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The Dragonair which Lance has taken control of wraps its body tightly around Yellow, and begins to lift itself off the sea. Yellow gasps in shock and Lance remarks with a grin that his Dragonairs are adept both on water and in air. The young man formally introduces himself as the expert of dragons in the Elite 4, and orders Dragonair to conjure up a thunderstorm. Yellow again watches with bewilderment, and Lance states again that no humans deserve to live except skillful trainers like the Elite 4. Pika glares at the young man and charges towards him, but Dragonair releases a multitude of hyperbeams with zig-zagged pathways and knocks the electric rat down in no time.

Lance suddenly notices the scar on Pika's left ear, and immediately realizes that it is the escaped Pikachu that Lorelei and Agatha are looking for, and that the young trainer is Yellow de Viridiangrove. The young man smirks and says he shall take the Pika back to his other companions, and orders Dragonair to release Yellow and wrap itself around Pika instead. Struggling to stay afloat, Yellow frantically yells for Pika, and suddenly remembers the substitute attack when she sees that the dragon pokemon has rendered Pika immobile. She quickly orders Pika to unleash the skill, and the electric rat immediately creates a clone of itself to charge towards Lance. It manages to strike a cut on Lance's face, and the caped young man angrily demands a dragonrage from Dragonair to blast both Yellow and Pika into the water.

Badly injured by the attack, Yellow tries hard to reach for Pika in the water when she notices that the electric rat's substitute has begun to spin around again like the last time. She wonders if the substitute can allow Pika to navigate on water, but begins to drown before she can finish her thought. Pika, on the other hand, struggles to stay conscious and pulls itself towards its trainer. All the while, its spinning substitute slowly elongates and flattens itself out.

Back on the sea surface, Lance notices a stir behind him and is fairly surprised that the young trainer could survive his attacks, but what he sees after he turns around completely stuns him. Yellow and Pika re-emerges from the water and starts surfing on a pink surfboard. Lance gasps in shock that the substitute has become a device for water transportation, and holds up his cape to dodge as Pika unleashes a thunderbolt towards him. The attack creates a huge bang that shakes the entire ocean, and Yellow turns to find Lance gone. She recalls what the caped young man said about humans being demons to pokemons, and wonders if Pika feels that same way. The electric rat hesitates for a moment, then seems to channel a thought back to the girl. Yellow gets a flashback of Red telling her to treat pokemons like friends with love and care, and realizes that Pika still trusts humans. With a new means to travel across the ocean, Yellow happily tells Pika to take them to the next city. A wave hits the surfboard and Yellow nearly falls off. She wonders when she will be able to surf as good as Green, and tells Pika to keep going. Behind her, something silently moves by and creates a mysterious ripple across the sea.

At the science lab in Pallet Town, Green's Pidgeot flies in from the window and delivers its trainer's letter to Prof. Oak. The professor reads that his grandson has given a laptop for communication to Yellow, and that he is planning to head towards the suspected base of the Elite 4, the Cerise Island...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

062: VS. Dragonair (Part 3)!

Volume 05

Yellow keeps battling Lance
Lance spots Pika and tries to get it
Pika learns Surf