These are a few pictures of the Manga version of the movie with a bit of description
A hyperbeam from Rayquaza blasts off the right arm of Deoxys, but to the dragon's pokemon's surprise, the arm regenerates itself. Rayquaza powers up yet another hyperbeam and aims it straight towards Deoxys's face, completely disintegrating this space invader and reducing it to dust...
A giant glass cylinder in the lab holds a crystal globe, which Haruno remarks as the only remains of Deoxys. Prof. Rondo orders Haruno to direct another laser beam to the crystal globe and it begins to glow. Ash and co. have arrived in Raruusu City and a boy is selling some passports on the street with his robot dog
Out of nowhere, Plusle and Minun appear to snag Ash's cap and run off. Ash angrily gives chase but accidentally falls into a trash bin on the street He continues to give chase and Gonbe climbs out to start digging for food in the trash bins.
But Torkoal accidentally flamethrowers Pikachu, and Blaziken finishes off the two of them with a skyupper, much to Ash's dismay. In a glass pyramid, like an arboretum, in the middle of the city, Tooi calls upon something in the trees and some glowing lights float down to his hand.
Tooi talks to 'it' about the tag battle and says he doesn't understand why his body still rejects pokemon when his mind to so thrilled by interacting with them. Back in the lab, the crystal globe starts to glow even more and Rondo exclaims that they will soon know what it is. Haruno nods and secretly puts on an evil grin.

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