What many originally thought to be a gamecube game has been released. This game is not very different to Pokémon Party Mini. With the Pokémon from the 3rd Pikachu short; Pikachu & Pichu. There are loads of Mini-Games, heres a few:

Hoppip's Jump Match: The task here is to gain as much energy as Possible so Hoppip can jump high enough. This uses Shock Motion

Fruit to Fall: The task here is when Teddiursa shakes the tree you have to go and catch as many fruit as possible before the time runs out

Pichu Bros. Skateboard: The Task Here is to do as many jump stunts as possible when you skateboard down the road. Try not to hit the obstacles

Cubone Catch: A Multiplayer game played using Infra Red Port at the top of Mini. What you do here is throw the ball to the other player and try and make them not catch it. You have to catch the ball yourself

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