LaRousse City, the city where the 7th movie is set, is in Hoenn between Fortree City & Lilycove City. This page is to show the technical Aspects of LaRousse City...the Robots & The Technology in town (Note These are NOT Pokemon):

First Up, is the Block Robot:

This Block Robot is used to Patrol LaRousse City. They can change shapes with the blocks and they show their emotions with the screen. They helped attack the Shadow Deoxys

Block Robot also Welcomes you to LaRousse City affectionately and it also takes Pictures of you...a handy robot for a tourism filled town.

Next Is The Robo Dog

This Robot is used basically as a greeting pup to give tourists information about the city

Finally are the conveyerbelts that go through the city

Next Is The Robo Dog

They are used to travel around LaRousse City with ease as opposed to walking

To Be Announced

Visitor of the Space Fissure!


LaRousse City