A long time ago while Alto Mare was just still a little town, an old couple were walking along the shore when they found two children unconscious on the shores. The two brought them home and nursed the children until they were healthy. However, these children seemed not to have parents of their own, so they grew close with the couple.Soon however, a dark cloud appeared over Alto Mare and rained down the darkness. Whatever it hit, it turned that part into itself. One of these shards was about to hit the old couple while they were outside with the two children. But before it hit, the two children glew, and soon the shard was instantly destroyed, as well as all the others that was raining down upon Alto Mare.

The two soon floated upwards and revealed themselves to be the infinite Pokemon, Ratious and Latias. They summoned more of their kind, one of them carrying a strange blue orb. Their power along with the orbs shown upon the dark cloud, obliterating it. And as a token to the people of Alto Mare for helping the two "children", they personally gave that orb to the couple. After a few moments of peace, the same two Latios and Latias returned back to them.

Pokémon Heroes - Latias and Latios

The Guardian Gods of the Water Capital - Latias and Latios


Pokémon Heroes

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