash and co are impressed. Meowth runs up to Psyduck and the two begin to duke it out with fury swipes. Azumi asks Max what to do now and he suggests a water gun. She orders it and Psyduck sends the jet of water into Meowth, who flies back to Jessie and James.

Jessie orders a poison tail from Seviper and Azumi tells Psyduck to dodge. It waddles around as Seviper brings its tail down repeatedly, not hitting it once. Azumi is overjoyed that Psyduck is battling so well. She then orders a confusion and Psyduck lifts Seviper and sends it flying into the other members of Team Rocket. Pikachu then uses thunderbolt to send them blasting off again.

Psyduck leaps for joy and Azumi hugs it, exclaiming that it battled stupendously. Ash and co offer polite words to her and Brock says that she should learn to battle even more with her Pokemon. She agrees to and also promises not to pamper Psyduck as much, which makes it happy.

The group then says their goodbyes to Azumi and her Pokemon at the gates to her mansion. She wishes them luck and says she’ll try her best to be a good trainer and friend to her Pokemon. Ash and co think she’ll do fine and with a wave, they head off down the road.

Thanks to GoldenNoctowl for writing this for us

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