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Team Rocket is now flying through the sky following a recent blast off. James complains that he is entirely sick of always loosing, and Meowth says he doesn't even remember the last time they saw victory. Jessie tells them to stop being so down, and recalls the time back when they were winners.

James begins to fiddle through his pockets causing all his bottle caps to fly out. They all hit Meowth in the face, but one particular one hits him square in the nose. It’s a gold cap with a red R on it. James pries it off and all three of them instantly recognize it. James can't even believe he still has it and Meowth is also shocked. Jessie is now in a very emotional state. She remembers that this bottle cap was from the rocket training school so many years ago. (CUE FLASHBACK!!!)

Jessie is now younger, and she is upside down! It turns out this is a flashback, and she is suspended above a large sleeping Articuno. She is slowly being lowered until she is just above it. Her current training partner and his Mankey are holding the rope above, but finding it very difficult. Jessie tells him to hold it steady and she then wraps her hands around the bird's neck.

Her partner then begins to hoist her up, but is having a lot of trouble. (At this point we can see that the Articuno is fake.) Suddenly, her partner looses the rope and Jessie is sent falling. He manages to catch it, but Jessie drops the Articuno in the process. It shatters on the ground and a red alarm goes off. Jessie is now very nervous. She immediately unties her legs and falls to the ground. Her partner exclaims that they are supposed to stay together, but Jessie refuses. She rushes from the building leaving her partner to fall through the roof.

As Jessie looks back on the rubble, a large light flashes on her and a woman's voice tells of her failure. A large man with a Mohawk and a huge nose steps up. He is writing something down on a clipboard. He remarks that she is a very impressive student, but she never seems to work well with others. Jessie stands up and explains that she is a loner, then confidently walks off. Behind them some grunts are helping the injured partner from the rubble.

The rocket trainer then reports back to Giovanni. He flips through the charts and informs him of the many failures and promising students. It seems Butch and Cassidy are both doing well, but Jessie is without a partner now. The trainer acknowledges that, and Giovanni tells him to find her a partner that she can get along with.

The door then opens and a grunt informs Giovanni that they have a new Pokemon recruit. Giovanni asks what it is and the grunt nervously lets in Meowth. Meowth begins to talk while trying to flatter Giovanni, but he just sounds dumb. In the end he just exclaims that he was made for Team Rocket. Giovanni seems interested in him, and Persian is confused by him.

Meanwhile, Jessie and Cassidy are exercising on some treadmills. Cassidy realizes Jessie has sped up, and she speeds up to catch her. At this, both girls begin to speed up causing a race for the top speed. The other rocket trainees watch as the treadmills begin to spark.

In the locker room, Jessie wipes herself with a towel. Cassidy then enters the room and opens her locker. She tells Jessie that she put up a tough race, but like always she was victorious. Jessie makes a comeback and the two begin to argue. Cassidy then ads in that she heard Jessie is at risk of failing if she can't find a partner, but Jessie just says she doesn't need one. Cassidy laughs and makes a statement about her having a partner that she works well with. She then calls over the lockers for "Botch" to hurry .Butch is angered by the mispronouncing of his name and yells back, but Cassidy isn't paying attention.

Meanwhile, Meowth is being fed inside Giovanni's office. Giovanni watches him as does Persian. It doesn't look too pleased. Meowth talks about how he wishes to serve the boss as he eats, and then embarrassedly asks for seconds. That evening, Jessie looks out over the valley. She then turns to find the rocket trainer present. He explains to her that though she may be a promising student, she can't get far without a partner, and for that…they have found another one. Jessie asks who and the trainer introduces her to James.

She turns to see him leaning rebelliously against the wall. Jessie remarks that she doesn't need a partner, and James says he is the one that can go without one. The trainer then states that they need to work together to pass the obstacle course tomorrow, so they should fix this little squabble now. After some more conversation, the three depart.

The next morning, both rockets are ready for the course. The trainer shoots into the air and they rush off. The two are neck and neck through most of the course, but they soon come to many hidden pitfalls. Jessie makes it by, but James falls into one. She turns and asks if he needs any assistance, but James says he can handle it. Jessie smiles as he pulls himself out. Meanwhile, Meowth is happily bringing some tea to Giovanni. However, he is so caught up in how much Giovanni will thank him that he doesn't watch where he's going. He ends up crashing into a pail, drenching himself with water, and getting electrocuted.

Giovanni is on the phone with the trainer when Meowth walks in burnt to a crisp. Giovanni tells the trainer that he found the perfect Pokemon, and then hangs up. He then informs Meowth that he has promoted him to field work. Meowth is overjoyed by this. At the obstacle course, the trainer introduces Jessie and James to their Pokemon companion. Meowth gives them a thumbs up and says he'll do his best to benefit the team. Jessie and James are bored with him, and then realize he is speaking! Meowth gloats about it, and then laughs.

The next day the trainer introduces the recruits to the relay. He shows them a point on the map and says the first to conquer the hill and reach it wins. Meowth checks the pack to find they only have one loaf of bread and a single glass of water. He seems worried, but Jessie says she won't need any. Meowth laughs and tries to sound important by saying he won't either. James then adds in that he may slow them down.

During the first trek of the relay, Meowth manages to consume all the bread. While Jessie and James trudge through muddy water, Meowth drinks all the water and even washes himself with it. When they make it to the waterfall, James turns back to see a complaining Meowth. He admits that he hates water, so James is forced to carry him on his head.

While the three scale the mountain, Meowth can't seem to climb and falls down. James comes down and asks what is wrong, and Meowth admits that he is starched. James pulls out his water and bread and hands it to Meowth. Meowth is reluctant to take it, but James says that's all he needs is the bottle cap. Meowth spits the cap into his hand and chugs the water. Jessie watches from above.

That night, the group camps in the forest. Jessie pulls out her bread and is ready to eat it when she hears Meowth's stomach growling. She ignores it, but when it rumbles again, she breaks the bread into three pieces. Meowth happily takes one half and she holds out the other for James. He says he doesn't need it, so Meowth says he'll have his share. As he goes to grab it, Jessie pulls away and he falls. Jessie gets up and hands it to him, saying he needs to eat something. James smiles and takes it.

That night, James asks Jessie if she's awake. She says she is and they begin to talk. James explains that he has never had true friends, or anyone that cared much for him. Jessie feels the same way, and after some talking they agree to be the best partners to each other that they can. Meowth begins to talk in his sleep, and sentimental music begins to play.

The next day the group makes it to a large wooden bridge high over a raging river. Meowth clings to a rock exclaiming that he won't go. Jessie begins to yell at him, and James suggests that they be less harsh. After some calm talking, Meowth agrees to go. Jessie goes on first, and a board breaks. She continues on and slowly makes it to the other side. James then goes with Meowth grasping to his head. He is halfway across when the rope starts to tear. Jessie calls to him and he flings Meowth to her. She grabs Meowth and the bridge breaks.

Now James is holding to Meowth's tail as Jessie grabs Meowth's hands. Jessie says she'll pull them up, but James sees the pain Meowth is in. He lets go, causing Jessie to scream for him. The next day, Jessie and Meowth are in the doctor's office. James is bandaged like a mummy on the other side of some glass. The doctor explains that he will be out for a while, and Meowth feels responsible.

Jessie and Meowth then report to the trainer for their final test. Butch and Cassidy are also there. The trainer explains to them that they must infiltrate a clock tower, make it to the top and steal the red Snorlax before the time is up, but the tower is heavily booby-trapped. Butch asks a question and the trainer refers to him as "Botch", depressing him. The trainer then explains that since James is out, Jessie must go alone. Cassidy laughs at this, saying that Jessie doesn't have a chance without a partner.

That night, the two groups emerge from the bushes. Cassidy, Butch, and their Raticate rush out and use suction cups to scale the tower. Meowth is a little reluctant, and Jessie begins to walk away. He asks where she's going and she begins to explain that she can't do it without a partner. Suddenly, a mummified James appears by a tree. He says she has a partner, and he takes off his bandages. Meowth says the team is back together, and they can still win. Jessie wipes away some tears and says they have to get going.

The two groups are pretty close now. They face shutting doors, falling floors, fire Pokemon, floods, and even Indiana Jones boulders! Finally, both groups make it to the top at the same time. Cassidy wants to get to the Snorlax first, so she and Butch rush in. A hole in the floor opens up and their whole team falls through. James and Meowth did not see this happen, and so they rush after the Snorlax. Jessie calls to them, and they stop just where the hole is.

It opens up and James and Meowth fall. James grabs Meowth's tail and Jessie grabs Meowth. The bell begins to ring and Meowth says she should just get the Snorlax and pass. Jessie says she can't let them fall. James says he won't let her fail and lets go, but her and Meowth grab him. Jessie says some things are more important than passing, and James is touched. After some struggling, Jessie pulls James up. He then topples onto her and it's one of those awkward moments where they are on top of each other breathing heavily and sweating.

Meowth then interrupts and the group attaches the balloon to the cage. The red Snorlax is lifted, but the alarm clock suddenly rings. Team Rocket is shocked to find out that the red Snorlax was actually the trainer in disguise. He says he is very impressed with them, which shocks them more.

The next day, Jessie, James, Meowth, and a very injured Butch, Cassidy, and Raticate wait to see if they passed. Cassidy says they would've beaten them if they weren't so caught up in the moment, and she asks "Botch" for support, but he just yells. The trainer soon comes in and explains that neither of the teams passed the final test. Everyone is a little depressed, but he then says that since they showed remarkable team work and impressive attitudes, both of the groups are now members of Team Rocket. He congratulates them and they all begin to cheer.

(END FLASHBACK!!!) Jessie freezes that moment and says this bottle cap is a symbol of that moment. They stare at it for some time, and then become more determined than ever to do well. With a final cheer, they disappear into the horizon…

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