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The episode begins with Ash, Dawn and Brock on their way to the next city and the next Gym Badge and Contest. The group are in high spirits on their walk despite the gloomy looking sky and long road ahead of them, but these is not set to last as a loud crash signaling a thunderstorm emits around them. The group look sadly up to the sky before a rustling in the bushes a few meters away draws their attention away from the upcoming storm. Suddenly, a Cleffa pops out from the bush and smiles at them in contrast to its usual shy and reserved nature. Cleffa jumps out from the bushes and jumps towards them, before a female voice calling the young Pokemon's name calls out from within the forest around them. At that, a young woman with long green hair and a maid outfit appears from the trees, and looks relieved to have found her Pokemon. As the woman picks up her Pokemon the group walk over to her with Brock madly in love as usual. The woman explains that the Cleffa actually belongs to her Master, and that his mansion is not far off from here, pointing out the large building poking out from behind the trees. The maid then introduces herself as Monica and Ash and Dawn introduce themselves as well. Brock jumps over to Monica, showering her with compliments before Croagunk hits him with a Poison Jab which sends him reeling to the ground. Suddenly the sky crashes with thunder and lightning and rain starts to fall. Dawn looks horrified up to the sky before Monica tells them to follow her to shelter. The group run after her until they reach the mansion she pointed out before.

Inside, an old man who introduces himself as Mr. Backlot greets the group and invites them to stay the night. Ash thanks him as Monica walks in the room with a food cart full of pink Pokemon food. At that, several baby Pokemon such as Pichu, Igglybuff and Azurill jumps down from above to start snacking on the food as Monica watches them lovingly. Monica explains that here in his mansion, Mr. Backlot breeds his Pokemon, hence the special pink Pokemon food. Brock is very impressed, and comments that the Pokemon look very healthy and happy. Piplup starts tugging at Dawn's leg, appearing to be lonely and hungry. Dawn and the others call out their Pokemon and each group starts snacking into some of the Pokemon food provided by Mr. Backlot. Suddenly, a rather happy looking Swinub bounces into the room and pushes all the other Pokemon aside and starts snacking on their food. Ash looks shocked at the small Pokemon and comments on what a large appetite it has. Dawn's Pokemon start charging up their attacks at the Swinub that took all their food but Pikachu manages to calm them down. Monica then appears with a large plate of Pokemon food in an effort to satisfy the hungry menace. Swinub soon finishes the bowl of food and proceeds to go to sleep, happy at its full stomach.

Outside, Team Rocket look on at the mansion imagining all the rare Pokemon that must await them inside that belong to the obviously rich owner. Wobbuffet pops up about to scream its name before Jessie stops it, and the three start plotting how they'll try and take the Pokemon this time. Back inside the mansion, Mr. Backlot, Monica and the group sit at a large table enjoying some tea. The group talk for some time, before Monica offers to take Dawn and the rest of the group to the kitchen to try making some Pokemon food. The scene then cuts to the kitchen, where Monica hands Dawn some berries to start making Pokemon Poffins as Dawn is eager to improve her Poffin making skills for Contests. Brock is eager to join in and master the art of making delicious Poffins, and Ash joins in also excited. Monica and Ash start talking, and Ash explains that he is on his way to the Shinou League and is currently heading to the next Gym. Dawn adds that she is hoping to become a Top Coordinator. At that, Dawn's Poketch starts beeping and Dawn explains that it is her timer function telling her that her Poffin recipe is about done. After a short while the food is plated up and on display. Monica congratulates Dawn on making such delicious looking Poffins. when suddenly Swinub appears, jumps onto the table and starts eating all of their food. Piplup is horrified and Dawn grabs the plate away from Swinub scorning the Pokemon for being so greedy. Ash then puts his food onto the table, inviting Swinub to come eat it. Swinub sniffs at the plate that Ash put forward and looks away, uninterested. Ash insists that his food is delicious, and pops one into his mouth before reeling back in disgust at the horrible taste. Monica explains to Dawn that Swinub is only after her Pokemon's food because she made such delicious and nice looking Poffins. Dawn is happy to hear such a compliment and puts the plate back down inviting Swinub to dig in.

The next day, all of the group's Pokemon are relaxing and playing in Mr. Backlot's garden. Dawn then walks into the garden with a large basket from which she pulls many bowls of her new delicious Poffins which her own Pokemon are very happy to see. Swinub then appears, about to steal the food yet again before Dawn walks up with a very big bowl of food just for Swinub. Swinub digs in as Dawn asks if the Poffins are delicious and Swinub nods happily. Suddenly an explosion rocks the peaceful garden and the snacking Pokemon are sent plummeting down the large hole that appeared below them. Mr. Backlot runs up, extremely worried about his Pokemon. Ash wonders what is going on, when the answer is given to him in the form of Team Rocket who appear from the hole in a large flying machine. The team then recite their usual motto, which as usual is ignored by the gang who are concerned with the safety of their Pokemon. Ash calls out to Pikachu as Monica runs up with a worried look on her face. Ash demands that they give the Pokemon back, but Jessie sticks her tounge out at him as the three descend into their flying machine and proceed to take off. Ash and Dawn pull two very impressive action hero jumps and grab the edge of the machine as it starts to fly away. Dawn climbs up to the top of the machine, as Ash falls to the ground and runs over to a dome where all the Pokemon are trapped inside. Suddenly a hole appears below her and drags her down into the depths of the machine, trapping her. Steam then blasts out from the machine and it takes off leaving Ash on the ground along with Mr. Backlot, Brock and Monica. Inside the machine, Dawn looks through the dome to the Pokemon within and is relieved that they are safe. She then looks around for something to free them and finds a lever that turns off the barrier trapping them. The Pokemon crowd around her in happiness, thankful to her for freeing them. The only one that isn't happy is Swinub, who sniffs around for food before starting to glow. Dawn runs off after the Pokemon who then charges through a wall with its Take Down attack and creating a small hole between the rooms. Dawn follows it through to the next room where Swinub is enjoying snacking on all of Team Rocket's stolen food supply. At that, two holes appear below Dawn and Swinub sending them falling out of the machine and down to the ground below. Dawn grabs Swinub as they fall and the two land on a soft bush which cushions their fall.

Elsewhere Mr. Backlot, Monica, Ash and Brock are driving along in a large 4 by 4 following Team Rocket and their stolen Pokemon. Dawn and Swinub are also searching, with Swinub using its sense of smell to find the thieves. Swinub finds a hole in a tree filled with a stash of berries and other items of food but Dawn tells it that thats not what they are looking for. Swinub goes searching again, this time finding an apple tree which it knocks into sending several apples falling down to the ground. Swinub offers an apple to Dawn who sadly takes it but the apple's round shape reminds her of Piplup. Swinub's face then turns determined and it goes running off in search once again. This time it finds its target, a relaxing Team Rocket who are enjoying all the food they had stolen from Mr. Backlot. Swinub charges into their flying machine which sends the team sitting on top crashing to the ground. Dawn shouts at Team Rocket, demanding that they give back the Pokemon. Jessie smirks and laughs, saying that there's no chance of that happening. James then sends out Carnivine, followed by Jessie with Yanmega who are instantly frozen by Swinub using Ice Shard. Swinub then uses Take Down, smashing into Team Rocket's machine and freeing all the Pokemon inside. Mr. Backlot and the rest of the gang ride up and Ash jumps out the car along with Brock to greet all the freed Pokemon. Mr. Backlot and Monica follow, with their Pokemon running to them in relief and happiness.

Team Rocket pull themselves and their now thawed out Pokemon from the ground, and James says they'll never let those Pokemon go free. James calls for a Bullet Seed from Carnivine, while Jessie commands Yanmega to use Sonic boom. The attacks are deflected by Swinub's Ice Shard, and then followed up from Ash and Dawn with Piplup's Bubblebeam and Pikachu's Thunderbolt. The two attacks collide at once causing a massive explosion which sends Team Rocket and their Pokemon blasting off again. Dawn walks over to Swinub, thanking it for helping them stop Team Rocket. Swinub bounces up and down happily, before running over to the large pile of remaining food and starts snacking on it again. Dawn asks if the food is delicious, and Swinub nods. Dawn then asks if Swinub wants to come along with her. Swinub starts to blush, and then agrees to which Dawn pulls out a Pokeball and sucking Swinub inside. Ash congratulates Dawn on her new Pokemon and Dawn shows the Pokeball to the group of Pokemon who cheer and welcome their new teammate.

Later that day we find Ash, Dawn and Brock outside Mr. Backlot's mansion with Monica. Monica explains that the next Contest hall is quite near and Dawn thanks her. Mr. Backlots starts talking about his cute Pokemon and how much he's happy to have them back, before Brock walks over to Monica and starts confessing his undying love to her... before Croagunk hits Brock's behind with another Poison Jab. At that, the group head off into the distance ready for their next adventure.

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552: Hungry For the Good Life!

552: The Gluttonous Swinub at Mr. Backlot's!


Mr. Backlot

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