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Ash, Max, May and Brock are all walking along a rocky road, Max leans over to Brock and comments on how they are approaching his hometown, to which Brock agrees. Max joyfully plods on, whilst May asks him some questions about the gym. The four heroes walk over the end of the path and come affront the Gym, which to Brocks dismay has been decorated in flowers, ribbons and numerous other party decorations which makes Brock scream.

Now inside the gym Brock is greeted by all of his brothers and sisters, all nine of them line up and he starts to confront them about the decorations on the gym. Going along the line starting with Forrest all of his siblings explain how it was his mother who decorated the gym.

The episode cuts to an airport, inside the airport are Brocks Mother, Father and his Ludicolo. Brock is on the phone to his mother who is trying to explain herself, the camera pans over to Ludicolo who has Mime Jr atop of it's head. Brock begins screaming down the phone at his mother about what she has done to the gym, but she just waves it off which seems to frustrate Brock even more. Brock sees Ludicolo and his mother explains why he is there which again annoys Brock, until she hangs up on him.

Brocks mother begins chatting to her husband but they are interrupted by Team Rocket who are dressed up looking like executives, James holding two plane tickets which he declares have been won by Brock's parents, which excites them because of the concept of a honeymoon. They get all lovey dovey and we see the plane fly off, with Team Rocket watching on with evil smirks on their faces, contemplating what type of gym to make it.

As Team Rocket contemplate how it could be a water type gym, Tentacruel, Gyarados, Vaporeon, Marill, Slowpoke, Blastoise, Mantine, and other water pokemon pan across the background and the plot is set in stone. Team Rocket strike a pose and then start to consider what to do with the stolen Pokémon, giving Geodude to Giovanni to use as a masseuse, some of the water Pokémon as swimming aids. Team Rocket are cheering but suddenly Jessie stops and starts to doubt herself, but Meowth reassures her and they all carry on cheering.

Back at the gym our heroes, led by Forrest are walking through the hallways, which are covered in multiple colours much to Brocks annoyance. Ash and May are fascinated by this. They finally reach the end of the hallway and the gym battle arena the door slides open and a huge Steelix storms towards the gang. It grabs Bock and picks him up with its tail, but it is not doing this in a bad way, it is very pleased to see Brock and begins to smile and Brock realises this is his old Onix which has evolved. A Golem, Geodude and Crobat all run over to Brock equally as happy to see their old trainer and Brock congratulates Forrest on doing a good job of raising the Pokémon.

We look over the gym, it is covered in paintings and roses and random blotches of colour, and Brock exclaims how he will fix the gym and bring it back to its old self, much to the Pokémon's delight!

Back in the house behind the gym Brock is preparing dinner for the family, Team Rocket are outside spying on them trying to devise a plan about taking over the gym, Brock is inside questioning the children what they want for dinner, everyone wants something different but Brock saying that he will cook everyone what they want and they all cheer.

Outside Delibird interrupts Jessie and James, it flies down and opens its bag to them, Jessie and James confused each reach into the bag after Meowth has translated and take out a PokéBall each, Delibird flies off and leave Team Rocket standing there stunned. Jessie and James stand away from the gym in a clearing, and call out the Pokémon they have just received and much to their amazement James calls out a huge Aggron for himself, and Jessie a Charizard! This excites Jessie who exclaims that with these Pokémon they can easily take over the gym.

Back at the house the door swings open and behind it is standing Team Rocket, in slides Brock to greet them closely followed by his siblings and our heroes. They claim that they are here to inspect the gym, this shocks Brock but however they challenge him to a battle which Brock accepts, along with Ash's help which he offers because the training as a warm up for the Battle Pyramid which is just around the corner.

Inside the gym the four trainers are facing each other, Ash and Brock on one side of the gym, Jessie and James on the other, the rest of the gang are in the crowd along with Brock's siblings, Forrest however is judging the match. Brock calls out his Steelix and Ash his Donphan to battle along side it, Max and May comment on the good choice of type that Ash and Brock have chosen and how they do not have many weaknesses which they would have to deal with.

James sends out his newly acquired Aggron and Jessie her Charizard, which makes the crowd gasp, but Ash is not fazed by this. The battle is started by Forrest and Jessie quickly orders a Flamethrower from Charizard which scores a direct hit on Steelix, causing serious damage because of the type weakness as informed by Max. Jessie stands and cheers herself because she is happy with the feeling of winning, Ash however instructs Donphan to charge in with a Tackle attack to interrupt Charizard's flamethrower helping out Brock's Steelix.

James instructs a Mega Punch from Aggron which sends Donphan flying and crashing into a huge rock, smashing it into pieces. May begins to worry that the two Pokémon Ash and Brock are fighting are too strong for them to handle, Donphan however manages to right itself and continue to battle. Brock tries to attack with a tackle attack but a Fire Spin from Jessie's Charizard explodes right onto Steelix stopping it in its path. Ash replies with a Take Down attack but this is stopped in its track by a powerful Hyper Beam from Aggron which tears up the ground in front of Donphan shortly before scoring a direct hit, sending it smashing into Steelix.

Jessie and James stand and cheer for themselves, the feeling of winning is too much for James who begins to cry. Brock's siblings stand cheering on their big brother, Steelix and Donphan right themselves and face their opponents ready to battle again, Brock and Ash formulate their tactic and continue with the battle.

Donphan slams into Charizard with a Rollout, closely followed by Steelix, who smacks Charizard over the head with an Iron Tail knocking Charizard over. Steelix then grabs Charizard and begins to squeeze it within it's tail, the combination attack impresses the watching crowd, Jessie however starts to shout at James to help her out, so he instructs Aggron to use Hyper Beam, scoring a direct hit on Steelix's head, knocking it back which in turn makes it drop Charizard, who when set free flexes it's wings and roars.

Jessie tries to seize her chance to attack Steelix with a Flamethrower, but Brock orders Steelix to smash some rocks up infront of itself to act as a shield. Flamethrower is blocked and then Steelix replies with a Dragonbreath scoring a direct hit on Charizard, knocking it back into the wall, and Donphan charges into it with a Take Down. Charizard falls to it's knees as Jessie, James and Aggron watch on. Jessie shouts at James for not helping her out, so he orders a Water Pulse from Aggron, the wave crashes into Donphan slamming it back into a nearby rock.

James orders another Water Pulse from Aggron, Donphan tightens itself into a ball which is then hit by Steelix's Iron Tail sending Donphan flying into the ceiling over the wave of water. Steelix endures the Water Pulse as Donphan bounces down from the ceiling into Aggron, Meowth is sat watching in the background and he takes his chance and wanders off out of the gym. Max spots him and follows him to a room filled with PokéBalls, Meowth is filling a bag with balls but is interrupted by Max who discovers his true identity.

James orders a Mega Punch from Aggron, and Jessie a flamethrower from Charizard, however Aggron get in Charizards way and is hit in the back by the flamethrower, stopping it in its tracks. Aggron turns to Charizard, Jessie and James begin to argue as Charizard and Aggron also begin to argue, Jessie orders a Flamethrower and James a Hyper Beam, the two blast together and blow a hole in the wall of the gym. Jessie and James stand there black from the blast, their costumes fall off and Ash and Brock identify them Meowth then runs back in quickly followed by Max who says he found he trying to steal Pokémon.

Forrest gets angered by this and sends out his Geodude who hits Meowth hard with a tackle attack, causing him to drop the bag with the PokéBalls in revealing them to everyone who is watching on. Brock congratulates Forrest and then starts to confront Team Rocket, he nulls their attempt at the gym and then starts to attack them along side his brother Forrest.

Geodude starts off with a Sandstorm blowing right into everyone; Jessie and James however manage to instruct a Flamethrower and Hyper Beam from Charizard and Aggron respectively. Brock and Forrest act together to counter this, Steelix knocks up some rocks with an Iron Tail into the ground, and then charges right at Charizard and Aggron with Iron Tail along side Geodude who is using Mega Punch. Steelix smashes right into Aggron and Geodude into Charizard, knocking them both out, Pikachu then decides to join the battle, Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, Donphan uses Hyper Beam, Steelix fires Dragonbreath and Geodude finishes it off with a Sandstorm which sends Team Rocket flying off into the distance. Back inside the gym Brock congratulates Forrest on what a good trainer he has become and everyone stands there grinning.

Later on, over in the house Brocks parents return along with Ludicolo, Brock greets them, flaming with anger, he tells them off and his parents realise the errors of their ways. Brock tells them off again and they hang their heads, however Brocks mother puts a grin on her face and reaches into her back, she draws out a really silly looking stick with a pink head and a blue end, which causes Brock to scream again.

We cut to Team Rocket who are hanging in a tree feeling sorry for themselves, Delibird flies over to them and Meowth begins to translate. Jessie and James hand over the PokéBalls, Meowth explains that the PokéBalls were never intended for them, there was a mistake and that they were originally meant to be sent to Butch and Cassidy. This angers Jessie and James, but before they can say any thing else Delibird flies off in to the night sky leaving Team Rocket hanging in the tree.

Back at the gym Brock is being waved off by his family and his Pokémon, our heroes walk off over the hill, Ash with thoughts of the awaiting Battle Pyramid. Thanks to grem for writing this for us

453: Grating Spaces

453: Brock & Ash! Defend Pewter Gym in Tag Battle!



Pikachu Donphan
Geodude Crobat Steelix Ludicolo
Charizard Wobbuffet
Aggron Mime Jr.
Rocket Scout:
Blastoise Poliwag Tentacruel Slowpoke Gyarados Vaporeon Marill Mantine

Brock returns to Pewter Gym
Brock's Onix has evolved into Steelix
Jessie & James temporarily own a Charizard & Aggron
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