Cloyster, The Bivalve Pokémon. It is capable of swimming in the sea. It does so by swallowing water, then jetting it out toward the rear. It shoots spikes from its shell using the same system. Its shell is extremely hard. It cannot be shattered, even with a bomb. The shell opens only when it is attacking. Its shell is extremely hard. It cannot be shattered, even with a bomb. The shell opens only when it is attacking.

Battle Moveset

A Good Moveset for Cloyster would have to be this:


Ice Beam
Explosion / Rapid Spin / Surf
Explosion / Rapid Spin / Surf

Items Attached:


Preferred Nature:

Lax OR Bold

Strategy Using Cloyster

Cloyster is the third most used Spiker and tends to transcend the UU-BL-OU barrier. Depending on the individual some people would classify it in either category. While it does have merits it's inferior to both Forretress and Skarmory as physical walls and it's lack of physical resistance, low HP and lack of self recovery merely makes it a passable physical wall and definitely not worth considering your primary wall. It's lack of special defence also makes it susceptible to almost all Special Attacks, even water attacks.

The main reason for it's lack of use is that Forretress gets it's three top moves: Explosion, Spikes and Spin. Added with Forry's superior HP and resistance count it is almost entirely outclassed by it. However out of the top three Spikers it's the only one that isn't trapped by Magneton. Unlike Skarmory and Forry it can deal serious damage to Donphan and Claydol (although HP Bug Forry can also deal solid damage to Claydol), two prominent Spinners.

On the main set, you should almost always go with Spin if you lack one, the only exceptions would be: in UU where Spikers are few (although whether Cloyster should be allowed in UU is debatable and if it was you would have other Cloysters to contend with) and if you're team consists almost entirely of Fliers and Levitators. Surf is useful for beating opposing Forry's as well as a handful of other Pokémon. Boom is always useful and while it won't be a surprise being able to take one your opponent's Pokémon out of action, or near to it, is always of value.

EV Corner:

EVs: 252 HP / 92 Def / 8 Spd / 156 SAtk
Lax Nature (+Def, -SDef) / Bold Nature (+Def, -Atk)

460 Def tends to suffice. Max HP is necessary to make up for how pitifully low it is. While the temptation to run a -Speed nature is there Speed is necessary for outrunning opposing Claydols and the loss of Special Defence is only a handful of points. The rest may as well be dumped into Special Attack for the hardest hitting Ice Beams but dumping some into Attack is also worth consideration.

Other Optional Moves

Torment, Barrier, Toxic, Screech, Rest, Icicle Spear. Not much to pick from and most of it is only mentioned because they're good moves rather than viable options on Cloyster. Toxic can mess up Dusclops and Thick Fat Snorlax, both which will be common switch ins. Icicle Spear can beat Ninjask and in theory breaks Subs and then lands a hit (hurting Sub-Punchers) but is usually too weak to get that far. Rest with heal bell/Aromatherapy support can make Cloyster last longer. Torment, Screech and Barrier are merely good moves that are just too hard to use effectively. Barrier simply asks for a crit and does nothing to protect it from special sweepers, Screech 'would' be able to 'PHaze' on occasion if Cloyster had any good physical moves and Torment is simply too situational.

Strategy Against Cloyster

Special Attacks and Choice Band boosted attacks will usually KO or 2KO Cloyster. A lack of physical resistance makes it unable to wall Choice Banders and a lack of special defence and HP means that even Surfs can 2KO it. Rock Slide and Fighting attacks can deal reasonable amounts of damage but Cloyster usually can take a handful of them before going down. Most water Pokémon can wall it provided it doesn't choose to Explode. As note-worthy novelty counters all Damp Pokémon can prevent it from exploding and wall Ice Beams and Surf.

Contest Moveset

A good Contest Moveset for Cloyster would have to be this for the Beauty Contest best with Modest, Mild, Rash or Quiet Nature:


Rain dance

Items Attached:

Blue Scarf

Strategy Using Cloyster

If you do the attacks in this following order you should have very few problems; 1st - Rain dance, 2nd - Surf, 3rd - Rain dance/Hail, 4th - Surf, 5th - Explosion

Locations in Games


Trade from FRXD


Trade from FRXD (Col.) Evolve Shellder (XD)

Fire Red/Leaf Green

Evolve Shellder (FR), Trade from FRXD (LG)

Animé Appearences

Cloyster has had a few Anime Appearences. First Misty battled one on Cycling Road. After that Ash battled on in the Indigo League. Not long after that Ash battled Elite Four member Prima who had one. Much Later Richie battle Butch & Cassidy who had one to try and capture Moltres:

Episode 036: The Bridge Bike Gang!
Episode 078: Fire & Ice!
Episode 089: The Crystal Onix!
Episode 094: The Joy of Pokémon!
Episode 101: The Mandarin Island Miss-Match
Chronicles 18: The Search For A Legend

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