PokeStar Studios
PokeWood ポケウッド

South Exit: Virbank City

The PokéStar Studios are directly north of Virbank City and are where you can create various movies. You can create them in the left building and view them in the right building. As you make more successful movies, the area builds up more and more, with more people being added.

Flyable to?: Yes
PokeStar Studios

Items - Black 2 & White 2

Tiny MushroomFloor
Great BallFloor
Super PotionFloor
Fresh WaterGift Backpacker - Bad Ending
Soda PopGift Backpacker - Good Ending
Lava CookieGift Backpacker - Good/Strange Ending
Pretty FeatherGift Backpacker - Max Box Office
PotionGift Guitarist - Bad Ending
Berry JuiceGift Guitarist - Good Ending
Super PotionGift Guitarist - Good/Strange Ending
Max ReviveGift Guitarist - Max Box Office
UMa5054Gift Nurse - Bad Ending
Escape RopeGift Nurse - Good Ending
Moomoo MilkGift Nurse - Good/Strange Ending
NuggetGift Nurse - Max Box Office
Sweet HeartGift Socialite - Bad Ending
Rage Candy BarGift Socialite - Good Ending
Old GateauGift Socialite - Good/Strange Ending
Star PieceGift Socialite - Max Box Office
Energy PowderGift Plasma Grunt - Bad Ending
Energy RootGift Plasma Grunt - Good Ending
Big PearlGift Plasma Grunt - Good/Strange Ending
Full RestoreGift Plasma Grunt - Max Box Office

Shops - Black 2 & White 2

Vending Machine
Fresh Water200
Soda Pop300