Toxapex, The Brutal Star Pokémon. To survive in the cold waters of Galar, this Pokémon forms a dome with its legs, enclosing its body so it can capture its own body heat. Within the poison sac in its body is a poison so toxic that Pokémon as large as Wailord will still be suffering three days after it first takes effect.


There are three certain things in life: Death, taxes and Toxapex always living. Toxapex comes for another round and it is still the most annoying Pokemon ever face in 6v6 and 3v3. Thanks to its great bulk, moveset and multiple forms of recovery, it becomes extremely difficult to take down. Thanks to these attributes, it isn't exclusively limited to stall teams but also to balanced and more offensive play styles. While Toxapex is extremely passive, it gets the job done on invalidating many threats such as Mimikyu, Conkeldurr and physical Dragapult while being capable of stalling anything unable to break past it, to the point where its sight can simply force rage-quits.
While its HP stat leaves something to be desired, its unparalleled 152 / 142 defenses grant it a great amount of bulk capable of pivoting into any move it resist.
Its Hidden Ability, Regenerator, is what makes Toxapex so annoying for an opponent to face: It allows Toxapex to recover 1/3 of its health every time it switches out. Combine this with Recover and Black Sludge and it simple spawns a thing that simply refuses to die.
Access to Toxic Spikes makes it the best user of this hazard in the game. It also gains access to a never-missing Toxic thanks to its poison typing.
It's moveset grants it with every tool a defensive Pokemon needs. Recover provides reliable recovery, Haze allows it to control set-up sweepers and eliminate their boosts, Baneful Bunker forces physical attackers to think twice unless they want to be poisoned and Scald produces burns on the switch.

It's offensive stats are extremely pitiful which makes Toxapex incredibly passive. Even super-effective Scalds do so much little damage to the point where it's sole purpose is simply to spread burns.
It is slow, but Toxapex doesn't really cares about that since it doesn't belongs on this world anyways.



- Scald
- Haze
- Recover
- Toxic Spikes / Baneful Bunker / Toxic
Item Attached: Black Sludge
Ability: Regenerator
EVs and Nature:
252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Bold Nature

Scald is the most spammable move Toxapex has on its disposal. It won't achieve any decent damage but its sole purpose is to simply spread burns rendering physical attackers hopeless against Toxapex if they're unable to hit it heavily. Haze is what allows Toxapex to control Pokemon that would otherwise be unable to beat like Mimikyu, Kommo-o, Clefable, Hawlucha and Dragapult. Thanks to its higher PP than set-up moves like Swords Dance or Nasty Plot, most sweepers become unable to break past it. Recover is what allows Toxapex to recover its lost HP and switch as many times at needed thanks to Regenerator. Finally the last move depends on what your team needs the most. Toxic Spikes allows Toxapex to set up poisonous hazards which makes it easier to wear down grounded Pokemon. Toxic grants Toxapex a never miss chance on poisoning Pokemon immune to Toxic Spikes like Rotom-Wash and Gyarados. Baneful Bunker is a great move that allows Toxapex to scout an opposing Pokemon's move while poisoning Pokemon like Dracovish on contact and wear them down slowly.

Seriously, why would you ever consider Dynamaxing a Toxapex? Isn't Regenerator already enough punishment for your opponent?

EV and Item Description:
Max HP and max Defense gives Toxapex as much bulk as possible in order to take the physical hits it is supposed to wall against the likes of Dracovish and Conkeldurr. The rest goes into Special Defense for some small boost. Bold should always be the nature of choice and a Black Sludge grants the passive recovery Toxapex enjoys while damaging the opponent in case Toxapex gets tricked a Choice item. Of course, Toxapex is extremely customizable and you can opt to add more Special Defense EVs in case your team can handle Dracovish well.


Ferrothorn: Thanks to their typings, both form an incredibly solid core capable of switching into each other's weaknesses (except for Ground). Toxapex is able to easily handle the Fire and Fighting types that trouble Ferrothorn, while the former is able to beat Electric type Pokemon like Toxtricity.
Corviknight: Its ability to remove hazards, resistance to Psychic and immunity to Ground attacks makes it an invaluable partner for Toxapex. Corviknight is able to handle Pokemon like Excadrill and Hatterene which are huge threats for Toxapex.
Clefable: Toxapex appreciates Clefable's ability to stall out set-up sweepers with Unaware in case it gets overwhelmed by sheer pressure while Clefable can heal status ailments with Aromatherapy and overall has good synergy with Toxapex.
Seismitoad: The immunity to Electric helps Toxapex massively while providing its team the ability to set up Stealth Rock which makes it easier to wear down the opponent with hazards.
Dugtrio: Its ability to remove Pokemon like Zeraora, Excadrill and Toxtricity makes it an ideal teammate for Toxapex.
Ditto: It is a good teammate, since it can also take advantage of many of the setup sweepers able to threaten Toxapex and outspeed them thanks to Choice Scarf.

Other Options

Knock Off is an option over Scald in case you want to take advantage of its slightly higher Attack stat while being able to remove items.
Infestation is a fun gimmick which allows Toxapex to trap the opponent and either stall it or switch out appropriately without giving the opponent the chance to swap.

Countering Toxapex

Toxapex is extremely difficult to take down without a dedicated Pokemon to deal with it. Even super-effective hits have trouble taking it down unless they have a significant boost, they are backed up with strong offensive stats or they are able to brute force past it like Dracovish.

Hatterene is hands down the best counter ever for Toxapex. Thanks to Magic Guard, it can bounce back either the Toxic Spikes or the Toxic and it takes pitiful damage from Scald. Toxapex is simply unable to do anything back against Hatterene other than knocking out its item.

Excadrill is strong enough to the point where a Life Orb boosted Earthquake will do the job on dispatching Toxapex until kindgom's come. However, take into account that Excadrill can't switch into Scald due to the fear of a burn.

Electric types like Zeraora and Toxtricity do a decent job on heavily denting Toxapex. Toxtricity deserves a mention since thanks to its part poison typing, it can absorb the Toxic Spikes while being immune to Toxic.

Locations in Games

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Black 2/White 2:
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Not in game

Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire:
Not in game

Evolve Mareanie

Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon:
Evolve Mareanie

Let's Go, Pikachu!/Let's Go, Eevee!:
Not in game

Route 9
Max Raid Battles: Bridge Field, East Lake Axewell, Giant's Cap, Giant's Mirror, Lake of Outrage, Motostoke Riverbank, North Lake Miloch, South Lake Miloch, West Lake Axewell (Sword)
Max Raid Battles: Bridge Field, East Lake Axewell, Giant's Mirror, Lake of Outrage, North Lake Miloch, South Lake Miloch, West Lake Axewell (Shield)

Animé Appearences

Toxapex has made an appearance in the anime. In this, it was the old partner for James' Mareanie

# -English Episode Name- -Jap. Episode Name- Pics
1001 Fighting Back The Tears! Don't Cry-de, Mareanie! Pics