Richie (Jp. Name: Hiroshi)

Hometown: ?
First Appearence In Episode: A Friend In Deed!


Richie is a young Pokémon trainer from Kanto. Richie is a really kind kid who enjoys Pokémon Battles and making friends. Showing his eccentricity, Richie nicknames his Pokémon to make them more personal. He also marks his Pokéballs just in case he gets seperated from them so he knows which ones are his. In the Indigo League, Richie quickly befriended Ash and they became close friends and ended up having to battle eachother. However due to Ash's unruley Charizard, Richie defeated Ash. After losing in the next match, Richie continued to travel and visited the Whirl Islands in Johto while still travelling through Kanto on many occassions.


Richie has defeated at least 8 Gyms in Kanto and came in the Top 8 in the Pokémon League at the Indigo Pleateau

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details
Sparky (Jp. Name: Leon)

Richie's Pikachu, Sparky, is Richie's best friend. Like Ash's Pikachu, Sparky does not stay in it's PokéBall and is always found on Richie's shoulder. Due to their immense amount of time together, Sparky has adopted many of Richie's mannerisms and feelings, getting angry when Richie does. Sparky is always eager to battle and to make friends.

Caught Prior To Episode: A Friend In Deed


Rose was a Pokémon that was seen only once when Richie was battling Team Rocket in order to rescue Professor Oak. When he released it, Tracey noted that Ash also had a Taillow. Rose was also used to try and hunt down where Professor Oak was being held.

Caught Prior To episode: Oak-napped


Zippo had evolved from Charmander sometime after Richie partook in the Pokémon League. Zippo has still kept it's firey passion for battles, and it has overcome its original naivity. Zippo still is a pretty powerful Pokémon that Richie trusts and uses in the majority of his battles.

Evolved From Charmander Prior To episode: The Mystery is History!


Cruz, Richie's Pupitar, has only been seen in battle against Butch & Cassidy who were trying to kidnap a Lugia. Pupitar has a range of ground based and tackling attacks at its disposal. Not much is known about its personality.

Caught Prior To episode: The Mystery is History!


Happy the Butterfree lives to its name and is a joyful Pokémon. Loyal to Richie, Butterfree can manage to hold its own in battle and was also used as a scout to find Team Rocket on occassion. However in the flying department, it seems to have taken a backseat to Rose.

Caught Prior To episode: A Frined in Deed

Pokémon Previously Owned

Pokémon Picture Details

Zippo was a calm and young Charmander when he first was introduced. Like Ash's Charmander, Zippo was a fun loving kind Pokémon that was also used in battle. In the Indigo League it also went into battle against Ash's Charizard, showing that Zippo has the determination to try and beat the toughest foes. Sometime after the league, Zippo evolved into Charmeleon.

Caught Prior To episode: A Frined in Deed
Evolved Into Charmeleon Prior To episode: The Mystery is History!

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