This Short Review was written by Altomare Latios while we wait for his guide:

I'm not going to try to write too much about the movie itself.

Personally this one pretty much topped all the others now. Mostly what I like about the movies is a good story. I don't cap points for special effects, because OLM does a better job each year (it's pretty much the best ones I've seen). Sound, nah, they recycle that stuff.

Character development was really good this time. I guess with the extended length of the movie ( It's 1 hour 50 minutes! Well that includes trailers) nobody had to be rushed on development. Ash wasn't the "big brother" in this one as he'd usually try to be. Maybe this isn't fair, I can't recall any movie like that! XD

But the last thing I want to say is the story. This one IMO is the most suspensful Pokemon movie I've seen. Though there was a slight flaw in one part, the thing is, you don't know who the real enemy is! Not until the last 10 minutes of the movie do you get to see who really is the bad guy.

Well I'll be taking some time off (I had to walk, in 90 degree 80% humid weather @_@;)

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