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Sigilyph GX 170 HP  
When Pokémon-GX has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

Ability Mirror Counter
If this Pokémon is your Active Pokémon and is damaged by your opponent's Pokémon-GX or Pokémon EX (even if this Pokémon is Knocked Out), put damage counters on the Attacking Pokémon equal to the damage done to this Pokémon.

PsychicColorlessColorless Sonic Wing
This attack's damage is not affected by Resistance.

PsychicColorlessColorless Intercept GX
This attack does 60 damage times the amount of Energy attached to your opponent's Active Pokémon
You can't use more than 1 GX attack in a game

Weakness x2 Resistance

Retreat Cost

202 of 214
Illustration: PLANETA Igarashi


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