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The President of the Pokemon Fan Club asks if Yellow knows about the moonstone, and the young trainer says she heard it is used to evolve certain pokemons. The president then tells her that there are four other known evolution stones, namely the firestone, waterstone, leafstone and thunderstone, and that they each evolve various pokemons by emitting special radiations. He says while ordinary evolution stones lose their power after being used once, there are known to exist some that can be used over and over again. Over the years, people have searched everywhere for them but to no avail, and legend has it that the sea bed of the Vermillion seaport houses one of each of the four elemental evolution stones that are reusable.

Yellow asks what the legend has to do with Red, and the odd little man sweatdrops that the young trainer doesn't share Red's sense of fascination in things. He tells her that while everyone used to mock at the myth, Red's visit to the place two years ago started to change people's views. Red's Poliwhirl fell into the Vermillion harbour during a battle on S.S. Anne, and later resurfaced as a Poliwrath. A lot of people, including Prof. Oak, then believed that the legendary waterstone might have existed afterall, and that it filled the entire ocean with its radiation, and thus induced Poliwhirl's evolution. Realizing that the ocean in front of her is where one of Red's pokemons once evolved, Yellow decides to go search for the legendary stones. The president stops her and says the stones are protected in a sanctuary that no one is allowed to go near. Yellow wonders where in the legend does it say that, and the man sweatdrops again wordlessly. He then agrees to Yellow going, based on the condition that she returns to let him know the exact location of the stone. The young trainer tells Freesk to spin another silk floater, and heads off towards the sea.

Later, Yellow is sitting on the floater off the harbour of Vermillion holding out a fishing rod. She has fastened the pokeball of Omask to the other end of the fishing line which is created by Freesk, and told the seashell pokemon to look for the stones near the bottom of the sea. Tentacools bob up and down all around her, and the young trainer begins to think that the task isn't as easy as she initially thought. A giant Tentacruel suddenly swims near the pokeball of Omask and traps it with a wrap. Yellow immediately has Freesk pull hard on the fishing line, and manages to yank Omask out of the water, but then the Tentacruel emerges and starts to pull her down with its tentacles. Dragged underwater by the jellyfish pokemon, Yellow notices an injured young Tentacool who has got one of its feelers stuck under a giant boulder, and realizes she was intentionally brought there to help it out. She releases Golosk to help move the boulder, all the while telling it to hurry as she knows rock type pokemons can't stay too long in water. Golosk frees the injured Tentacool from its constraints, but Yellow has started to run out of breath underwater. She manages to retrieve Golosk, but starts to lose consciousness and sinks deeper into the sea.

A while later, Yellow wakes up to find herself surrounded by Pika, Omask, and the Tentacool that she saved earlier. She notices that she is able to breathe and sees that she is inside a transparent underwater dome which the tentacools have taken her to. A gentle lights glows from the other end of the dome, and Yellow moves over to find a glimmering leafstone attached to a small stone pillar. Immediately she knows that it must be the legendary reusable leafstone. She then spots three other depressions on the stone pillar and realizes the reusable thunderstone, firestone and waterstone have been taken away already. Slightly upset that she couldn't find anything to help her on her quest to find Red, she pats the young Tentacool and thanks it for taking her to the beautiful place.

Back in the clubhouse of the Pokemon Fan Club, the president fumes with rage after Yellow tells him that three out of the four legendary evolution stones have gone. Yellow wonders why the leafstone wasn't taken as well, and begins to recall if there are any pokemons that require the fire, water and thunder stones but not the leaf one. She instantly remembers Eevee, and that Red possesses one of this rare specie. The young trainer wonders if it's possible that Red took the three legendary stones from the Vermillion sea bed some time during his journey.

That afternoon, the President of the Pokemon Fan Club has changed into his swimsuits and decides to discover if there are any other treasures in the underwater dome. Midway through his descend, he meets up with the giant Tentacruel and demands it to lead the way, but the jellyfish pokemon doesn't seem to like the idea very much and throws the odd little man out of the water with its tentacles...

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058: VS. Tentacruel!

Volume 05

Yellow Discovers the ruins which contain the re-usable evolution stones