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There are a massive variety of Owner's Pokémon, with a great deal being exclusive to the Movie Halfdecks that got released in Japan. These Pokémon cards signify the various trainers and their various Pokémon. Some Owner's Pokémon are not even limited to People and are in fact owned by the areas in which they dwell. Owner's Pokémon were later replaced by Pokémon SP. Click the trainer name to go to their respective page

Game Trainers

Rocket's Pokémon
Brock's Pokémon
Misty's Pokémon
Lt. Surge's Pokémon
Erika's Pokémon
Sabrina's Pokémon
Koga's Pokémon
Blaine's Pokémon
Giovanni's Pokémon
Falkner's Pokémon
Bugsy's Pokémon
Whitney's Pokémon
Morty's Pokémon
Chuck's Pokémon
Jasmine's Pokémon
Pryce's Pokémon
Clair's Pokémon
Janine's Pokémon
Will's Pokémon
Bruno's Pokémon
Karen's Pokémon
Lance's Pokémon
Team Aqua's Pokémon
Team Magma's Pokémon
Movie Trainers

Ash's Pokémon
Brock's Pokémon
Misty's Pokémon
May's Pokémon
Aaron's Pokémon
Annie's Pokémon
Audrey's Pokémon
Butler's Pokémon
Ilene's Pokémon
Katherine's Pokémon
Kidd's Pokémon
Lizabeth's Pokémon
Phantom's Pokémon
Rafe's Pokémon
Rebecca's Pokémon
Ross' Pokémon
Ship's Pokémon
Sid's Pokémon
Pokémon SP

Aaron's Pokémon
Argenta's Pokémon
Ash's Pokémon
Bertha's Pokémon
Brock's Pokémon
Byron's Pokémon
Candice's Pokémon
Crasher Wake's Pokémon
Cynthia's Pokémon
Cyrus's Pokémon
Dahlia's Pokémon
Darach's Pokémon
Dawn's Pokémon
Fantina's Pokémon
Flint's Pokémon
Galactic Grunts' Pokémon
Gardenia's Pokémon
Gishin's Pokémon
Jupiter's Pokémon
Kako's Pokémon
Kanta's Pokémon
Lucian's Pokémon
Mars's Pokémon
Maylene's Pokémon
Michina's Pokémon
Palmer's Pokémon
Roark's Pokémon
Saturn's Pokémon
Sheena's Pokémon
Team Rocket's Pokémon
Thorton's Pokémon
Volkner's Pokémon

AltoMare's Pokémon
Aura's Pokémon
Forina's Pokémon
Holon's Pokémon
LaRousse's Pokémon
PokéPark's Pokémon
Rota's Pokémon
Samiya's Pokémon
Sea's Pokémon
Sky's Pokémon
Space Fissure's Pokémon