Tanks Alot
- 1-30-2001-14:25-EST - Serebii
Well i got the Tanks Alot Pics. They are in the section. As for the MSB and the Pikachu's Rescue Adventure Pics, I got them uploaded, i just need to create the pages

Tanks Alot Pictures

Well thats about all for today

See Ya

- 1-29-2001-15:15-EST - Serebii

Well i didnt want to tell you this until I was 100% sure.....but as an almost fact, the UK is getting Crystal in October this year.....could this mean it is being released in the US?

Who Knows?

I have also started working on Walkthroughs and the New Pokédex

See Ya

Pikachu's Summer Vacation
- 1-27-2001-9:41-EST - Serebii

Well sorry about the lack of updates......But I have opened the Pikachu's Summer Vacation Section up with Synopsis and pics. CLick the pic below for it

I will add pics for Pikachu's Rescue Adventure up soon

See Ya

Crystal Animations
- 1-24-2001-14:15-EST - Serebii

Well I got the latest Animations. Thanx to Kevin of Pokémasters again for them

Well i have added these to the section

See Ya

Yesterday's episodes
- 1-21-2001-7:30-EST - Serebii

Well i got the episode pics of yesterdays new episodes up. Have a look

Chikorita's Big Upset
For Crying Out Loud

I also updated the Episode Guide Listings with the next 5 new episode names set for Canada

Well thats about all

See Ya

New Episodes
- 1-20-2001-17:27-EST - Serebii

Well Today showed 2 new episodes in was worth the wait and it is also out of order -_-' such a shame...I'll get episode pics ASAP aswell

Chikorita's Big Upset
For Crying Out Loud

Well Thats about all

See Ya

No News
- 1-18-2001-13:28-EST - Serebii

I am sorry, but there is no news curremtly being posted out..........:/

Such a shame

Anyway....go to the Chatroom to talk to our experienced ops about their experience of Pokémon :)

See Ya

Episode Pics
- 1-16-2001-8:07-EST - Serebii

Well i got 3 more episodes worth....ill have more tomorrow. Thanks to TPS for the pics

Pokémon Double Trouble
The Wacky Watcher
The Stun Spore Detour

See Ya

- 1-13-2001-9:14-EST - Serebii

I completely forgot about the episode pics....well I'll sort that out ASAP but dont expect any of them to be up until at least Monday. Well I will try and get more news to you soon

See Ya

Episode Pics
- 1-11-2001-16:20-EST - Serebii

Well i got some episode pics for some Orange League episodes. As usual these pics are courtesy of our affiliate: TPS

Well here they are

Hello Pumello
Enter The Dragonite
Viva Las Lapras
The Underground Round-Up
A Tents Situation
The Rivalry Revival

Well I will have more up tomorrow and saturday

See Ya

Crystal Animations
- 1-9-2001-15:13-EST - Serebii

Well i got these pics from Kevin at Pokémasters So thanks to him :). Here they are

I will add these to the section Later

See Ya

We have a new affilliate
- 1-8-2001-15:43-EST - Serebii

It is the great Psypoke....give a warm welcome to them. Also......I am putting up pictures for the orange league episodes so look forward to that.

Well more later

See Ya

Puzzle Challenge and Neo Genesis
- 1-7-2001-9:07-EST - Serebii

Well Lucky You.......Today I made the Puzzle Challenge Section and finished the Neo Genesis Section with scans thanx to Pokémasters. Click on the Pictures Below to get to the Pages

See ya

Some Good.....and some bad news
- 1-6-2001-11:12-EST - Serebii

Well I will start off with the good news.....Bulbagarden Made me site of the week......I am so honored. The other bit of good new is that I have got the US Stadium 2 Box

As you can is compatible with all the games except crystal....which takes me onto the bad news. It seems that Nintendo will not be releasing Pokémon Crystal In the US, UK, Australia or anywhere else. I will trey and get some concrete evidence against that but more later

See Ya

Well News has been slow
- 1-6-2001-4:30-EST - Serebii

Sorry for not updating.....I will have a Puzzle Challenge Section up ASAP. There has been an official US Release Date for Stadium GS: March 26. Well thats about all for now

See Ya

Happy NEw YEar
- 1-2-2001-10:56-EST - Serebii

Happy NEw Year

Well there hasnt been much news but I promise you....I will be updating the Puzzle Challenge and Stadium GS Page Very Soon

See Ya

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