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Ash, Misty, and Tracey have decided to take a break from traveling from island to island and check out the sights on one of the larger ones. Ash returns Lapras and the group discusses what to do next. Suddenly, several people run by. Ash and his friends follow to find a warehouse in flames. They join the large crowd watching and hear Officer Jenny tell them to stay back. Ash and Misty can't handle not doing anything, so they send out Squirtle and Staryu to help put out the blaze. Their Water Gun attacks are no match for the fire, and it doesn't make much of a difference.
Suddenly, a pickup truck drives up. A fireman emerges, as to several figures. The wall of the warehouse starts to cave in, and the figures run out and pull Ash and Misty and their Pokémon to safety. They look up to see who saved them and see several Wartortle. After Ash checks his Pokédex, the fireman blows a whistle and the Wartortle work together to put out the fire. Moments later, the fire is put out and the crowd disperses.
Ash and his friends stay behind to thank the fireman for saving them, and he introduces himself as Captain Aiden. He then tells Ash and his friends that the Wartortle are part of a firefighting brigade. He takes them to the fire station and points out two other teams, Team Blastoise for big fires and Team Squirtle for fires in tight spaces. Team Wartortle runs up after doing a few laps around a track and Aiden tells Ash and his friends that Wartortle are a perfect combination of Blastoise's power and Squirtle's maneuverability. He blows a whistle, and the Wartortle line up and salute. Ash and his friends are impressed, but Ash's Squirtle seems sad. Misty notes that it must be feeling sad since it couldn't put out the fire itself. Squirtle suddenly whips out his sunglasses and puts them on again. When Tracey is puzzled by this, Ash tells him about the Squirtle Squad and how they put out a big fire. Tracey concludes that Squirtle's fire fighting pride has been hurt. Ash asks Captain Aiden if his Squirtle could compete with the Wartortle. It takes a little convincing, but Aiden agrees.
As Squirtle and Wartortle glare at each other, Team Rocket watches from the bushes. Jessie suggests that they steal Squirtle and Wartortle as well as Pikachu this time, and they sneak away. Moments later, Squirtle and the Wartortle are at the beginning of a long track. Captain Aiden blows a whistle, and they start to run towards him and the others at the finish line. Squirtle pulls out for an early lead, but the lead Wartortle catches up rapidly. They're neck and neck for a while until Squirtle trips on a rock. It runs into Wartortle, and they both tumble across the finish line. Tracey checks his stopwatch and tells the group that the two just broke the record for Turtle Pokémon Land Speed.
Aiden leads the group over to a Frisbee throwing machine and tells the Wartortle and Squirtle to knock the Frisbees out of the air. The lead Wartortle and Squirtle match each other disc for disc, and the other Wartortle are working their hardest as well. They see another disk in the air and squirt at it, but the Frisbee seems to be able to dodge the water. It starts to float away, and the Squirtle and Wartortle chase after it. They run down the road a little ways but then fall into a huge hole.
Ash and the rest dash over and watch as Team Rocket's Meowth balloon floats up with the Wartortle and Squirtle tied up in a net hanging from it. Team Rocket says their motto, and then Meowth uses a grabber to snatch Pikachu up and put it into a jar. It tries to shock them, but Team Rocket has wired the jar so that the electricity powers a fan. James sends out Weezing, who floods the area with smoke. Tracey sends out Scyther, who's Swords Dance blows the smoke away. By this time, however, the balloon has floated away.
A little while later, Team Rocket reaches a cabin in the woods. Pikachu continues to power the fan and the Squirtle and Wartortle try to chew through the ropes of the net, but to no avail. James suggests that they keep one of the Wartortle for themselves, but the three start to argue over who will get to have it. It quickly develops into an all out fight.
Meanwhile, Tracey has sent out Venonat to try to find where Team Rocket hid. The radio on Aiden's jeep rings, and Aiden answers it. On the other side, Officer Jenny tells him that an apartment complex is on fire downtown and the Blastoise can't get to it due to an overturned truck (apparently, the truck is blocking the only path to the complex). She says that Team Squirtle has managed to get there, but they're really not doing much good. Misty jumps out of the jeep, saying that she wants to help put out the fire. Tracey sends out Marill and Scyther and tells them to follow Misty's orders. She runs back toward the city.
Venonat finally locates the cabin where Team Rocket is located, and leads the jeep to it. Team Rocket is still fighting, but stop after being squirted by Squirtle and the Wartortle. The cabin fills with water, and it busts the walls down while flowing out. The Wartortle and Squirtle work together to get themselves out of the building and step on Team Rocket in the process. Meowth scratches at them, but accidentally breaks the net. Just then, Ash and the others arrive and Venonat Tackles Team Rocket. Ash frees Pikachu from the jar, and Team Rocket attacks with Arbok and Weezing. They are pushed back by Water Guns from the Wartortle and Squirtle and, with the help of Pikachu, are blasted out of the episode.
Back at the city, Staryu and Marill help the Squirtle fight the fire while Scyther breaks apart rubble that falls from the building. A flaming chunk starts to fall towards Misty, but it is deflected by squirts from Squirtle and Wartortle. The rest of the Wartortle run up as the Blastoise finally move the truck out of the way.
Suddenly, they hear the cries from a boy trapped in the blaze. Squirtle puts his sunglasses back on and it and the lead Wartortle jump onto a Blastoise, who fires them up to the boy. He clings to Wartortle's back and they make their way back down. They work together to avoid a few obstacles, but make it out of the building in one piece. All the Squirtle, Wartortle, and Blastoise together finally manage to put the fire out. The boy's mother thanks them all for their help, and the lead Wartortle shake hands.
The next day, Ash and his friends prepare to go to the next city on the island. Squirtle and Wartortle shake hands again, then Ash and his friends set off.

108: Pokémon Water War

108: Squirtle Vs. Wartortle



Officer Jenny
Captain Aidan

Pikachu Squirtle Lapras
Staryu Togepi
Venonat Scyther Marill
Captain Aidan:
Squirtle Wartortle Blastoise

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