Volume 5
Eng Picture Eng Title Jp. Title Jp. Picture
Pokémon Adventures Volume Five Pokémon Special Volume 5
Release Date Release Date
February 2nd 2010 (2nd Ed.) April 1999


  • Green teaches Yellow about Pokémon
  • Yellow Catches a Caterpie
  • Ratty evolves into Raticate
  • Pika takes care of Freesk
  • Green continues to teach Yellow about Pokémon
  • Green & Yellow seperate
  • Three remaining Team Rocket Elites cause the SS Anne to sink
  • Yellow defeats the three Rocket Elites and saves the passengers of the SS Anne
  • Yellow Discovers the ruins which contain the re-usable evolution stones
  • Blue & Bill find out Red is still alive
  • Blue & Bill flee from the Elite Four
  • Yellow borrows a Slowpoke for a Surf Contest
  • Blue & Bill hunt down Hitmonlee
  • The Dragonair used as a prize starts acting violently
  • Lance looks for Yellow
  • Blue defeats Hitmonlee
  • Yellow Chases after Lance & Dragonair and gets Captures
  • Yellow keeps battling Lance
  • Lance spots Pika and tries to get it
  • Pika learns Surf
  • Yellow helps a Farfetch'd find a new nest
  • Yellow meets Blaine again.
  • Brock finds Red...or is it Red?
  • Celadon, Cerulan, Pewter come under attack by the Elite Four
  • Blaine, Mewtwo, Yellow & Green arrive on Cerise Island to find Surge, Sabrina & Koga
# Chapter Picture
053 VS. Caterpie
054 VS. Pidgeotto
055 VS. Primeape
056 VS. Slowpoke
057 VS. Ekans
058 VS. Tentacruel
059 VS. Hitmonlee
060 VS. Dragonair (Part 1)
061 VS. Dragonair (Part 2)
062 VS. Dragonair (Part 3)
063 VS. Exeggutor
064 VS. Arcanine
065 VS. Machop