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Ever since Team Rocket was disintegrated by the joint forces of justice two years ago, the luxurious liner S.S. Anne no longer serves to tranport underground and biologically engineered pokemons. It has now become the circulating craft between different seaports which everyone in Kanto dreams of sailing on. After saying her goodbyes to Green, Yellow has boarded the liner along the shoreline of the Rock Tunnel, and is currently on her way to the Vermillion seaport. It has been nearly a month since she set out to go in search of the missing Red, and the young trainer hopes that she would find something useful at her next destination.

In one of the low-class guestrooms on S.S. Anne, the President of the Pokemon Fan Club is replaying the videotapes of the Pokemon League challenge two years ago. He remarks how the event changed his views on pokemon battles, and gets all excited once he recalls the hard work he has put in training his own pokemons since then. He calls out his Rapidash and Fearow, and orders them to use pay-day. The two pokemons begin thrashing around and hundreds of golden coins start to scatter across the floor. The odd little man marvels over the attack, and compliments on himself for teaching his pokemons the special skill that was supposed to be unique to species like Meowths and Persians only. In fact, if it had not been the result of using pay-day over and over again, he would not have collected enough money to board S.S. Anne and get the experience of sailing on a luxurious liner.

Meanwhile, in the engine room, three mysterious men are messing up the machines with their own devices. One man tells the others to hurry, and says they would activate the explosion with Slowpoke's psychic powers later on. Outside, Yellow is starting to get sleepy again while taking a walk on the decks with Pika. She notices the three mysterious men bolting out from the engine room and wonders what's going on. Suddenly, a loud bang shakes everyone off their feet, and the liner begins to tip and sink into the sea. Furnitures are being thrown across the rooms and people start screaming as they get knocked around. Looking out towards the sea, Yellow sees that they are not too far away from the Vermillion harbour, and knows that the incident is no ordinary machine dysfunction. She then orders Pika to check on the passengers when she heads towards the engine room for a look.

In his guestroom, the President of the Pokemon Fan Club gets upset that S.S. Anne is breaking down, and swears to protect it as he runs off to look for the cause. In the engine room, Yellow notices the destruction to the machines and knows a timer bomb must have been set there. She is about to think of a way to salvage the situation when the odd little president comes barging in and mistakes her as the one who started the trouble. The man orders a pay-day from his Fearow and Rapidash, and Yellow frantically ducks under her straw hat and tries to explain that she is there to help. The whole ship shakes again, and the president gets thrown over the stairs he's standing on. Yellow yells in shock, but Pika enters the room just in time to grab the man from his fall. While complimenting the little electic rat's good work, the young trainer realizes water is beginning to leak through the damaged walls of the room. She releases her Omanyte, Omask, and orders it to freeze the blasted openings with an icebeam. She then reads Pika's thoughts and sees that the passengers are in danger. Just then, the President of the Pokemon Fan Club stops her to ask if the Pika belongs to Red, one of the premium members of his club, and Yellow is surprised that the man knows Red. But there isn't time to explain as the liner trembles again and sinks even more. Yellow tells the president to take care of himself, and heads back to the deck with Pika.

Up on the deck, the three mysterious men reveal themselves as Ken, Ryu and Harry, remnants of the evil Team Rocket, as well as gang leaders of the team who were directly under the supervision of the three TR executives, Lt. Surge, Koga and Sabrina. They call themselves the TR Elite, and says members who have escaped the arrest two years ago are secretly working to resurrect the team in various places in Kanto. By taking over S.S. Anne, they will once again establish their reputation across the land. Stunned and afraid, the passengers feel helpless in their situation and wonder what to do.

A voice suddenly calls out to challenge the three TR gang leaders, and everyone turns around to see Yellow standing with a determined look on her face. She releases her full team of pokemons and begins to charge towards Ken, Ryu and Harry, but the President of the Pokemon Fan Club as well as other passengers have doubts as the young trainer's pokemons don't seem to be very strong...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

056: VS. Slowpoke!

Volume 05

Three remaining Team Rocket Elites cause the SS Anne to sink