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Our hero's have once again stopped on a small island. After earning his third badge on Troveta, Ash has a craving for adventure. Tracey checks the map and tells the group of the giant Pidgeot and Rhydon that roam free on the island. This doesn't seem to worry the gang and they continue on their way with Pikachu leading the way. They come up over a slope and Ash spots a giant fruit basket on the floor ground. Without suspecting anything they run forward. Misty notes that it is a bit convenient that there is a basket in the road with a bow and everything. Thinking about it, Ash decides that it would be a better idea to leave the basket and eat from a fruit tree growing near the road. Thinking that they outsmarted the tricksters who owned the basket, they walk over the tree. Unfortunately, they plunge into a pit. As Ash tries to work out how they fell for the trap, Team Rocket's motto chimes in followed by ecstatic laughter. The fruit was fake and Team Rocket explains that reverse psychology worked to trick them into eating the fruit from the tree and falling into the trap. Ash realizes that he was right and they should have taken the basket, and Misty shouts at Ash to think of something as Meowth tells Jessie and James to get Pikachu. Arbok and Weezing go to work and Pikachu springs out of the hole to take them both on. Pikachu lets loose a Thunder attack and Team Rocket hold out their hands to protect themselves. They are wearing special gloves with a miniature satellite dish around the outside and Meowth explains that these gloves will protect them from Thunder attacks. While Pikachu stands, helpless without electric attacks, Arbok unleashes a Poison Sting attack hitting Pikachu square in the face. As Pikachu cries out Weezing uses Poison Gas, which engulfs our electric friend making him dizzy. Meowth unleashes the final phase by attaching a restraint to Pikachu's waist. This locks the two Pokémon together and Team Rocket get away with their prize.
Ash and friends climb out of the pit just in time to see Team Rocket's balloon float off into the distance. The balloon sets down in a clearing and as Meowth laughs at their success, Pikachu tries another Thunder Bolt, but to no avail. Team Rocket point out that now wherever Meowth goes Pikachu will go, like his shadow. Suddenly the harmonious sound of victory is interrupted by the wail of a giant Pidgeot flying straight towards the troublesome trio. Thinking only of its next meal, the Pidgeot effortlessly plucks Meowth and his new soul mate into the air. Meowth asks if Pikachu can do anything but, as his gloves were lost in the assent, he winds up getting a Thundershock in the tail. He then points out that it might be a good idea to attack the Pidgeot instead. Pikachu apologizes and lets loose another shock, forcing their dinner host to drop its prey. As the duo plummet to certain doom Meowth realizes that if Pikachu is there to break his fall, he won't get hurt, rolling over and over, scrambling for the top, the two Pokémon land on the forest floor. Of course, Meowth gets the impact and Pikachu lands on his back, Ouch! Meowth and Pikachu, tied by a cord, can't decide which way to go to get back to their masters. Meowth says west, Pikachu East. After a little electric persuasion they decide: East.
With a lack of confidence in Meowth's ability to bring Pikachu back to them, Jessie and James, along with the key to unlock the stranded Pokémon, jump in their balloon for an aerial view. Ash and the gang, along with Bulbasaur and Staryu, catch up to Team Rocket's balloon and interrogate them about Pikachu's whereabouts. After explaining about the giant Pidgeot, Jessie and James make a quick get away in their balloon saying that they will find Pikachu first from the air. Ash looks distressed but Tracey has a plan. Marill enters on the scene and uses its giant ears to search for the giant Pidgeot. With new hope, the group follows the blue bob-tailed Pokémon to the bottom of a steep peak that is sticking up out of the ground. It seems that the high altitude and flattened surface makes an excellent nesting place. As Ash starts his assent looking for is lost Pokémon and friend, Misty warns that it is dangerous but Ash vowed to save Pikachu no matter what. The stranded Pokémon continue their search and again it seems there has been a difference in opinion on which way to go. Powering up for another persuasive shock, Meowth gives in but wishes that things would go his way. He gets a notion and thinks that if he gets friendly with Pikachu he can take it back to "the Boss" as a present. Sly as a snake, Meowth moves forward and taps Pikachu on the shoulder promising that he will lead them back to Ash (A lie). Pikachu can see right through it, however, and, after another jolt to the head, the conniving feline confesses his plan telling Pikachu to lead the way as long as there isn't a shock in it for him. Meanwhile Ash reaches the top of the pillar like nesting area of the giant Pidgeot to find it Pika-less. A shriek draws Ash's attention to the sky where the owner of the nest is about to dive bomb him. Knocking Ash back down the Mountain like a bowling pin the Pidgeot flies away and as Ash regains his balance he limps forward calling the name of his missing Pokémon.
As Meowth and Pikachu continue their search for their trainers they find themselves in an open field. Pikachu sniffs a rock and tells Meowth that it can smell Pokémon (Probably hoping that it's Bulbasaur's scent). Much to Pikachu's horror a giant Rhydon bellows out from behind the clueless Meowth who seems too scared to run. Pikachu, in a desperation move, bounds along ahead of the Rhydon pulling Meowth with him. They run to the end of a cliff and fall down to be confronted with a dead end. Pikachu stands his ground saying that they have to battle Rhydon to survive. Using his most powerful Thunder attack Pikachu engulfs Rhydon in electricity but to no avail. Pikachu yells plan B to Meowth over the deafening stomping of they're opponent. If Meowth can get the Rhydon's mouth open then Pikachu's attack will work. Jumping high in the air the pint-sized pair climb onto the Rhydon, a "Tickle attack" forces the comical Pokémon to open its mouth wide and Pikachu's tail acts as a feeder to pulse the electricity through Rhydon's body. Plummeting to the ground the Rhydon is defeated and Pikachu and Meowth, still shaken, continue their quest.
Ash and buddies come across the Rhydon tracks and the tracks of Pikachu and Meowth, thinking the worst Ash runs to the dead end where his Pokémon made its brave stand. Of course they are not there any more and a dismayed Ash follows the same track of Pikachu into the forest.
Night draws in and Meowth comments on how hungry he is, sharing the sentiment Pikachu complains in a way only Meowth could understand. Suddenly they spot a lonely apple in a tree waiting to be devoured. Meowth reaches the tree first and jumps for the belly filling fruit, Pikachu, unfortunately for Meowth, is already 2 steps ahead and grabs the rope holding them together. Meowth, unable to complete his climb for the apple falls to the ground and with an effortless shock the luscious fruit falls right into Pikachu's awaiting arms.
Meowth plays the old sympathy act on Pikachu resulting in him getting half the apple much to his surprise. As Meowth recalls his many encounters with Pikachu, he realizes that this yellow mouse might not be so bad after all and suggests that he join Team Rocket. Pikachu has already fallen asleep by this time and Meowth decides it's time to join him in slumber land.
Dawn breaks and after a quick mention about a good sleep the tranquility is interrupted by that wail of yet another huge Pidgeot about to pick a takeaway breakfast. Screaming for their lives, Pikachu and Meowth run in the other direction only to be confronted by a Rhydon that forces them to stop dead in their tracks. Cornered, the duo seem to be done for when out of no where Ash, Tracey and Misty arrive on the scene closely followed by Team Rocket.
A Pokéball hits the ground and Snorlax comes out, ready to fight. Squaring up to the Rhydon, it manages to block Rhydon's Take Down. Jessie takes matters into her own hands releasing Arbok to contend with Pidgeot. Arbok latches onto the giant bird's back and forces a retreat with a bite attack. A Mega Punch sees the end of Rhydon despite its solid skin.
Landing the balloon Jessie and James go to take their prize but seem uninterested in Meowth's happiness to see them. Taking Pikachu in their arms Team Rocket tells Ash that he won't get his Pokémon back without the key.
Bulbasaur is sent to do the job, with an effortless Vine Whip the key is knocked from Jessie's hand and into the hands of Ash who unlocks his imprisoned Pokémon. Meowth runs to the basket of the balloon where his friends are waiting. As the Balloon takes off Meowth points that they always have a back up plan. A cannon appears from the bottom of the basket while Team Rocket watches with glee. Stepping in Misty reassures the gang that she can handle the problem. Selecting Staryu as her choice Pokémon Misty throws the ball, unfortunately (yet unsurprisingly) Psyduck appears to contend with the threat. As the cannon charges Misty becomes desperate and tells the dim-witted duck to use any attack that it knows. Togepi becomes exited at all this commotion and begins to wave its arms. Knowingly or not it initiates a Metronome attack destroying Team Rocket's balloon and sending them flying. "Team Rocket is blasting of again".

This time the group notices Togepi's involvement but they are soon distracted by the reunion of Ash and Pikachu. Finally Team is left to fend for themselves. Suddenly Meowth spots an apple and makes a dive for it, but is kicked away by James. Jessie then intervenes by stamping on James head, then devours the whole apple after a quick speech about looking after each other! Oh well they'll never learn.
It ends with Meowth saying he misses Pikachu

106: Bound For Trouble

106: Pikachu Vs. Meowth




Pikachu Bulbasaur Lapras
Psyduck Staryu Togepi
Venonat Marill
Victreebel Weezing
Pidgeot Rhydon

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