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A doorbell rings at Professor Oak's lab. Tracey opens the door to see a Pikachu standing in front of him. But this is no ordinary Pikachu, Its Sparky! Richie then starts by introducing himself, Tracey comments on how well Sparky looks, Sparky replies with a happy "Pikachu". Tracey then invites Richie and sparky in and gives them both a drink and says that "your Ash's friend right?". Sparky starts happily drinking his drink whilst Richie explains that he's here to see Prof Oak, Tracey explains that he has gone to the TV station to do a broadcast.

Professor Oak is standing with DJ Mary outside a lift when two people in lab coats (Butch and Cassidy in disguise) come up to him and say they have something to show him he follows them to a room where Butch opens a box with an egg inside it, Oak is interested and peers closer when the egg opens up to reveal a Bulbasaur, but this is no ordinary Bulbasaur it is a fake 1 which sprays some sort of gas into Professor Oak's Face.

Back at Professor Oak's lab Tracey decides to see how the Professor is getting on and contacts him on the video phone but is greeted my Mary who says that Oak has gone missing!. Soon Tracey and Richie arrive in the back of a truck at the town the TV show is being broadcast, they thank the driver and then look for the TV station. They run over to the Tv station where Mary and Officer Jenny are standing and Tracey calls out "Mary!", 2 security guards tell him that they can't come past but Mary tells them they are friends of Professor Oak and they go inside.

Mary start explaining how Oak just disappeared and that she doesn't know where he has gone, Tracey hmm's and Mary asks who Tracey has brought with him and explains Richie is a friend of Ash and says that Sparky is his Pikachu.

Mary is starting to get worried and Richie asks what happened She explains they were rehearsing for a broadcast of Oak explaining the different types of Pokémon such as Fire, Water etc and when they had finished they were waiting to go downstairs. Richie asks if he went with anyone and Mary explains two people came up to him before he was about to go in the lift and that he told her he would meet her shortly and that was the last she saw of him.

Richie thinks and looks at the Entrance to the building, Richie then walks outside and looks at the Tv station along with Mary, Officer Jenny and Tracey and Richie thinks and decides to ask a security guard if he has seen anyone suspicious.

The security guard then tells Richie that no one suspicious has been seen and Richie then comes up with a thought about how he was kidnapped by people who wheeled an empty cardboard box into the building on a trolley then put a knocked out Professor Oak in the cardboard box and wheeled it out again. Mary then says how clever Richie is and he gets embarrassed, Richie then asks the security guard who exactly has been into the building that day, he remembers seeing a man wheeling a Nidoqueen into the building on a trolley and that he had identification with him and didn't look suspicious, Richie then thinks that it must of been someone in disguise.

A Pidgeot Express truck is driving along a road and then see Professor Oak tied up, knocked out and gagged on the floor of the truck, a woman in the front then takes off her hat to reveal it is none other than Cassidy! she says to Butch how easy it was kidnapping Professor Oak.

It all starts with butch in disguise pushing a Nidoqueen into the TV station on a trolley, he then peers round a corner to check the coast is clear and the Nidoqueen takes it's head off to reveal Cassidy, then Butch and Cassidy are in their scientist costumes and are walking down a corridor with a box in their hands when they see Professor Oak outside a lift, they get him to follow them to a room and we see the egg that is inside the box open up to reveal a fake Bulbasaur that squirts a knocking out gas into Professor Oak's face.

Professor Oak then asks who are you? Cassidy starts with their motto after they have done the motto Professor Oak says Team Rocket! Cassidy & Botch!. of course Butch gets angry with this and says its Butch not Botch and then Professor Oak is now knocked out from the gas. Cassidy tells Butch to bring him and get out of the building, they then put Professor Oak in the Nidoqueen costume and wheel him out on the trolley they had before with them in disguise as delivery people and they escape the building without anyone noticing anything suspicious, they then wheel him into the truck and drive away, Cassidy tells Butch to step on it and they hurry further down the road.

Meanwhile back at the TV station the security guard says he saw 2 people take a Nidoqueen out of the building then Richie asks Officer Jenny to look for a Pidgeot Express Truck and Jenny takes them Richie,Tracey and Mary in her police car as they hurry to find the truck. Meanwhile Butch and Cassidy continue down the road and Cassidy explains why they were suppose to kidnap Oak.

Butch and Cassidy stand in a room with Professor Nanba and they call him Number and he says "Its Nanba!" anyway he explains about his Pokémon Project and that he needs all the information on Pokémon he can get and asks Butch and Cassidy to bring him Professor Oak!.

Back in the truck Cassidy tells Butch to turn right and they head off down a side street, Meanwhile Jenny has stopped when Richie decides to release his Taillow! Rose, Tracey comments on Taillow and says that Ash has recently caught 1 too! Richie says that they both have good choice in Pokémon. Richie tells Rose to look for a Pidgeot truck, Rose is confused to what a Pidgeot looks like so Tracey quickly gets his sketch pad out and does a quick sketch of a Pidgeot and Rose then fly's off to look.

Meanwhile in a small run down building Butch contacts Professor Nanba on a Widescreen monitor whilst Professor Oak demands he be untied, Cassidy says to Nanba that they have Professor Oak as he asked for, Nanba explains to Oak he needs him with his observation on Pokérus as it helps Pokémon bring out their full power, Oak refuses to help so Butch and Cassidy put corks in their ears then get a small glass slate and a Nail, Oak says anything but that!!!, they scratch the glass ARGHHHHHH. Professor Oak is now all tingly and on the monitor Nanba has put his fingers in his ears and Butch and Cassidy do the same thing again, Outside Rose can see the the truck parked outside the building from the air and heads back to Richie and everyone jumps back into the police car as Officer Jenny follows Rose.

Professor Oak has now fallen back on his chair on the floor, Cassidy tells him to proceed with their Pokérus plan or she will do the glass treatment again and then calls Butch over whilst Nanba starts talking again when suddenly Professor Oak starts one of his Haiku's (Poem's) about Pokérus, when suddenly Rose fly's in breaking the glass Butch is holding.

Suddenly Tracey, Richie Mary and Jenny appear and Tracey and Richie shout "Professor", the Professor then starts trying to move in his chair, Butch and Cassidy say that its the twerp that helped ruin their Lugia plan with Tracey then saying Cassidy and Richie saying Botch with Butch replying "Its BUTCH not BOTCH!!!" Butch and Cassidy then drag Oak across the floor still tied to his chair and Cassidy releases Sabeleye Richie tells Sparky to attack it but Sabeleye just shadow punch's him back, meanwhile Cassidy and Butch drag Oak out the building with his head bouncing on the floor as they pull him, Tracey and Richie chase after them and Butch releases a Mightyena, Richie tells Rose to use its Gust attack and Sabeleye counters with a Shadow punch attack, Tracey then releases Scyther and Butch tells Mightyena to use a Bite Attack, Scyther then uses a Slash attack with Butch then telling Mightyena to use a Iron Tail.

Tracey returns Scyther and Richie tells Sparky to attack but Cassidy has Sabeleye use Fury Swipes and Richie returns Rose and releases Zippo who uses a flamethrower attack on Mightyena, however a few small flames from the flamethrower end up in Professor Oak's hair which then starts to burn, he then starts running in chair like mad and hits the outside wall of the building, Butch and Cassidy then chase over to him to get him back to the truck and tell Sabeleye and Mightyena to attack then Richie tells Sparky to use his Thunderbolt attack on Sabeleye and Sabeleye lands on top of Mightyena thus squashing it then tells Zippo to flamethrower them, knocking them into Butch And Cassidy and into the building and then he tells Sparky to Thunderbolt inside the building which blows it up Blasting Butch, Cassidy and their Pokémon off into the sky.

Tracey and Richie then ask if Oak if he is ok and he says he's fine Mary then says their late for the broadcast and Jenny says she'll get them there right away!, The broadcast goes ahead and after the broadcast the prof speaks to Richie and Richie first of all says that he hopes to meet up with Ash soon and then asks what Team Rocket wanted to kidnap him for anyway and the prof explains it was to do with Pokérus Mary then appears and tells Richie they couldn't of done it without him.

Special Thanks to PiPikachu for writing This for us


Pokémon Investigation! Search For Oak!


Professor Oak
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Charmeleon Pikachu Taillow

Richie Visits Prof. Oak
Taillow 'Rose' Makes It's First Appearence

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Richie Decides to head to Hoenn
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