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It’s a nice sunny day in the big city, a Lapras tour boat passes a Dratini gondola along the river and a bus drives along a street. The scene then goes along a street of sheets being hung out to dry before focusing on the Pichu’s den where the Pichu Brothers are happily chasing each other amongst the piles of junk. They then run up a stack of tires to a see saw and they both sit on it and bounce on it for a little while until it wont bounce any more so they try bouncing harder only making Pichu’s younger bro roll into him

The Pichu bros then decide to call out for their friends. The first to hear them is Smoochum who is trying to get a hair straight whilst looking in her mirror. Next Magby hears them call out. Wooper who is happily swimming around a barrel near a water tower also hears them and jumps out of the barrel.

Meanwhile in a tree Teddiursa is sitting on a branch eating some nuts he has stored in it and nearly chokes when he hears the Pichu Bros calling out.

Smoochum and Magby run through a hole in a fence and Wooper jumps off some tires and they all jump on the see saw. Teddiursa who is late jumps on the other side of the see saw to even things out causing Wooper to fly into the sky through the clock of Pichu’s house and lands on the slide of which he happily slides down and jumps off at the end. Everyone else decides its fun and all go to the top of the slide. Pichu’s younger bro who is impatient decides he will go first and march’s towards the edge of the slide so his older bro decides to pull him away except he slips and falls onto a bit of wood.

Pichu’s younger bro then climbs back up and starts arguing with his older bro and pulls down his eyelid and sticks his tongue out and they both angrily stare and put their heads together, Magby then decides to stop them arguing and steps in between them only to be hit by Pichu’s younger bro which makes Magby fall down onto the tires and Wooper and Teddiursa come to investigate and Magby starts getting red and literally blows his top except Teddiursa holds Wooper whilst he water gun’s Magby to cool him down.

The Pichu bro’s are still arguing and Smoochum decides to stop them arguing this time except the Pichu Bro’ start sparking a shock each other as well as Smoochum in the process as well as Magby and Teddiursa, however they have both made them selves dizzy from using too much electricity and Pichu’s younger bro falls backwards down the slide, fly’s off the end into some junk and emerges flat out on a skateboard and Wooper jumps on a roller-skate and chases after him as the skateboard with Pichu on rolls through the fence and down a steep hill, across a busy road and into a park with Wooper chasing after him.

Meanwhile Azumarill is in a flower bed and watches as Pichu and Wooper go past and stop on a stretch of road, Suddenly a truck is heading towards them so Azumarill sucks in some air and lets out a powerful water gun that pushes them away from the truck to the other side of the road, of where they come to a standstill again and Pichu wakes up wondering where he is and suddenly realises that he had an argument with his bro and sits angrily whilst Wooper stares at him. Meanwhile at the other side of the city Pichu’s older bro wakes up and looks for his bro and is upset he has disappeared.

Back in the park Pichu’s younger bro is walking angrily with his arms folded until he sees some balloons which suddenly makes him happy and sneakily hides behind a dustbin and gets Wooper to do the same, they then crawl quietly along the floor towards the balloons and stop and notice the balloon seller has dozed off to sleep so Pichu tip toes up to double check and then climbs up to where the balloons are and grabs the string of which lifts him into the air whilst Wooper looks on with a confused look on his face. Pichu’s older bro, Magby, Smoochum and Teddiursa however have entered the park in their search for Pichu’s younger bro and start calling out for him.

Azumarill is still tending to her flowers as Pichu and co walk past and spy the skateboard and roller-skate. They then run across the road to them thinking Pichu’s younger bro must be near! Azumarill then appears and Pichu tells her what happened and She tells them the direction they headed in so Pichu and co decide to go in the direction Azumarill told them. Teddiursa spots a nut on the floor and picks it up and eats it and then suddenly sees a whole load of nuts scattered on the floor and sits down and starts to eat them until he sees a passing Murkrow and decides to gather them up so it doesn’t spot them and take them.

Meanwhile Pichu’s younger bro is floating above the park is shouting out for help and suddenly spots his brother and shouts again and his bro turns round to see nothing in the sky but a Murkrow. Elsewhere Wooper walks along side a lake whilst nearby Pichu and co are looking near a building in the park, Smoochum suddenly spots Pichu’s bro floating in the sky and his older bro calls out to him. Suddenly a gust of wind catches the balloons Pichu is holding onto and blows him into some paint cans that are on top of some scaffolding that is next to the park building which knocks them over 1 by 1 causing Pichu and co to run away from them. And as they jump off the end of the plank they all bounce off Houndour’s head as he just happens to be sleeping there which wakes him up just as he gets covered with a pot of yellow paint and Pichu Smoochum and Magby run away only to notice Pichu’s younger bro has been blown into the distance. Suddenly a rather now angry Houndour appears behind them and starts chasing them out of the park, through the streets to beside the river, Pichu and co suddenly skid to a halt at a dead end until Houndour skids into them knocking them into the river.

Suddenly some big eyes spy from a sewer pipe as a shadowy Pokémon runs out of it and dives into the water to save them, suddenly a blue tail emerges from the water lifting Pichu, Smoochum, Houndour and Magby up, we now see that the Pokémon is non other than a Feraligatr, they thank it and it gently tosses them out of the water and Pichu, Magby and Smoochum land safely back in the park and Smoochum checks her hair in the mirror whilst Houndour bounce off a shop canopy onto a pavement where a Snorlax rolls over and squashes him.

Meanwhile back in the park Wooper is swimming round the fountain pool whilst Pichu’s younger brother hangs on for life to the balloon string he then spots a Murkrow (yes the same one) heading towards him which starts to pop his balloons which makes the balloons lose height. Teddiursa is now carrying his now collected nuts and puts them in the mouth of a Magikarp statue. He then hears Pichu above him who is losing height and starts running around thinking what to do. He then spots Wooper and goes and grabs him and runs as Murkrow pops the final balloon causing Pichu to fall.

Teddiursa then gets Wooper to water gun at Pichu which gives him a nice wet but comfy landing, until Wooper runs out of water making him dizzy eyed which causes Pichu to fall onto Wooper and Teddiursa. They then all laugh and walk back to the Pichu’s den where Pichu’s older brother is standing with his arms folded and tapping his foot along with an unhappy Smoochum and Magby.

The Pichu bros then start to argue again and Teddiursa starts running around whilst Smoochum tells Magby to go get some help quick. So Magby runs off to find Azumarill of whom he pushes back to Pichu’s den where they are now sparking cheeks at each other again and Teddiursa is still running around. Azumarill tells them to stop except when the Pichu bro’s shock each other Azumarill ends up getting hit by a stray spark. Anyways the Pichu bros make them selves dizzy again from their electricity and fall flat out on the floor. Magby, Smoochum and Teddiursa try to wake them up as Azumarill is now Very angry for being shocked and they run off leaving the Pichu bro’s still flat out on the floor. The Pichu bros now wake up and get scared by Azumarill who aims a water gun at them but misses and then ends up soaking Magby, Smoochum and Teddiursa.

Smoochum looks in her mirror noticing she is all wet and gets mad and starts using a Icy wind attack everywhere. Now every time Azumarill uses her water gun it gets frozen by Smoochum’s icy wind until a bit of ice falls down and hits Magby on the head which gets him angry and makes him use flamethrower and now when Azumarill uses water gun and Smoochum uses icy wind, Magby’s flamethrower carves the ice into a slide until the whole place is covered with an icy slide. This makes the Pokémon stop what their doing and forget about everything as they gaze at the beautiful sight.

They all decide to go on it and line up and as before Pichu’s younger bro goes at the front but Pichu’s older bro reminds him about not pushing in and he embarrassedly agrees whilst everyone goes on the slide and has fun as the story comes to a close.

Thanks to PiPikachu For Writing this guide for us

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