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This episode starts out with Ash, Pikachu, May, Brock and Max standing outside of Spenser's battle grounds, the Battle Palace. Spenser and Scott approach Ash & co asking him whether he is ready, Ash declares so and the intro begins.

Scott and Spenser begin to explain about the Battle Palace and the battle field to Ash and how it is more peculiar than most battle fields. Scott begins to explain the rules about the battle, it shall be 3 on 3, and only the challenger shall substitute a Pokémon... the usual.

The scene now focuses on a Poké Ball shaped hot air balloon in which Scott, May, Max and Brock can all be found. Max and May are admiring the views then Scott goes on to say the battle shall commence within the jungle, which is then shown by the camera zooming out showing how the whole side of the island is covered in trees only surrounded by a couple of mountains and the sea!

Ash and Spenser are standing atop a battle field on a flattened off mountain, Brock declares how Ash should be careful in his decision when choosing his Pokémon as the jungle can have a major effect on battle strategies. As Brock says they will have difficulty judging the battle, Scott calls up a floating Poké Ball shaped referee. On the front there is a camera from which the 4 in the balloon can watch the battle.

The referee floats down to the battle field where Spenser and Ash are eager to get started. Ash's friends in the balloon see him on the TV screen standing ready.

We cut to Team Rocket who are sitting in a tree, spying on Ash and Spenser with binoculars and state how they are going to steal Pikachu and give him to the boss... a nice change!

The scene quickly cuts to the referee who abruptly states the rules for Ash's Battle Palace match. Spenser calls out his first Pokémon, Shiftry and Ash replies with his Sceptile. The referee waves its flags and the match begins. Sceptile starts out with a blistering Bullet Seed but Shiftry is very fast and manages to dodge it. Shiftry and Sceptile run off down the side of the hill, closely followed by Ash, Pikachu and Spenser.

Sceptile and Shiftry are speeding through the forest running side by side, eyes locked onto one another, Ash orders a Leaf Blade from Sceptile, but Shiftry counters it with a Quick Attack. The two continue running along the grass in the jungle as we pan out too see Brock, May, Max and Scott watching on. As Shiftry bounces through the jungle closely followed by Sceptile, Spenser compliments Ash on his Sceptile's speed not long before he orders his Shiftry to use Double Team.

Sceptile is surrounded by many Shiftrys and before Ash can reply a powerful Shadowball from Shiftry knocks Sceptile into a close by pool. Then as ordered by Spenser Shiftry uses a Rock Smash on the ground by the lake which sends off a barrage of rocks from the nearby waters edge and fills the pool. Ash is worried that Sceptile has been crushed as you see Sceptile's head just duck underwater as the rocks hit the pond, along with May, Max and Brock, Ash is sure that Sceptile has been KOed but suddenly Sceptile appears from atop the Waterfall, jumps out and crashes a powerful pound square on Shiftry which along with a Leaf Blade knocks Shiftry clean out. Sceptile wins.

We cut to Team Rocket who have just set off a trip wire, picking all 4 of them, Jessie, James, Meowth and Mime Jr up and into a net hanging from a tree which Jessie is very upset about.

Meanwhile, Spenser is impressed but he holds nothing back for the next battle swiftly sending out his Venusaur which thunders down onto the ground. Ash recalls his Sceptile to save for later, as being the challenger he is allowed substitutions, and thus sends out his Heracross which instantly leeches onto Venusaur's flower due to its addiction to flowers. Venusaur is having none of it and flicks it off with his vine whip, which everyone has a good laugh about.

Up in the balloon our friends are discussing with Scott how Heracross has the upper hand against Venusaur due to its type, but Scott knows how powerful Venusaur is and he says not to underestimate it. Ash quickly orders Heracross to attack with a Horn Attack, which Spenser tries to counter with a Razor Leaf, however Heracross cleverly manages to knock all the leaves out of the sky with its horn and strikes a direct hit onto Venusaur. Heracross continues to attack multiple times until a powerful vine whip knocks Heracross back.

Heracross lands on its feet and is ready to retaliate, both Heracross and Venusaur go for a tackle attack, meeting eyes locked in the middle. They are evenly matched, both very worthy and strong advisory, Ash orders Heracross to use Megahorn which hits Venusaur, hard, knocking it back and it slides directly into a tree knocking from it a Nanab Berry, which Spenser catches. Spenser orders a Solarbeam from Venusaur, Ash uses the delay to his advantage attacking again with a Megahorn.

We cut to Team Rocket, who against set off another trip wire, however this time they set off numerous spiked thorns and sticks which stick the trio to a nearby tree.

Megahorn hits directly onto Venusaur, again a very powerful attack, but this time Venusaur replies with a Solarbeam which smashes straight into Heracross knocking it out for a win to Spenser. Everyone is amazed at the power of the Solarbeam which came from Venusaur, specially up in the balloon. Ash says nothing other than "impossible".

Ash calls back his Heracross and swiftly sends out his Swellow giving him the type advantage once more, however this has just been proven that it may not affect the outcome of this battle. Swellow flies down and as Ash orders it to attack it catches a Nanab Berry in its mouth. Spenser is dishing them out to everyone, including Ash and Pikachu so everybody sits down for a rest and a quick snack. Up in the balloon they also stop for a quick snack, but sadly no Nanab Berries, only apples for our other heroes and Scott.

Meanwhile Meowth manages to set off a third trip wire. Jessie, James, Meowth and Mime Jr brace themselves for impact but nothing happens, they let out a sigh of relief and take a step only to be caught out by a dug out pit. But this doesn't faze them and they continue to try and capture Pikachu.

Back at the battle we cut to Swellow flying far out into the Jungle, up in the balloon May is unsure what Ash is up to but then Brock spots the ocean and realises where Ash is headed.

Spenser and Venusaur follow, using Razor Leaf Venusaur tries to cut down Swellow but it manages to fly off to one side to avoid the attack. Ash orders Swellow to speed up which Spenser tries to counter with a multiple vine whip, which Swellow manages to avoid again. Swellow burst out onto the beach, closely followed by Ash and Pikachu, then Spenser and his Venusaur where the battle commences.

Venusaur lets loose a Razor Leaf at Swellow, which is only just dodged by a last minute Double Team. Venusaur panics, unsure of which Swellow is the real one. Ash orders a Quick Attack from Swellow, whole Venusaur counters the clones with a Vine Whip. The real Swellow is found but it manages to avoid the Vine and directly hit Venusaur, knocking it back. Venusaur is exhausted, which Brock points out is due to the serious damage Heracross inflicted with its Mega Horn. Spenser orders a final Solarbeam, Ash panics, but notices that clouds are beginning to cover the sun and so the Solarbeam fails.

Swellow now finishes off Venusaur with an Aerial Ace, Venusaur is sent flying landing onto a rock smashing it completely. Ash now has the advantage being two games up to one, but Scott knows something the trio in the balloon do not. He goes on about how Spenser's last Pokémon is not to be under estimated.

Spenser sends out his Claydol to face Ash's Swellow. Swellow seems worried at the prospect of fighting the Claydol, but still it continues to do so. Ash orders a Quick Attack, but Claydol dodges it cleverly with Teleport, which it leads into a Rapid Spin attack hitting Swellow hard from behind. Swellow regains its flight only to be phased by a Rapid Spin attack sending up a cloud of dust and sand, catching Swellow off guard. Combining this with an all mighty Hyperbeam, Claydol knocks Swellow clean out.

Ash and Spenser are now down to their last Pokémon, Ash sends Sceptile back into battle to face Claydol. Team Rocket are now hiding behind a mound of earth, next to Ash and Pikachu ready to snatch Pikachu from the battle field.

Claydol sends out a Psybeam attack which Sceptile manages to jump out of the way leaving it to smash the earth in front of Team Rocket, blasting them off before they had a chance to grab Pikachu.

Sceptile unleashes a Bullet Seed at Claydol, but Claydol again dodges an attack with Teleport, sending it out above the water, where it uses Rapid Spin to send a jet of water at Sceptile. Sceptile now jumps up onto the side of a cliff as we see the sun behind Sceptile beaming onto the yellow patches on it back which start to glow. However this is cut short due to an overcast sky which is followed by rain.

A Rapid Spin from Claydol starts up a sand twister which Sceptile tries its best to avoid but is caught up in. Using this advantage Spenser orders Claydol to use Psybeam at the twister, doing serious damage to Sceptile. Sceptile is sent flying and struggles to gain its feet again, slipping as it tries to stand.

The clouds start to part and Ash notices the yellow patches on Sceptile's back are absorbing the sunlight which he realises by a flashback he has to Venusaur using Solarbeam. Spenser orders a Hyper Beam from Claydol, but Sceptile just manages to avoid this by jumping out of the way and from high up in the air Ash orders Solarbeam from Sceptile.

This almighty attack hits Claydol right on causing critical damage and sending the Claydol back many feet, smashing a rock in the process. Sceptile and Ash are declared the winners, Ash has beaten Spenser. Ash congratulates his Sceptile with a hug, which doesn't faze the cool Sceptile at all. May, Max and Brock confirm Sceptile learning Solarbeam and are excited that Ash has beaten Spenser.

It is now sunset, the balloon has landed on the beach and our heroes are standing next to Spenser and Scott along with Ash's Sceptile, Swellow and Heracross. Spenser congratulates Ash on an outstanding battle and awards him the Spirit Symbol. He thanks Spenser and does his victory pose, as tradition says so. Scott enters the picture and tells Ash now he has to head to the Battle Tower where his next advisory awaits him.

The picture pans across Swellow, Heracross and finally Sceptile, the picture then zooms out to the sunset where the episode finishes.

Special Thanks to grem for writing this for us

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Pikachu Heracross Sceptile Swellow
Mime Jr.
Venusaur Shiftry Claydol

Ash's Sceptile learns SolarBeam
Ash defeats Palace Maven Spenser and gets a Skill Symbol
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