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Ash, Misty and Tracey are walking through an seemingly endless desert. Tracey says that it is going to take 3 days to get to the other side of the island. Ash and Misty complain. Tracey says that they can get to the nearest town by morning if they hurry. Ash and Misty sit own and will not budge. They look up and see a huge storm rapidly moving towards them. Tracey has his back to it and is wondering why Ash and Misty have a funny look on their faces. He turns around and sees the incoming storm and they all run for cover.
It is raining on them all as they are running and Misty trips over and can't run anymore. The lightning is getting closer and closer to them. They notice a group of Magnemite in the air charging up on the lightning strikes and a Jolteon looking over the edge of a steep embankment. There is a man with a wagon there and he invites Ash, Misty and Tracey to com in and keep out of the rain. The man explains that he is running a Magnemite ranch where he takes all the electricity out of storms.
The rain has stopped and the man goes out to hi Magnemite and tests them to see how much electricity they have got. He tells Ash about Number 6 (one of the Magnemite) and how he is the wonderer always going off on his own. Number 6 is playing with Pikachu and all the other Magnemite come over and enclose Pikachu in a small circle. They all start shocking it. Once Ash sees what they are doing he comes over and tries to stop them only to be shocked himself. The man asks if he is okay and Ash replies that he is used to it now. He man tells Ash to call him Ethan. Ash and friends start off to the next town following the direction Ethan pointed ut to them. He works out that Ash will want to be going to the next Gym and tells them that when they reach the next town they have to cross the ocean to get to the island where the Gym is located. They stop for a rest.
Meanwhile Team Rocket are spying on Ash and friends when they se the Magnemite and Jolteon. They devise a plan to capture all of the Pokémon. Ethan gets a call from Nurse Joy at the Pokémon Center saying that the town has had a Black Out for the past few days and the Magnemite that are powering the town are almost out of electricity. They run out of power and the phone cuts out. Team Rocket decide that now is the time to execute their plan to capture all of the Pokémon. They get out a huge magnet but fail and are sent blasting off again. Ethan was injured in the Pokémon fight by Arbok and is unable to take his Magnemite to the town requiring power.
Ash grabs a Tauros and starts to saddle it up. Ash sets out with the group of Magnemite. He is going well until they all scatter. Pikachu rounds them all up except for Number 6 who has wandered off again. Ash goes out in search of it and finds it quite easily. When he returns he finds that Team Rocket have had another go at capturing the Magnemite. They have captured them all except Number 6. Pikachu sets out to free the captured Magnemite and Number 6 goes and helps him. It goes up to the other Magnmites are and uses Explosion. This frees them and Number 6 evolves into Magneton. Ash commands all of the Pokémon to attack Team Rocket and sends them blasting off yet again.
Ash arrives at the Pokémon Center and delivers the Magnemite. As night comes Mist, Tracey and Ethan arrive to see the bright light of the city. Ethan thanks Ash for his help and the next day so do Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy. Ash, Misty and Tracey then leave on their way to the next Gym.

103: Get Along, Little Pokémon

103: Magnemite in Vast Plains



Nurse Joy

Nurse Joy:
Chansey Magnemite
Magnemite Magneton Tauros Jolteon

> Ash is able to command pokémon that arent his