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Electrode 70 HP  

Poké-Power Energy Sprinkle
You can use this power once during your turn (before your attack), if Electrode is your Active Pokémon. This Poké-Power lets you move a number of basic Energy cards attached to Electrode to any number of your Benched Pokémon. This power can't be used when Electrode is affected by a Special Condition.
Selecting Yes will reveal the number of Energy Cards movable.
e-Reader only

ColorlessColorless Plasma
If there are any Electric Energy cards in your discard pile, flip a coin. If heads, attach 1 of them to Electrode.

ElectricElectricColorlessColorless Selfdestruct
This attack does 20 damage to each Pokémon on each player's Bench. (Don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokémon.) Electrode does 100 damage to itself.

Weakness Resistance

Retreat Cost

36 of 144
Illustration: Sumiyoshi Kizuki

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Set: Skyridge
Quantity: 2


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