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On their way to the next Island Lapras finds a bottle in the water and picks it up in it's mouth and gives it to Ash. inside the bottle is a note from a little girl that says Know anymore about a crystal Onix? -Marisa. The walk into town and see an older man pressuring a little girl to shut down her store. Ash and the gang ask what is wrong and the older guys asks if they know her. When they say no he says it's know of their business and walks away. The little girl said her name is Marisa and Ash remembers the note. she wrote it she says an begs them to tell her about the crystal Onix.
When they say they don't know what it is her face falls. Ash asks if she runs this place by herself, she says her brother does most of the work and Ash asks to talk to her brother. Ash asks why the store is almost empty and he tells how his Grandpa was really talented at making lifelike statues and he's tried his best to follow in his foot steps, but he can't carve anything good enough to sell. Misty says they look almost like the real thing and he grabs one and smashes it on the floor. Misty thinks that was a waste. The boy then continues on how his Grandpa saw the crystal Onix and got inspiration to turn out great sculptures.
He wants to find the crystal Onix so that he can be inspired just like his Grandpa. TR. is looking through the mans store that was talking to the girl and accidentally drop what they are looking at. Since the can't pay they have to work chopping wood. The man walks by talking to another about the kids looking for the dumb Crystal Onix. Jesse and James hear this and escape to look for the Onix.
Tracey sends out his Venonat to try and find the Onix and shows him a glass statue of one. Venonat finds a pile of rocks that looks like on Onix. Tracey calls Venonat back and sends out Marill. He plays a tape recording of Onix to Marill and Marill runs of hearing a sound of one. They are lead to a beach and Marill shows them an island across the water. The sea splits forming a path and The gang runs across and falls in a hole. What should we do? -Tracey. You should prepare for trouble! -Jesse. TR. recites their motto, Misty says why don't you make like a tree and leaf (leave). Who told you that one? Professor Oak? -James.

They run off and the gang gets out of the hole and continues on. They come across TR. again and they say they got stuck in the traps they set for them and ask for help. Ash continues along without helping them and the others follow. Inside is a huge crystal cave. Marill jumps in the water his little tail floating and comes up and back to shore shouting Marill, Marill! Tracey sees the head of the crystal Onix and points it out and it disappears. The Onix comes out of the water and Marisa's brother sends out Cloyster because Onix is weak against water, but it has no affect. TR. shows up and tells them to get away from their Onix. "How did you escape?" -Ash "Even the writers don't know!" -TR. Jesse and James then imagine crystal ornaments and crystal pools.
Pikachu shocks them and they run into the Onix. Jesse says what a nice Onix, but Onix whips them away with his tail and are blasted off. The brother then sends out Charmeleon and he uses flame thrower then ember. The Onix is surrounded in fire and locks eyes with the boy. The Onix collapses and Marisa asks if he will catch it, but he says he doesn't need to he felt the inspiration in the look the Onix gave him. The gang leaves and Ash has received a lifelike glass Pikachu and the narrator announces It is time for our heroes to move on, but the friends they've made and the things they've seen will sparkle in their memories forever.

089: The Crystal Onix

089: Crystal Onix




Pikachu Lapras
Staryu Togepi
Venonat Marill
Charmeleon Cloyster

First Appearence Of Tracey's Marill